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  1. 31. Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing: Life, Death and the Thrill of the Catch by Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse. First up, I've never had any interest in fishing but really enjoyed the TV programme of the same name so thought I'd give this a go. I love the relationship that the pair have and so went for the audiobook version. So glad I did. This is just a lovely book written by two guys who clearly have an awful lot of love for each other. Their rapport comes across as really natural and unscripted, as such it's a real delight. It's not hugely tasking at around 6 hours but it's a book
  2. Dear oh dear, as goalkeeping screw-ups go, doing so in the most 'expensive game in football' is going to stick with you for a fair while. Great thinking from Bryan, mind.
  3. This is great fun and very moreish. Only downside is the occasional disconnects; came second and the game then froze meaning I didn't get all the XP. Harumph. They are going to make a packet on cosmetics.
  4. Thanks, looks like I just need to exercise some patience.
  5. Has yours started to dl yet? Says so on the website but nothing is appearing on my PS4 so far.
  6. The movie has next to no understanding of the main themes of the comic and blathers on as if it’s some generic, bog standard superhero film. It’s dumbed down by a director who has all the craft, subtlety and imagination of a brick. The first 10 minutes of the tv series had more appreciation and understanding for the comic’s story and themes than the 3 hours of the film. The film has very little appreciation for either the cultural landscape or political arena in which its set. The TV series requires patience, thought and analysis. Something which Snyder is utterly capable of elicitin
  7. I thought Arsenal’s celebrations were substandard. Failure to lift the trophy properly, not enough excitement and exuberance. If they need tips on how to really celebrate an amazing achievement, they don’t need to go far. The mighty Spurs reaching the Europa League was the pinnacle of celebrations,
  8. Dani Ceballos has been superb all game. Arsenal need to snap him up permanently.
  9. I always try and troll a dreadful book or two in there. Can’t wait for a Toby Young tome..
  10. Looking for some beach reading on your ill-advised week in Magaluf? And for your subsequent 2 week quarantine? Or just need some escapism from it all. Roll up, roll up. Monthly offerings as follows (all 99p, unless stated otherwise):- The Devil in the White City - Erik Larson This is one of the best historical retellings I've read. Phenomenal book. A must-buy. Even better, his new one is only £1.99 below The Splendid and The Vile - Erik Larson £1.99 Devolution - Max Brooks From the writer of World War Z, only been out a few months Black and British: A
  11. 30. Ramble Book by Adam Buxton Listened to the audiobook version as the actual book isn't out until September. This is probably the way to go as it contains lost of Buckle's jingles and each chapter comes with its own theme tune. When you finish the audiobook there is an exclusive podcast with Joe Cornish as well. And there are various audiobook interludes. If you like Buxton then you'll enjoy this; it's much of the same. However, the reason his podcast is so great is down to the relationships and conversations he builds up with his guests. Additionally, I felt that he focused too much on cert
  12. I really enjoyed that book, but thought it absolutely shit the bed towards the end. I've read the sequel and be interested to see what you think of it. I won't say any more until you've read it. You might also be interested in their newest book, as it's 99p until tomorrow. Here
  13. I'll get both, as I have done this generation. As for which one I'll get first, unless the PS5 is £100 more expensive than the Series X it will be Sony's machine. Seemingly there is nothing coming out solely on the Series X for a fair while, gamepass will keep churning out games that my One X will be great to play them on and the exclusives just aren't there for Xbox. Deathloop and Miles Morales and jazzed up versions of PS4 exclusives are more than enough for me.
  14. The kids get a couple of Leicester shirts a year and the Adidas ones are far better quality than when we had Puma kits. I think the fit on them is better too. My only issue with having Adidas kits is that they're just the same tops as other clubs have; for most clubs they're the same shirt with a different club badge on. I'm a bit annoyed that I didn't buy the pink Leicester away top for myself this year as it looked good and I didn't see any other club with it.
  15. For any of you F1 officianados How To Build A Car by Adrian Newey - 99p
  16. Now we know the relegated teams, would you buy any of their players to go straight into your starting XI? Possibly Nathan Ake or Ismaila Sarr/Cantwell for Leicester. Sarr more on potential than on any consistency.
  17. 28. Excelsior: The Amazing Life of Stan Lee by Stan Lee WYSIWYG. A graphic novel autobiography of Lee's part in creating some of the most iconic superheroes, his part in the birth of Marvel and his seeming love for the life he's lived, his beloved wife and the relationships he's had with famous comic book writers and artists. It's surprisingly sad in a couple of places and he comes across as puppy dogish in his enthusiasm, positivity and appreciation for how his life went. It's a fairly quick read and is a decent enough read for anyone interesting in superheroes and their creation.
  18. I’m genuinely amazed because he’s been a liability at times. Decent enough game this for a 0-0.
  19. I hope if we lose against United that it’s to a decent goal rather than a mistake. James Justin has been the best player on the pitch so far which has to be the most surprising event of the final day.
  20. Cornwall and Dowrich at the crease is peak Little and Large batsman; not sure I've ever seen such a differing pair.
  21. Consider Phlebas - Iain M Banks and The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick are both 99p today.
  22. Shiny wise I ended up with 2 Dratini, Clamperl, Snover, Mudkip and Unown. 100+ Litwick candies, 60+Gible candies. About 200k xp and 130,000 stardust. Happy with that but don't think I'd shell out again, too much lag at times especially during the gifting hour.
  23. Think that should be Go Fe$$$$$$$$$$t Obviously I bought it. Shiny Dratini, Shiny Clamperl, 11 Unown, a couple of new Pokemon.
  24. I think the introduction of crafting in Fallout 4 was an abysmal idea and was partly to blame for the clusterfuck that was Fallout 76. What makes Fallout 3 and F:NV so great was the focus on exploring this new world, not carting a load of shopping trolleys home so that I could make structural art. I see the crafting you do in TLOU2 and Horizon more as basic resource management and so within the focus and setting of the game they’re appropriate. Good luck to people who want to spend time making incredible structures in Fallout 76, but it leaves me rather cold. I want to spend my time
  25. There's a lot on here that I'll play because they're free on Gamepass, but that I wouldn't buy if they weren't.
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