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  1. Shirley Jackson's The Lottery and Other Stories short story collection is down to 99p today. Worth it alone for The Lottery, which is often lauded as one of the best short stories going. When the New Yorker printed it, she received hate mail because people were so aghast at it.
  2. Lovren is managing to get worse as the game goes on. He must have a large wager on a 3-1 outcome.
  3. Pep threw a strop because he heard that Klopp was thinking of taking Lovren off.
  4. The best bet now would be for Lovren to launch a Cantonaesque kung-fu tackle on Fernandinho which ruled him out for the rest of the season, whilst also picking up an 8 game ban. Thereby weakening City and strengthening Liverpool.
  5. He lived 3 doors away from my step-dad about 10 years ago. When he began dying from cancer, Coleman would pop round quite regularly to speak with him. They were neighbours rather than established friends and I was always really impressed with his kindness. He did chew gum throughout the funeral though.
  6. The good thing about Liverpool this season is that they haven't tended to panic in any of their games. They'll get their chance.
  7. Remake Northern Lights with Michel Gondry. Use real bears and then after shooting has finished set them upon the previous director, Chris Weitz.
  8. I’m going to watch all the ones on here that I’ve previously missed out on. I’d second Children of Men. The continual shot towards the end is sublime. The Prestige is nigh-on perfect. I must have watched it 20+ times now and notice something new in every subsequent viewing. As an adaptation of Christopher Priest’s book, it’s superb. Only other film that I view as perfect is El secreto de sus ojos (The secret in their eyes). Beautifully acted, full of symbolism and a great story.
  9. That pretty much encapsulates why the documentary works. It’s a warts and all approach; lots of artists would have airbrushed that behaviour out.
  10. I thought this was great. For all the reading of it being a sympathetic portrayal, they were willing for it to be a fairly open documentary. They didn’t get final say over the final product either (supposedly) and I think the Partridgisms, ego, clashes and fragility helped make it fairly absorbing. As for talent, I think they clearly have some. For Matt to have a fairly meaty Vegas show over a sustained period demonstrates that. The owners of casinos are as cut throat and cynical as it gets and if they thought he wasn’t attracting the punters they’d drop him. Luke seems competent
  11. Game will stop selling games and rely on sales of Funko Pops and become the world’s premier e-gaming bookmaker. As a result the store aroma will get marginally worse.
  12. First book down. The Life and Rhymes of Benjamin Zephaniah. Struggled a bit with it and think it would be better experienced as an audiobook if he is the narrator. The latter third is excellent but I found that he’s not the most absorbing of writers when it comes to describing his early life. His prose doesn’t sparkle and fascinate anywhere near to the standard of his poetry. I’m not sure he ever really shows regret for the crime he committed in his early life. And despite his valuable achievements to human rights, politics and literature he comes across as quite arrogant at times. He’s an ama
  13. Game of the Year A1. Hollow Knight (Switch) A2. Return of the Obra Dinn (PC) A3. Spiderman (PS4) A4. Gorogoa (PS4) A5. God of War (PS4) Biggest Disappointment of the Year (game, hardware, or anything else) Z1. The all-pervasive proliferation of Fortnite dances into the real world. Z2. Lack of decent XB1 exclusives Z3. Fallout 76 Z4. Playstation Classic Z5. Sea of Thieves Sound Design of the Year S1. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice S2. Hollow Knight S3. Tetris Effect Visual Design of the Year
  14. Is there any more consistently useless player in the Premier League than Christian Atsu? He's been rubbish for years across at least 3 clubs so far. He's been very poor in the United v United game.
  15. Thanks for all the advice. I've picked up Ultrawings and will get the rest when I grab some Move controllers, which are very pricey. Really enjoying it at the moment, thought I'd feel a lot more giddy from the experience but seems fine so far. Headmaster is ridiculously addictive though. Just. One. More. Go.
  16. I love Vardy. He's such an unpleasant scrote and every time I start to doubt him and think he's beginning to wane, he scores another. Must be horrible to play against him, just doesn't let up and there's always the threat of a snide challenge.
  17. Drinkwater was there the next season as well.
  18. Watched this yesterday and thought it was absolutely brilliant. The first fight in the collider with Osborne was as close as I'd experienced a comic being translated into moving images. 40 minutes in and my son said this was the best film he'd ever seen. A great way to end the year.
  19. Got the megapack version of this from shopto for £186 earlier in the week, which comes with Astrobot, Doom VFR, Skyrim VR and Wipeout. Wasn't due to arrive until the 4th January but has turned up this afternoon, which is ideal for NYE entertainment. I gameshare with a guy who already has one so I'd already dl'ed a load of the games he'd bought. Are there are any obvious essentials missing from the list (his purchases)below: - Batman:Arkham VR - Carnival Games VR - Creed - Rise to Glory - Keep talking and nobody explodes - Rigs - Rollercoaster Dreams - Spiderm
  20. I may have thought about the cost per hour of games in the past when I didn't have the budget to get that many games. Now with the proliferation of game reductions and formats open to me, value for money comes down to whether the gaming experience was an enjoyable one and whether I appreciate the workmanship involved. Although I can see the value of games such as Fifa, COD etc. from a cost per hour POV, the annual iterations are often just updates than wholesale new experiences. As such I don't see a great deal of value, in terms of excitement and new experiences. Am I missing out on not play
  21. Brink. Genuinely thought it would be a decent MP experience and it was broken from day one. The truly aggravating factor behind my frustration with it was there were occasional glimpses of the promise. The net code was abysmal though and it resonates as one of those miserable gaming experiences. That I convinced my wife to buy it for me, and that she laughed at how poor it was, adds further humiliation to the mix.
  22. Lovely, appreciate the reply.
  23. A Wrinkle in Time. An abject waste of 90 minutes. The worst film I've seen this year by some distance. Extremely dull to the point that the family had a cushion fight some 60 minutes in. Please avoid this at all costs, even sticking Sade on the soundtrack can't rescue this. A ghastly experience. 0.5/5.
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