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  1. The passing of time. I used to sign him from Port Vale to play AM when he was about 20 in Championship Manager. Jeez, I feel old.
  2. Fuck me, Del Boy is on the forum! Video Nasty
  3. I’ve just got back from watching this. For the most part I found it exceedingly dull. The general premise requires you to suspend disbelief but there are some moments where characters do some really dumb stuff. The mother of the main family was incredibly annoying, seemingly having two default settings - sombre and banshee. The kids are all pretty decent actors, so they make it a bit more bearable. I can’t recommend you watch this in a cinema and suggest you wait for the home version. It just made me yearn for a holiday. Spoilers within
  4. Fairly certain Lewandowski can give a better team talk than Kane can.
  5. I’m not into cycling but watching this road race is great as it’s giving you a proper look at Japan. Aerial shots of little communities, the ride up Mount Fuji etc. So want to go.
  6. On Sky, Eurosport have 9 channels of Olympics going. Not sure if the same for Virgin, BT etc and if it’s free to me as we pay for Sky Sports?
  7. Re: timing, wasn’t really following it that closely but seems like if you’re too tardy you then have to bring more fielders into the circle. So slow play can be punished by greater opportunities for the batting team to hit boundaries. Seemed like a pretty good idea.
  8. Now to decide on the most embarrassing fancy dress outfit. I think Borat mankini is beyond even my sense of shame.
  9. I wonder whether City have held off Haaland because of how they handled him in the Champions’ League. He wasn’t particularly effective in either game and maybe Pep feels he’s not right for their system.
  10. I’ve got 6 free tickets for the Oval on the 2nd so showed the eldest some of the match last night and he was really up for it. Whether it’s the slightly more razzmatazz approach and youth-friendly tweaks (garish graphics, live music, vox pops with the crowd etc). Might go in fancy dress just so I can continue the ‘embarrassing dad’ role I now seem to play in his life.
  11. This is a fantastic game. Invincible didn’t have a chance after about 20 balls. The Greg James explanation videos are good, you can see they’re aiming this at a much younger and new audience. Eyes have just about adjusted to the dreadful graphics now.
  12. Whenever I’m on playground duty there’s a kid who comes along and tells me facts. Today he told me that Daddy Pig is 14 feet tall and Peppa is about half that. Unfortunately he was unable to provide me with Miss Piggy’s height.
  13. I’m really enjoying the second series of this. All seems much better. Dialogue, plot, acting and cinematography are all a step up. Some decent set pieces along the way too.
  14. In addition, professional footballers know that you must always play to the whistle and yet the forward stopped. Was easily the most unbelievable part of the film.
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