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  1. This New Zealand team are so eminently likeable.
  2. I thought playing Archer rather than Woakes in that final over was a real mistake but happy to have been proven wrong. The best game of cricket I've ever seen. Just amazing. NZ didn't deserve to lose.
  3. Jesus Christ, the most ridiculous 6 you'll ever see. This is amazing.
  4. Or will this forever be referred to as the Plunkett Final? Here's hoping.
  5. Set up for the Ben Stokes redemption storyline to come to fruition. Banish the ghosts of Braithwaite and Bristol nightclubs. Surely an advertising campaign with Jacamo awaits.
  6. In Jos We Trust. (Fingers resolutely crossed).
  7. @feltmonkey, I think you now need to make a further prediction that England won't reach 242..
  8. I'll drive Maguire to Manchester for that £80m deal. He wasn't great for us last season although our supposed replacement is £45m Lewis Dunk, which makes me feel rather apprehensive.
  9. @sandman, it was the best book I read last year by some distance. Superbly written, thoroughly engaging, decent characterisation and the plot developed and improved throughout the novel. It’s based on the actual ‘Underground Railway’ that existed but not in the form that the novel describes. Would totally recommend.
  10. For those who’ve read One Word Kill by Mark Lawrence, the sequel ‘Limited Wish’ is down to 99p today.
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