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  1. Root has 3-0. What on earth is going on? Glad I chose to teach from home today..
  2. Now you've discovered roasted broccoli, sesame oil with sesame seeds is great. Actually keeps well as a pretty healthy snack with a bit of sea salt or sriracha.
  3. I'm becoming increasingly unconvinced that this chopping and changing approach to team selection (despite its good intentions) is ideal. Got to keep the faith though; in Bess we trust.
  4. To you. Your posts are an exercise in solipsism. Pixar doesn't feature in the lives of millions of people in the UK, despite what you might think. Let's just agree to disagree on this.
  5. I just want to know when Disco Elysium is coming out. Supposedly in March, which is ever-nearing.
  6. I'm not sure what point you're trying to make. We're discussing quiz questions on UK TV. The fact Pixar is known world-wide is neither here not there. Soaps tend to have been around for ages and have huge terrestrial audience, consistent and vast media coverage and are part of the national psyche. My point is that for millions, knowledge of soaps is ingrained and for me not to be able to answer questions on them would be as alien to that audience as a lack of knowledge of Cronenberg is to you. I'm with @Majoraon this; I think you are vastly overestimating the film kno
  7. That's a pretty myopic take on knowledge and personal interest though. I mean, if I was on a quiz show and any question came up about soaps, I wouldn't have a clue. Zero interest in them. As some of the most popular cultural products out there, millions would be on their sofas shouting at me and saying I'm thick. But I genuinely don't know a Barlow from a Mitchell. They're just not part of my cultural landscape. You can see this writ large in the 'stupid things other people say' thread on here; some of the brightest folks you know have no understanding or knowledge of Harry Potte
  8. Contract extension for Roy and Christian...
  9. My mum has a holiday place on the sea front so we're down there as much as we can.
  10. I bet Leto put up one hell of a fight when he was asked if he wanted to pose as Jesus. This is all pretty desperate stuff. Releasing into a world where there are no new blockbusters to divert attention from this and Snyder still has to encourage lowest common denominator banality.
  11. I really want them to stay up as I'm down for 2 season tickets next year (despite being a Leicester fan)!
  12. Brighton are the team in the league who would most be helped by having a decent striker. Their play is great and with an Ings or Watkins would be Top 10 rather than languishing in the bottom half. This half has been like watching a Premier league team against a League 1 team in the cup.
  13. I had to endure it again when one of my nippers was learning about The Titanic. Di Caprio and Winslet are really charismatic and there are some decent performances from tied supporting cast. But it’s too long and overblown with a laughable script. We got most enjoyment from replaying the part where the boat capsizes and you see people plummet to death as The Titanic becomes vertical. The resounding thunk as people hit the funnels was eminently watchable.
  14. As we're all dropping the voucher codes - 15% off Left Handed Giant - FEBRUARYFIFTEEN.
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