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  1. "Why are you still working on spreadsheets at this hour?" "Errrr, it's errrr, a game."
  2. Wordle 214 3/6 Continuing my strategy of just starting with whatever word seems topical, I went
  3. I've just seen it. I absolutely adored it. Came out of the cinema just blown away by it. It's beautifully shot, as you would expect. The two main actors are great and there's an obvious nod towards Harold of Maude throughout. The central relationship is integral to your appreciation of the film and in lesser hands it could have seemed unbelievable. The supporting cast are fantastic too. As they've been mentioned previously in the thread, Tom Waits is great, Bradley Cooper has a great cameo as did Sean Penn. It reminded me of Boogie Nights, in that there's a central storyline which you're fully enraptured by, whilst there are various side stories going on that compliment the main tale. Still trying to process it all. It's not a tasking film but I spent 2 hours wallowing in this sumptuous cinematic experience and am finding it pretty hard to explain quite why it resonated with me. I think the most impressive part of the film are the stolen glances, the slight and subtle facial movements and expressive mannerisms that the main characters consistently demonstrate. It just sucks you into this burgeoning and dysfunctional partnership. Means that you totally buy into their relationship. It all seemed so real and I guess we've all been in relationships that seem like they're all that matters in the world and despite the warning signs we persist with pursuing it. Up there with his best work.
  4. And in one foul swoop the PS5 shortage became a PS5 surplus.
  5. They get better as the series progresses ( only 3 episodes though). Pot hole man is a treat. The guy who does them used to do rap battles on Don’t Flop which are worth seeking out.
  6. Eriksen looks likely to go to Brentford, unless another club comes in for him today. With their Danish influence and Frank having managed him before, would be a decent signing for player and team.
  7. Wordle 211 2/6 I only went with my starting word for reasons that will become clear soon.
  8. Stopharage


    If I buy a bad bag, I tend to use it to make Saturday football coffee for the various parents at the kids' football. Take 3 flasks of coffee along and so far, I've not had to be linesman for 3 years.
  9. I'd imagine it's because Game have decided to bundle a PS5 with a Call of Duty t-shirt and a year sub to PS Now for the bargain price of £729.
  10. £20m seems a decent fee for him then. Hope you get to spend that in this window and stay up as a result, sending Newcastle and Wood down.
  11. 2. The Kaiju Preservation Society by John Scalzi. Part Jurassic Park, part Men in Black. Via an access point to an alternate dimension, mankind has discovered kaiju running freely. Machinations and skulduggery ensues. It’s a fairly light piece of sci-fi, rattles along at a decent pace and is interesting enough without being particularly original. The author explains as much in the afterword.
  12. Chris Wood appears to be on his way to Newcastle from Burnley. @Plissken- is he out of contract soon? Seems a really bad idea to help strengthen a rival club at this time.
  13. I have access to them and have never played Gamepass on PC.
  14. I watched both AFCON games yesterday and the standard of the commentary was so poor, it had me wishing for Sam Matterface. it was truly that bad.
  15. I'm hoping that the England batting performances aren't realistic.
  16. Wordle 202 5/6 Deserved a 5. Who in their right mind starts with as their first word?
  17. Wordle 201 4/6 I have the best of intentions to start with the same word every day. Then when every day turns up I’ve forgotten what I did on the previous day.
  18. I’ve only just got into Rewards as I’m using my Xbox much more than my PS5. Do the Quests only appear in the Gamepass tab and not in the Rewards tab? If so, are there any other rewards that I’m potentially missing out on as they’re hidden away somewhere?
  19. What's great about this game is that it does an awful lot with a limited setting and stripped back gameplay. Character development is better done than in games 10 times its length.
  20. Wordle 200 5/6 Annoying to get 4 letters correct on the 2nd go and then take a further 3 attempts to get it right. Hmmmm.
  21. Trippier played under Howe at Burnley too, so I'm sure that's another (minor) reason why he's happy to go there. It's obviously all about the money but there must be some pride at being lined up as the first signing under the new ownership.
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