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  1. 9 minute hat-trick. Looks like we can let Vardy concentrate on his wife’s court case for a while.
  2. Not sure what’s worse. Spurs’ kit or the fancy dress sheikhs in the crowd.
  3. Wonderful to see Maguire playing so well for Leicester again.
  4. That was a much better episode. Riddle task was an absolute belter. Guz, Desiree and VCM were especially good in that one. Alex’s cracking up was lovely to see too. 100th episode next week so hoping they build on this and have another decent showing.
  5. I hold every one of you bastards utterly responsible for my pile of shame increasing over the last few months.
  6. Anything VCM to liven this series up would be gratefully appreciated. Think it’s the weakest one I can remember. In every previous series, at least one of the ‘roles’ has featured a star turn. The slightly cynical contestant, the quirky contestant, the old git contestant etc. They’re all nice enough in this series but they all pale into insignificance compared to their predecessors. Like others have said, a lot of this is due to some fairly limited tasks.
  7. I really enjoyed this and didn’t seem to be that long or bloated, as the film flew along just before arse numbness kicked in. However the film definitely needed to borrow But Craig was terrific, as he has been throughout his tenure.
  8. Not sure who’s more annoying, The Andorran Number 4 or Sam Matterface. Imagine being stuck on a desert island with both of them.
  9. It’s not an investment for financial gain. It’s an investment for reputation gain. £300m won’t make Newcastle competitive. There’s going to be a premium added to prices for them. A marquee player is going to cost them £50m and they’re going to have to replace a lot of dross to challenge for a Top 6 place. I reckon they’ll throw £50m at Brentford for Toney in January yet still end the season with Joelinton on the wing and Darlow in goal. With the exception of Saint-Maximam (sic?) there’s not a single player I’d keep.
  10. Debut single was excellent and this is no disappointment. Their videos are great too.
  11. Surely you’re not that naïve? I appreciate you’re getting grief from some of us on here and it’s not my intention to make it a pile-on but there really can be no justification for this decision. The fit and proper test has always been whether your bank account is big enough. I’m lucky in that Leicester have decent owners. At present. I’m aware that this could all change tomorrow. I’m also aware that our owners didn’t get to be multi millionaires by being selfless entrepreneurs, many toes must have been stepped on along the way. If we’d been bought out by the Saudis I’d be utterly aghast and I’d like to think I could sever part of my emotional bond with the club. Reality is that it is hard to abandon such a relationship. Most people will have been in love with their football club for longer than they’ve been in love with their partner. I’d like to think I would find it impossible to reconcile my support for a club with the owners wholesale disregard for human rights. Newcastle fans never asked for this and despite their hatred for Ashley, would surely never have chosen such new owners. Newcastle are just another example of the priority with which those in charge of football place money over humanity. FIFA look the other way when workers die in Qatar. FIFA & UEFA treat racism as if it’s a minor issue. Teams (mine included) put gambling advertising all over their stadiums and shirts. It’s depressing and as powerless as I am, I’m complicit in allowing it to continue in this way.
  12. 32. The Only Plane in the Sky by Garrett M. Graff. Fantastic, exhaustingly researched account of what happened on 9/11 the words of over 500 people who were involved. From rescue workers to survivors, it’s an incredibly absorbing work that took the best part of 10 years to write. Would recommend this to anyone who has a passing interest in this. 33. Dreamland by Rosa Rankin-Gee. A dystopian novel about Margate. Very much a tale of two halves. First half I struggled with as the sense of foreboding human tragedy filled the narrative. I didn’t feel it was a effecting as I would have expected or that engaging. However, the second half becomes more urgent and interesting. A 3/5 for me. 34. And Away by Bob Mortimer. Joyous. Life-affirming. Highly amusing. In places, very surprising. Never knew he was a solicitor and had to use these skills when Jarvis Cocker mooned Michael Jackson. If that doesn’t intrigue you enough to pick this up then you’re beyond help.
  13. I think Palace will be fine this season. Recruitment has been excellent and considering they’re all bedding in they’ve done well. Confident that will manifest itself in more victories in the coming months.
  14. Was the same in the first half and we somehow went in 2-0 up. Hanging on here.
  15. Truth be told, you’ve been the better team. Better choices near the box and we’d have been behind. I can only presume that Rodgers’ instructions to Chaudhury were to pass the ball to the opposition or out of play at every available opportunity.
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