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  1. Brighton are the team in the league who would most be helped by having a decent striker. Their play is great and with an Ings or Watkins would be Top 10 rather than languishing in the bottom half. This half has been like watching a Premier league team against a League 1 team in the cup.
  2. I had to endure it again when one of my nippers was learning about The Titanic. Di Caprio and Winslet are really charismatic and there are some decent performances from tied supporting cast. But it’s too long and overblown with a laughable script. We got most enjoyment from replaying the part where the boat capsizes and you see people plummet to death as The Titanic becomes vertical. The resounding thunk as people hit the funnels was eminently watchable.
  3. As we're all dropping the voucher codes - 15% off Left Handed Giant - FEBRUARYFIFTEEN.
  4. Thanks for this. Popped into Sainsburys today and picked these up.
  5. Macherano became a centre-back, Alaba was plastered all over the place; he also reinvented some chap called Messi as a false nine. It's perhaps more down to the fact that Guardiola won't go for players who have established their position in a team, rather than being established players. He likes to use players in a variety of ways so having someone who is a specialist in a position (and pretty much only plays that one role) probably doesn't sit as well with his philosophy. Hence why commentators worry more about City playing without an established forward than Pep does.
  6. Just off the top of my head, he reinvented and improved Philip Lahm. https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2013/dec/13/pep-guardiola-sweeps-holding-philipp-lahm-midfield
  7. Sterling won the UEFA Golden Boy Award before getting to City. Mahrez was PFA player of the year the year before he got to City. De Bruyne was the Budesliga Player of the year when City bought him. These weren't non-established names; agree with the high profile point though. I think he does well with those that have started to become established names in decent leagues and further develops them - Gundogan, Ederson, Bernado Silva etc. I'm sure they would have all continued to have decent careers but he does seem to elevate them.
  8. At lot of the majesty of Curtis' work is in making these initially disparate tales intertwine. I sit there half the time wondering how he's going to link a Notting Hill shitbag landlord with Mao's wife and Lee Harvey Oswald. And even when some parts wash over me or I don't quite get the point he's trying to make, I still come out of it all feeling a little bit informed and aware of historical events which I had prior known nothing of. I've watched the first two episodes with my wife. She's never seen any of his work before and isn't as aware of some of the topics he covers as I a
  9. My lot will definitely be doing raid hours later, so I'll invite you. However, I used here to do raids with randoms last night. Alomomola you can get from the 2 raid research task, if you can find it. Up until yesterday my friends couldn't find it anywhere, but I think they've increased the rate of it because it was much more prominent yesterday.
  10. England Cricket posted this shortly before India were all out. Not exactly inspiring! Admittedly I was more annoyed at the use of ‘a’ rather than ‘an’, than the actual sentiment.
  11. India's No. 8 batsman, Ashwin getting more runs in the second innings than England are likely to. Someone shower this thread with optimism, I feel a (temporary) return to those horrendous batting performances of yesteryear.
  12. I thought us beating Liverpool today was going to be my footballing highlight, but the Sanchez face plant for Gundogan's second is my favourite footballing highlight of the year. He's managed to out-Phil Jones Phil Jones. Worth catching on MOTD later. This is the best video of it on Youtube.
  13. James Justin has suffered an ACL injury, meaning we're unlikely to see him again for about a year. Absolutely gutted for him, he's been one of the best full-backs in the league this year and is so adaptable he would have been a great choice for Southgate's England squad. That we have Perreira back from his own ACL doesn't make the upset any better for Leicester. Got to worry that with the intensity of the last 2 years, we might see more of these serious injuries.
  14. Looking to read at least 40 books this year. First 4 down:- 1. Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell. This is great. Grim and grubby throughout but evokes a sense of wonder of what it would be like to live in Paris and London at the times. There's a wonderful sense of humanity that runs throughout it as Orwell empathises with those working in poorly paid roles and revels in the moments of luxury such as having some cheese with the old loaf he picks up. Totally recommended. 2. Leave the World Behind by Rumaan Alam. Really disliked this. Characters
  15. Bloody hell Anderson, that was a bowling spell for the ages. I remember watching his first swathe of test matches and thinking he looked okay but a bit too lightweight. Unlike Root or Archer who looked test material from the very beginning. Now he’s the greatest moral argument for allowing cloning.
  16. This is a humdinger. 10.5% though, early night incoming.
  17. Apparently the Southampton player put in a transfer request last week because he felt he wasn't getting enough game time..
  18. We beat Southampton 0-9 when Bertrand went off in the 12th minute, so United should hit double figures here.
  19. That section really did remind me of Control, so may be worth giving that a go? The fact it’s also on GamePass and is wonderful also helps.
  20. Finished this earlier and think it was fairly insipid. Too much of it felt under-cooked and a lot of it was really dull. In most games I play through, I tend to find something in them that I really enjoyed but can't think of anything in this that excited or engaged me. This isn't a AAA release admittedly but it felt very routine at times. The chase/stealth sections - whilst thankfully quite rare - were as grating as you'd expect. To add to the bemusement was the camera during some of those parts. Played more like a walking sim than the psychological horror that it was painted to be. When I arr
  21. I’m the same. Pretty much my entire Audible library is factual work. No sleight on the fiction I’ve heard but I lose focus work it.
  22. As street poets Messrs Bones, Thugs N'Harmony once informed us 'Wake up, wake up, wake up, it's the first of the month'. Let's see if the Kindle deals selectors have woken from their January slumber, which was a damp squib. Currently the most popular deal is Bridgerton: Romancing Mr Brisgerton (Book 4) by Julia Quinn. Is this the shape of things to come? Are we about to live through a February selection as poor as January's? There's an awful lot of crime stuff, which I don't know much about so can't really recommend so worth digging through yourself. And books with th
  23. After Leicester's abject performance, that Klopp/Milner hug followed by that sublime second goal has me liking football again. When your lot are on song, it really is an absolute pleasure to watch them. Unless you're against them of course..
  24. Can’t say we deserved much out of that game; Bamford’s goal was worthy of winning any game and the third was too easy. Normally Justin stays back when we have a corner and is pretty good at dealing with those breakaways. When we’re on our game we’re one of the best teams to watch in the league. When we have a bad game, they’re normally stinking performances. Vardy was always going to be impossible to replace but Perez was really poor up front and Madison’s free kicks were diabolical.
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