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  1. No shiny but got this earlier.
  2. I can send you invites - not sure if I have you as a friend? My trainer code is 965106922958. Trainer name same as on here. We normally have anywhere from 7-12 doing raids so you'll get the legendaries.
  3. We look an accident waiting to happen whenever we have a set piece against us though. Albrighton was majestic all game; where we've done well this year has been that when we've had injuries the replacements have come in and largely been great. With the exception of Demarai Gray.
  4. The issue for me with Souls' games is not one of difficulty but of time. I'm a competent enough gamer to get through a Souls' game, given enough time. I don't want the games to be made easier or dumbed down in any way because that would mean they lose part of their USP. The level design of the Souls' games are wonderful and part of the delight of the games is in working out where to go, locating and opening up the inevitable shortcuts and improving your tactical awareness. However, there are an awful lot of people who love all of this but have limited gaming time. A mixture of wor
  5. Great. Lastminute.com 1. SAULT - Untitled (Black Is) 2. Blue Note: Reimagined - Various Artists (is that allowed?) 3. Khruangbin - Mordechai 4. Fontaines - A Hero's Death 5. SAULT - Untitled (Rise) 6. Sufjan Stevens - The Ascension 7. Caribou - Suddenly 8. Meute - Puls 9. Banangun - The True Story of Bananagun 10. Working Men's Club - Working Men's Club
  6. I quite enjoyed it but it was lacking the sucker punch you get from some of Brooker's edgier asides. By comparison, if you watch his Viralwipe there's a lot more of those riskier barbs that resonate more with me and the self-deprecation that brings it all together. www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000j4bl/charlie-brookers-antiviral-wipe A lot of the gags in this were pretty obvious and have been done before. Any Brooker is better than none.
  7. Hopes for 2021? Now that Johnny Evans has signed a new contract, my main hope for Leicester is that we sign a decent striker to back Vardy up and have a nice run in the Europa League. Be nice for Euro 2021 to go ahead; but only if it's safe to do so (which seems nigh-on impossible). Would also like to see Messi turn up in the Premier League for a season or two. Rashford to get knighted. VAR to gain some semblance of consistency. PSG to fail in Europe. Fat Sam to fail miserably. Sheffield United to win a game.
  8. Doesn't seem like the new month's offerings are up yet. However there are about 500 'New You' books on offer. I'm resigned to being pretty much stuck with the old me, but there may be something in there for you. Mixture of books on diets, self-help, inspirational messages and cookery Here As @Miner Willymentions above, a lot of Orwell stuff is free, along with some others that may be of interest. Fill your boots:- 1984 Animal Farm Homage to Catalonia Burmese Days Coming Up For Air Keep the Aspidistra Flying Down and Out in Paris and London A
  9. I think any merit in his criticisms is tempered somewhat by only playing it for a few hours. He’s probably spent longer attacking it on here. This is a flawed game and a lot of the side missions are window dressing. But the fact it’s accessible, fun and easy to pick up means I’ll forgive it a lot. It’s a B-movie Zelda and that’s no bad thing.
  10. To see the map, push down on the touch pad rather than a quick press. The vaults and dungeons in this are where the best bits of the game are. A fair bit of variety in them too. An entire game of these would be fantastic.
  11. This really is the perfect Xmas holiday game. Just drop in, drop out; pick it up and play and within a minute or two you're right back into whatever type of action you fancy - puzzle, brawl, dungeon, challenge etc. I had absolutely no interest in this at all and actually only became aware of it because of the feedback in here. Then got bought it for Xmas and it's umami gaming.
  12. Hope they're making as much as a thing of Chaudhary being elbowed in the head in the first half.
  13. I think Blake Crouch is a terrible writer; he's the Dan Brown of populist sci-fi. He has some great ideas but his execution is poor and a lot of it ends up making no sense.
  14. I know Xmas Day was yesterday but let’s continue to spread the festive cheer rather than getting needlessly fractious. Most of the mod team are still recovering from all the free booze we were provided out of everyone’s subs Im lucky (or stupid) enough to have ended up with a PS5 and a Series X and only the former feels next gen. At present. However, I had a One X and a PS4 Pro so the generational jump hasn’t been as pronounced for me as much as it will have been for others. I think once we see the release of The Medium and Returnal we’ll have a better idea of what both consoles are r
  15. He's a great player but screams when anyone touches him. There was one point about 75 minutes in when he went down screaming then when the ball rolled back to him immediately got up and played on. Rashford then copies his behaviour when he rolled off the pitch after Harvey Barnes grabbed his arm. It's equally as pathetic when our rabble do it too.
  16. Now you're not going to have to waste valuable reading time on going over to those annoying relatives this Boxing Day, good old cuddly Amazon have stuck a load of books up on their 12 Days of Kindle offering. (All 99p unless stated otherwise). Some pretty decent offers, especially those top 2. The Devil and the Dark Water by Stuart Turton (author of The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle). This is a must buy for me £1.69 Piranesi by Susanna Clarke £1.49 Another must buy for me Crescent City: House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. Maas (winner of best fantasy n
  17. Have you bought Cage of Souls by Adrian Tchaikovsky yet? 99p in this month’s offers (see a few posts above). I’m about a quarter of the way through so far and it’s excellent. Well worth a purchase.
  18. Adam Buxton's Ramble Book is 99p today, as is Fire and Blood. There's also a load of sci-fi books reduced today too including Asimov, Neal Stephenson, Chris Beckett etc. Here
  19. Peggle? I think that's on there - if not the Jackbox games are great and can be played through your phones/tablets so only having one controller is isn't an issue.
  20. Yep, I’ve just endured that. Doesn’t help that the Store often screws up through Safari, so purchasing on my phone or laptop is similarly annoying. The sale is pretty decent though - just spent a smidge over £50. Ace Combat (£10) and SW:Squadrons (£21) for VR mayhem. Kentucky Route (c.£11), Sayanara Wild Hearts (c.£6) and Super Star Wars (£4). Not sure whether to get the two Ni No Kuni games as they were dirt cheap too. Was going to buy the Lion King/Aladdin games (for my wife - childhood memories) but they’re not discoverable on the PS5 or purchasable through the app.
  21. Minecraft Dungeons sounds like a good bet if they haven’t played that yet. I played through it with my two lads during lockdown and it was a really fun experience. If you’ve got 3 controllers you’ll have a blast.
  22. I was raging when that Maddison goal was disallowed. Tottenham normally hammer us and I thought that might shift the momentum. As it was, Mourinho had set them up to try and bore us to death and unfortunately for them Vardy had had his pre-match triple RedBull and was off his tits on taurine.
  23. Call of the Sea left me a bit cold too; I think largely down to the puzzles which I found were quite similar in working out. When I'm playing these types of games I've been spoiled by the variety that Edith Finch had. It did look lovely and the story was nice enough but I'd be disappointed if I'd paid £12 or so for it. As Game Pass fodder it's worth playing. That reads like I'm down on it, however I did like it but I felt it was nothing special.
  24. Among Us? Pretty much any of the Jackbox packages will be great. I often play them when we have visitors round.
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