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  1. Got all the achievements and feel a bit grubby really. As much as I really enjoyed my time with the game I am somewhat relieved I’ve completed it (from a worthless achievement POV). Last game that I had a similar relationship with was Hades.
  2. One of our best academy players and had played for the full team a day before in the cup. It's such a cowardly challenge. I'm angry about it as Will Alves is a real talent and Leicester are really hopeful of his prospects; the guy who did it is called Caden Voice and is only 16. Evidently he's getting an awful lot of flak - which I can understand - but he is only a 16 year old kid. That some of that flak involves doxxing his parents is a sad indictment of the kind of neanderthals that we (like every team) have at out club.
  3. This is terrific. A wonderful insight into loneliness, camaraderie, artistry and sheer bloody-mindedness.
  4. It's that price all month; a worthy companion piece to Say Nothing by Patrick Radden Keefe
  5. I'm annoyed that I failed to pick the first one up when it was 99p, as I have done with all of the sequels. Ho hum.
  6. Totally agree. The chapter I've referenced above and the chapter concerning an animal were particularly affecting.
  7. I'm been recommending this on here all year and would encourage everyone to give it a go. However, from your post, I think you'll really struggle with one of the best chapters in the book. You could bypass it as the chapters are largely self-contained stories based around the story's pandemic. The chapter I'm talking about is I found it an emotional tour de force so think you might not get on with it. I don't think it's gory but the essence is upsetting.
  8. I was hoping that when Claudia said she had a surprise for them outside that they were going to reveal which of the 5 were traitors. Then have the last episode as a rehash of Goldenballs, where each contestant has to decide whether to share or steal. If one person steals, that person gets everything. If more than two steal, no-one gets anything. And if they all choose share, the pot is split. Would be absolute chaos and I fear Hannah's head might explode.
  9. As mentioned previously, I’d recommend whip for the early stages. Damage output is decent and if you find your energy is dwindling or you need to level up it’s good for protecting in front and behind you early on. Thus allowing your health to regain or a stack of XP to pile up. Its evolution is where it shines though. Bloody Tear sees an increase in damage output but more importantly it returns health for every hit it makes. If you’re running garlic or Santa Water it picks off most things that make it through those defences whilst giving you health.
  10. Depends on starting character but I'd have these 4. Whip and Hollow Heart Axe and Candelabor Fire Wand and Spinach King Bible and Spellbinder With either Santa Water or Garlic. Don't think you have access to rings or metaglio yet?
  11. Great post, had me reevaluating my position on this. It is entertaining for all its flaws; it's staggering how dense Hannah is.
  12. This monstrosity. Although this has me breaking out in hives. That's because when it came out a woman down our road decided to play it on repeat for around 10 hours at full volume. Reported by the entire road to the police and the noise abatement people at the council. Eventually she turned it off after being threatened with having her stereo taken away from her. Next morning she started up again and within about half an hour the council/police turned up and took her stereo away from her. It was pretty much everywhere that year and I remember making an advert up for the local windows company using the song: That song did a job on me.
  13. Stopharage


    Rather than type this all out again, enjoy.
  14. He's also on 98 international goals, so I'd imagine he would quite like triple figures. Friendly against the Solomon Islands incoming.
  15. Stopharage

    The Bookies

    I mistakenly put £30 on my account for the final, when I meant to put £10 on the first bet. Then everything I bet on throughout the game came up.(Then only one I lost was a £1 free bet) Ended up £170 up from the game and about £100 overall. Cashed out and wait until the next Euros.
  16. It’s not as if he’s the greatest player of all time.
  17. Got to love Aguero going full on John Terry.
  18. I don’t want this game to end. Primarily because everything I’ve bet on has come true. Just had a bet on one of the teams to win.
  19. 2-2😁 (Bottled the second one though..)
  20. In case you ever needed evidence that you can fail upwards, Sam Matterface is commenting on the World Cup Final. Utterly dreadful.
  21. That Harry Brook century will make Stokes feel an awful lot better about his run-out. Think Stokes would have been annoyed at being run out but instantly realised that Brooks staying in was the right call, so gave the thumbs up to put Brook at ease. Follows the fine tradition of Double 0 batsmen, Gooch, Cook, Root, Brook...
  22. That’s weird, thanks for sorting out👍
  23. Eh? You just click on the massive Get Voucher button on there. If I'd have given you my Amazon link you would have been confronted with
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