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  1. 3-4-3 on the attack, 5-2-3 in defence. At least that seems to be the theory. I don't get the thinking in playing 2 defensive midfielders against Denmark. If you're playing France, then fair enough but there's a lack of creativity in the centre.
  2. Stopharage


    Nick Krygios is normally pretty good for a ridiculous fine - he got fined £10k miming wanking off a water bottle at Queens one year. Last year he chucked a chair onto court.
  3. I've never watched this. I know there were various offshoots, prequels and feature length extras but is it best just to start with Episode 1 and plough on from there?
  4. If anyone fancies reading the source material, Humble Bundle has volumes 1-12, some Project Superpowers comics and more for £12. Here
  5. Amazon clearly know I'm back to work today and so have offered an awful lot of old guff in their monthly bargains. (All 99p unless stated otherwise). Lovecraft Country by Matt Ruff Some Kids I Taught and What They Taught Me by Kate Clanchy A Boy and His Dog at the End of the World by C.A.Fletcher The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz £1.99 Poverty Safari by Darren McGarvey The Pandemic Century by Mark Honigsbaum May at 10 by Antony Seldon £4.79
  6. I've championed Max Porter on here a number of times; he's a top tier writer. Grief..is a fantastic book, I gift it quite a bit. One of the best pieces of work I've read that deal with death and it's impact on loved ones. I think Porter's key skill is his ability to write with brevity, yet still capable of evocative and thoughtful description which is on a par with the more established, verbose writers.
  7. I hold Microsoft and Sony wholly responsible for this current tête-à-tête. If the bastards would actually give us something tangible to rave about/critique then we wouldn’t be in this sorry mess.
  8. I had one of these last night and I'm not sure I could have described it any better than you did. Was absolutely lovely.
  9. I also endured Unhinged this evening. Utter drivel. Genuinely stupid characters, plot-holes you could sail an aircraft carrier through and Russell Crowe plays (and looks like) John Goodman in that Cloverfield film. Dreadful script, leaden acting and just nonsense everywhere. It's like Duel crossed with Falling Down dumbed down for a lowest common denominator audience. The only way this could be described as a B-Movie would be if Ofqual gave it that grading. A very generous 1/5.
  10. Jesus, it's like they've dipped an 80's Germany kit in Smurf jizz.
  11. Those Adidas goalie tops are awful. Neuer was wearing one of them in the Champions' League final.
  12. Eh? This is Leeds away kit.
  13. We've just tied Maddison, Vardy and Mendy to longer contracts as well, with Soyuncu and Ndidi on the cards. Demari Gray has a year left so unless he signs one soon they'll flog him to Spurs. It does seem that we're a really well run club at the moment; I can't praise our Thai ownership enough. Culturally they've understood the city and looked at helping it beyond the football club. Our transfer work over the last three seasons has been superb, but we bought poorly in 2016-17. Slimani £27m, Musa £17m, Adrien Silva £22m, Iborra £14m. Regrets there.
  14. Leicester have gone for a burgundy away kit, which is somewhat surprising. I do like the white 3rd kit though. Has blue Adidas stripes down one side and gold down the other.
  15. Really surprised at that one; he's a genuinely decent presenter, very knowledgable, asks great and pertinent questions and makes the most of the guests he has on. Compared to David Jones and his dreadful, anodyne presenting, including this nonsense. I'd like to see more of Micah Richards on Sky/BBC. He's not the finished article at all, but he's so bubbly, happy and passionate it makes a welcome change.
  16. I really love Nolan's films; The Prestige is probably my favourite film. On initial viewing I felt this was a bit jarring. But, I think it's going to be more rewarding with subsequent viewing. The Good The Bad I was really impressed with Odeon's safety processes.
  17. This is the loudest cinema experience I’ve experienced. No chance of a mid-flick nap if you don’t get on with it.
  18. Decent article on The Athletic about the Messi situation.
  19. Man United players always get bloody penalties.
  20. Oh good. Neymar has started diving. Great minds.
  21. It's been an enjoyable opening half so far; really impressed with the pressing of PSG.
  22. That 20 minutes was peak England. Capable of moments of utter genius, repeated episodes of ineptitude and bloody good theatre.
  23. If you haven’t listened to their audiobook it is absolutely wonderful. The two of them chatting away with great love and respect for each other. Thoroughly life affirming.
  24. I bought a box of Wild Beer products about a month ago. The Tepache in particular is great; it a spiced pineapple beer and isn't too sweet or cloying. Then their regular beers are all eminently quaffable, Pogo, Sleeping Limes, Millionaire etc. I pretty much like most of their beers. I wouldn't say they do the very best beers out there but they're very consistent. There's a decent Liquor Store in Brighton, that I always go to when I'm down here and I always pick up a load of interesting beers from there. They're great on non-alcoholic beers too. I haven't dug into them all yet, but
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