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  1. I think England, France and Portugal must be licking their lips at playing Argentina or Croatia in the final. Holland only got going with 10 minutes left and don't press like those 3 teams do.
  2. Penalties and a 6 foot 8in keeper?
  3. I think Croatia would prefer Argentina now. 8 players on yellows, knowing a yellow in the semi would rule them out of the final; might mean a lot of them hold back in their challenges.
  4. This ref is always diabolical. He's makes Mike Dean seem shy and retiring.
  5. I was once delivering pots to Sharon Davies in the back of a Ford Galaxy. The car broke down about 10 miles away from her shop so Andy Gray and his brother came to help me out and transfer the pots over to another vehicle. Andy Gray was an utter twat, his brother was sound and took me for a pint. Danny Murphy runs the U-14 team at my kids’ club. Raheem Sterling lives opposite my mum. I once saw John Terry reading magazines in WH Smiths and his face had as many dents as a badly behaved robot. The eldest has played against various kids whose footballer parents were watching - Rio, Redknapp, Viduka etc. Urinated next to both Heskey and Neil Lennon. Spent my formative years clubbing in London and you’d see loads of footballers at certain venues.
  6. Fitz Hall has my 2nd favourite footballing nickname. ‘One Size’. In first place is Kiki Musampa, who was nicknamed Chris.
  7. To save me looking, did you tip Costa Rica to beat Spain?
  8. Happy to see Spain have to tiki-taka the flight home. So incredibly dull. Hoping for a Pepe-Xhaka confrontation at some point this evening.
  9. Jenas insight, “That was a poor penalty’ then says “it was a great save”. Offers absolutely nothing as a pundit.
  10. Our first 11 is better than theirs. They have a true match winner though. If Mbappe performs they win, otherwise England go through. They have an error-prone Lloris, a CB as RB, possibly no LB available and so on. However, a French supporter could point to our obvious deficiencies. The bookies won’t have much between it.
  11. How on earth have we got this far and not said the obvious answer? The Medium.
  12. Mixture of pre-sleep reading, post-waking reading, holiday reading and the occasional post-work 'fuck this I need a coffee' cafe hour. I've persevered with a few books this year that I should really have left when I started to dislike them - How to Kill Your Family, the Twyford Code and the Jerry Seinfeld book come to mind. Started reading Crime and Punishment and it all seems a bit too dense for me (not academically just the level of detail and exposition). I've got a huge backlog on my Kindle including a lot of titles I wanted on release but haven't touched yet, so think I'm going to create a reading list for next year and stick to it, ignoring any new books or Kindle deals that pop up in the meantime.
  13. Superb goal, fantastic start to the game. That passing was like Netherlands of yesteryear.
  14. Stopharage

    The Bookies

    I’ve had a shocker with bets this week, then this happened. I’m up £50 for the week now, so going to use that for the rest of the tournament.
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