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  1. He's also on 98 international goals, so I'd imagine he would quite like triple figures. Friendly against the Solomon Islands incoming.
  2. Stopharage

    The Bookies

    I mistakenly put £30 on my account for the final, when I meant to put £10 on the first bet. Then everything I bet on throughout the game came up.(Then only one I lost was a £1 free bet) Ended up £170 up from the game and about £100 overall. Cashed out and wait until the next Euros.
  3. It’s not as if he’s the greatest player of all time.
  4. Got to love Aguero going full on John Terry.
  5. I don’t want this game to end. Primarily because everything I’ve bet on has come true. Just had a bet on one of the teams to win.
  6. 2-2😁 (Bottled the second one though..)
  7. In case you ever needed evidence that you can fail upwards, Sam Matterface is commenting on the World Cup Final. Utterly dreadful.
  8. That Harry Brook century will make Stokes feel an awful lot better about his run-out. Think Stokes would have been annoyed at being run out but instantly realised that Brooks staying in was the right call, so gave the thumbs up to put Brook at ease. Follows the fine tradition of Double 0 batsmen, Gooch, Cook, Root, Brook...
  9. That’s weird, thanks for sorting out👍
  10. Eh? You just click on the massive Get Voucher button on there. If I'd have given you my Amazon link you would have been confronted with
  11. New correct link! Need to spend the £15 by end of 31st December. Edit: Sorted my dunder-headed link issues out...
  12. I think the problem with the programme is it’s so bloated. The tasks go on far too long, are too dull and are like a Wish Crystal Maze. The interesting part is the scheming and human dynamics. And seeing how spectacularly stupid some of the candidates are; Tom, the Derren Brown wannabe was a highlight. The Mole did a far better job of keeping the programme entertaining for the vast majority of its run time and the characters were a lot more engaging. Ultimately though it’s popcorn tv, mildly diverting but flawed.
  13. Easy way to get over nerves is to agree that your kid can have 15 mates over to watch the game. Whilst you’re round your mate’s house. What could possibly go wrong?
  14. That Ollie Pope run out is 'Bad Old Days' England.
  15. This is a pitiful morning for Pakistan, Root has just got 2 wickets with very average balls and the batting has looked pretty inept.
  16. I think England, France and Portugal must be licking their lips at playing Argentina or Croatia in the final. Holland only got going with 10 minutes left and don't press like those 3 teams do.
  17. I think Croatia would prefer Argentina now. 8 players on yellows, knowing a yellow in the semi would rule them out of the final; might mean a lot of them hold back in their challenges.
  18. This ref is always diabolical. He's makes Mike Dean seem shy and retiring.
  19. I was once delivering pots to Sharon Davies in the back of a Ford Galaxy. The car broke down about 10 miles away from her shop so Andy Gray and his brother came to help me out and transfer the pots over to another vehicle. Andy Gray was an utter twat, his brother was sound and took me for a pint. Danny Murphy runs the U-14 team at my kids’ club. Raheem Sterling lives opposite my mum. I once saw John Terry reading magazines in WH Smiths and his face had as many dents as a badly behaved robot. The eldest has played against various kids whose footballer parents were watching - Rio, Redknapp, Viduka etc. Urinated next to both Heskey and Neil Lennon. Spent my formative years clubbing in London and you’d see loads of footballers at certain venues.
  20. Fitz Hall has my 2nd favourite footballing nickname. ‘One Size’. In first place is Kiki Musampa, who was nicknamed Chris.
  21. To save me looking, did you tip Costa Rica to beat Spain?
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