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  1. Arsenal looked really.good today but, equally Chelsea looked bad. Is Morata injured or has Sarri just given him up as a bad job? It was amazing watching Chelsea build to the edge of the Arsenal box and then almost literally throw their hands up because there's nobody in the box likely.to score from that play. Chelsea had a similar issue agaiamr us in the League Cup. If they had a forward goalscorer (which they do, by the way - Giroud, unless his contract stipulates that he is only to come on as a sub and either win the game or do fuck.all) they would have scored a few against us. Hazard has to be thinking about getting the fuck out of there? Chelsea needs significant investment in more than one position and surely Champions League football is a minimum requirement for Sarri this year? If they don't make some changes either United or Arsenal will take a top four spot at their expense. Fulham away for us later today. I imagine Dele will play as our "forward", with Llorente to come on after 80 mins and nobody sends a single cross into him. 0-0.
  2. Spurs losing Kane at the same time as Son fucks off for a few weeks isn't good news at all. However, Llorente is more than a capable forward. We just haven't been set up to play to his strengths when he has played for us. In fact, when he's come in as a sub this season, he's made an immediate impact on the flow of our game. Expect to see a lot more crossing from Spurs with Llorente as our main forward.
  3. It is completely alien to *change* teams iwhen you're an adult, but when you're talking about a foreign league it's a different thing. I'm not giving up on Spurs to support the Portland Timbers.
  4. I pirated Stellaris as I wasn't sure if it would be for me or not. It most certainly is, especially with the mods that are available. So I went to Steam to buy it and it's like £58 with all the DLC. That's a lot for my broke ass. Anybody know where I can get it for a more reasonable price?
  5. I don't really understand. I said in my post that the fan and football culture that has developed at the Timbers specifically was a big draw for me. I actually spent a long time deciding - years - which MLS club I'd like to support. I watched a number of Timbers games last season, and the Seattle rivalry is as intense as any in Europe. Their run to the conference title last season before ultimately losing in the cup final to Atlanta was heart wrenching even for someone who hasn't fully committed to the club at that point. I also see some parallels between Portland and Spurs that added to my choice. I don't think it is fair to compare me to a random Nigerian Chelsea fan who likely chose them based on their recent successes and the big contingent of African players they've had at some points. You don't know to what lengths I'm going to go to to support Portland. You're gatekeeping, weirdly, because as far as I can work out you're saying the 'right' way to choose a club is basically intangible - but I'm from Tottenham. I support Tottenham and Haringey Borough FC. Those were choices, too. Purely based on geography. As it should be, for your "main" club(s). Not some barely describable feeling in your waters that this is the club for you. You haven't really articulated what would be better reasons than those I've listed for choosing to support a club that plays in a league on a different continents
  6. If that was somehow aimed at my post, all I can do is congratulate you on your mellowness.
  7. I've been flirting for a few years now with taking on an MLS team to support. The Timbers were always on my radar as the team I'd probably go for as they have a decent, competitive team, noisy fans, great tifos and an intense rivalry with Seattle. Today, I said on Twitter that I'd chosen the Portland Timbers as my team (with a last minute near swerve to Atlanta United due to the Spurs connection but that would be too much like bandwagonning, like choosing an English PL team to support from abroad and choosing Manchester City). The response has been amazing. Hundreds of people welcoming me, people taking my address so they can send me merchandise including the coveted (by Portland fans) No Pity scarf. It's been great and I can't wait for the MLS season to start in March. Oh, and I'll also be keeping an eye on the Pittsburgh Riverhounds in the USL.
  8. I need to find an emulation of Onita's FMW game for the Super Famicom. Death matches on consoles in 1993?!
  9. Great to see the love for the THQ/AKI wrestling games here. Since it seems we have nobody who worked on those games here (or nobody that wants to talk about it) can I amend my request? Do we have any developers here who worked on any wrestling games at any time who would be willing to talk to me about their time on those games? Up to and including the current 2K yearly iterations
  10. Thanks. I'll have to check this out as I am in fact doing a profile of him and would want to avoid retreading too much what EG did already. By the way, if anybody has any questions they'd like Mat to answer, I'd be happy to ask them. Edit: sure it isn't this Arstechnica piece you're thinking of? Honestly, reading that, I'm not sure I could have much of substance to add in telling the MDickie story.
  11. I know that mainstream gaming outlets and journalists have often overlooked Mat Dickie or even actively attacked his games and the fact that he develops anything at all. But when you look at the sheer number of games (often wrestling related, but not always) that he developed for PC, by himself, that were so well received by his fans, surely he must be applauded? And, even though he didn't find huge success and riches when developing for PC, he was ahead of the curve and found success developing for mobile. So, Mdickie: hero or villain?
  12. Long shot but I don't suppose anybody randomly has extra copies of the first four issues of Wireframe that I could buy from them? I am a bit of a completionist and it's going to annoy me to no end to only have from issue 5 onwards (PDFs aside).
  13. If there are, I would be extremely grateful if I could have a chat with you. Likewise, if you worked on any earlier games - WWF Royal Rumble, or some of the Japanese games on the Famicom/SNES for example - or if you worked on some of the later, not quite as good games (WCW Backstage Assault, I'm looking at you!) I would love to bend your ears. Many thanks in advance.
  14. I'm curious. Unless the girl character has a special ability that her male counterpart doesn't, or the story is better for the female character, what makes you play as woman, all things being equal?
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