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  1. As much as I love big Wes, the talk amongst Leicester fans was that he was also at the Perez/Maddison/Barnes shindig and was continuing his adulterous behaviour. All been hushed up as he's been lined up for a role with the PFA and it might have jeopardised that. Edit - I posted yesterday about my uncle surprising us all by taking the FA Cup onto the pitch. Here's when he found out he'd be doing it. This is the great side of football.
  2. Think that's a fair point. However, Leicester's success is largely down to the spirit and togetherness within the team and Morgan has been at the heart of that for the last 9 years. He was the only CB we had on the bench and I think Rodgers was hoping he wad going to galvanise the team. As much as I like Soyuncu and Fofana, they both have the odd rocket in them when Evans isn't there to Marshall them. Add to that, Chelsea put Giroud on and Morgan was put on to combat that aerial threat, as evidenced by a couple of headed clearances he made in the 10 minutes he was on. He does have the turning
  3. My bad, replay then. Whodda thunk a day of drinking and totally shot nerves would befuddle me so much. Was also going to say he was pissed off that Claridge scored in the last minute, but now thinking that was a play-off final. God knows. Hangover tomorrow is going to be epoch-defining.
  4. In absolute floods of tears. I fucking love Kasper Schmeichel.
  5. We both went to the Worthington Cup Final when we beat them. He didn’t speak to me for a week afterwards..
  6. He’s a lovely guy but a bloody Middlesboro fan. Only chance he’ll get to visit Wembley.
  7. My uncle just brought the FA Cup out onto the pitch. He’d kept it silent all week. Works for the Chelsea Foundation and has been pretty integral in increasing the popularity of walking football across London. He does amazing community work; he also got to carry the Olympic torch prior to the 2012 London Olympics. As much as I’m chuffed for him, I’m hugely jealous that he got to go to the Final!
  8. I put 6 months worth on, over the weekend and it worked fine. Just going to keep topping up every couple of months until they stop it.
  9. We had 'All I Need' as our first dance at our wedding. I love the Mike Mills video for it, although the version above looks like it was filmed on a potato.
  10. Lost in my case; as I said, I’ve now bought a second hand copy off someone on here.
  11. Probably just following Liverpool’s approach against Shrewsbury last year.
  12. As a Leicester fan, I'd personally like to thank Ole for at least giving us a chance of getting something out of the game. We'll still stuff things up but it's nice to have a bit of hope..
  13. Well, that anecdotal example really proves your point, compared to the really poor sales figures. Housemarque have been utterly hamstrung by Sony's pricing. If you genuinely don't think a £70 price point is an issue - despite the damning sales - then you really haven't got a clue. They've lost a load of sales from people who clearly can afford £70 for a game but choose not to. A number of members have said on here that they would have purchased at £45-50 but that £70 was too much. It's a ridiculous pricing strategy for a game of this type. The £50 I would have spent on purchasing
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