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  1. During lockdown, I was going into school looking after the keyworker’s kids. For 90 minutes of each day they would have a ‘cultural’ session. Some teachers would bring in films, others might have them in the music room etc. I took in a WiiU with a load of games including Nintendo Land. None of them had heard of it or played it before and were clamouring for Mario Kart. The instant they played Mario Chase they were transfixed. The hilarity of it all, seeing the prey’s face on the tv, the urgent shouting that ‘he’s in the red zone’, the communal enjoyment of some fairly simple game mod
  2. I’m watching this very episode now, never having seen the series before. Not totally convinced I’m into it yet; there’s some decent performances in there but all seems a bit under-developed. My pet hate is the ‘coming up’ part at the beginning of the episode.
  3. As I’m almost shitting myself at telling my wife what I’ve bought today, a mountain of bog roll may well be necessary.
  4. Just for clarity, as I don’t want to be seen as an evil, scalping capitalist. I only wanted one Series X but this morning’s clusterfuck online meant that when my first order crashed, I bought another. The Series S is for junior Stoph.
  5. Got the PS5 Disc, one Series S and two Series X. Cancelling one of the Series X; seemed to be an issue with the initial purchase. I hate myself. I'm not convinced there is any real need to upgrade yet, what with a Pro and an Xbox One X. Ho hum.
  6. Managed to buy one Series S and two Series X through Amazon and Very. Whilst not hassle-free, it seemed a lot smoother than for the PS5. After the Bethesda announcement I might cancel my PS5 and wait for next year.
  7. United should be ashamed of losing any game with this guy in the team. He’s massive.
  8. When that kind of thing happens to someone else, it is pretty funny. When it happens to you, it's utterly infuriating. I'd be raging if I was a United fan, a ridiculous couple of minutes.
  9. I'd be wary of Hoever, he absolutely sucks.
  10. Ooh that Wolves kit is lovely. Wish Leicester had gone with that red kit rather than our maroon effort.
  11. Yep. Very is basically Littlewoods. I buy my Apple phones/watches on there whenever they have a deal on them. Added bonus is you you can buy stuff on Buy Now Pay Later, so I did that with the PS5. Will have it paid off before the console is out but gives me leeway to pay it off incrementally. It’s 9 months BNPL on this instance.
  12. This morning I secured a disc PS5. Thought I’d check my bank balance and realised it might be more prudent to pay off my credit card with the money. Told my wife that I may have finally become an adult. And here we are. You post that link and I add the console to my Very account. Thanks for keeping my childhood alive!
  13. If anyone is struggling to get one Scan are still accepting pre-orders. They take money straight away though, rather than on release.
  14. Ganeshare effectively allows you to share your digital purchases with another person, and vice versa. I bought Ghosts of Tsushima through PSN, my friend bought TLOU2. I end up with both games on release day for £50. Very easy to do.
  15. Me and my big mouth...
  16. I think I might have to change my avatar. We look like 2 penguins having a domestic.
  17. I think this will be a comfortable win, especially if Finch goes early.
  18. Leicester looked pretty ordinary first half and I thought we'd carried on last season's woeful form. Much better second half and if Harvey Barnes could progress his shooting beyond 'alwasdy smash it directly at the keeper', then we would have scored 6. Vardy's 2 penalties were pretty much perfect to boot.
  19. It's obviously fool-hardy to predict who is going down after one game. But if Fulham stay up, I'll be amazed. They've got a very ordinary squad, really lack midfield creativity and that defence is going to leak goals.
  20. If that's what Next Gen has to offer, I'll be staying put. Thankfully there's some decent looking stuff on the horizon.
  21. I am amazed that more people don't gameshare. Cuts digital prices in half, making it cheaper than physical copies.
  22. This will sell bucketloads at this price point. I wouldn't have considered upgrading the kids' Xbox Ones for a while but £249 makes it a more palatable option as a Xmas present. Presumably going to be a lot quieter than their current consoles, quicker and with better graphics. Or I'll get one for myself and give one of them my One X. Two and a half years of Gamepass paid up as well, so that makes it a real value proposition. The vast majority of under 18s will be sticking their time into Fortnite, COD:Warzone, Fall Guys, etc, if my school is anything to go by. So, this is a reason
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