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  1. Yip, I couldn't give a fuck about this stupid thing now. I'm late 2022, early 23. Cant wait to play it for 10 minutes when it finally arrives...
  2. Apparently you can't freely jump in this? Sounds like a massive development limitation if that's the case.
  3. Thanks @Cyhwuhx. Appreciate the info. This isn't for me then. I'll look up some or your recommendations. I stopped playing Blasphemous. It's really good but so hard.
  4. I got this for Christmas, knowing very little about it. Apart from that it was Metroidvania.. Which is obviously isn't. I've played for about an hour and as its not what I was expecting I'm not fully enjoying it. Despite that I do like various aspects. What sort of progression happens in a game like this? So far it seems like the levels aren't really the interest. It's more about leveling up. Is there a world to explore like in Metroid? Any hints and tips on what I should be doing?
  5. I've now got all diamonds. Bought most stuff and am on the final boss now. It really is a great game. Let down slightly by it's controls. I'm looking forward to finishing it though.
  6. Its the same room where 100 dashes gives you a reward. Also 800 dashes gives you a second reward. Im currently on 30.
  7. Yeah, ive progressed a bit since my last post. 8 corners in all but the East area. Im struggling with the dash too. Let's be honest it's a fucking nightmare and im sure to a few it's beyond criticism but it can suck my dog's nutsack.
  8. On Switch is the map completely fucked? I don't seem to move around in real time on the map. Also the purple dots don't seem to relate to where I'm collecting the purple corners. Should I be able to get all 4 corners from each section from the get go? I've got 2 from the North and 2 from the east and then I couldn't find a path to get the remaining. I've now got the sword upgrade and double dash and I'm on 3 corners from the West.
  9. I like some of the ideas. Not the execution. This was terrible. I can't believe it was made. The blame lays solely at whatever WB person gave Mike Wazowski free reign.
  10. Odd. Ordered it like normal through the Switch itself. I frequently buy via my phone and buying Hyper on the phone insisted going through Nintendo Store and not eShop. Tested buying another game and then went through eshop.
  11. Am I an idiot? I can't buy this through the eshop, and use my credit, like normal. I have to buy it via "the store". What am I doing wrong?
  12. three1ne


    Oh wow, you did Teeth. I saw that on Alter a couple of months back. Thought it was wonderful. Love the new trailer. Not online yet I assume?
  13. May be I'm simple but what is the physical release date on the Switch? On Special reserve the oreorder time is until 7th Jan? Or is the release date 7th Jan? Makes no sense to me.
  14. Is the remake or reissue of GTA5 confirmed or just speculation?
  15. Antlers was like a great X Files episode. Which ultimately disappointed me as that first teaser trailer looked stunning.
  16. Did the Mario one undersell? It's the first time I've seen a Nintendo game have so much stock at a reduced price.
  17. There was a laughable outcry several pages back
  18. Remove if this upsets anyone but I think it counts. Yoku's Island Express. It's stunning.
  19. Bought Yokus simply to play something that looked 'alright' It's absolutely stunning. Such a lovely little game.
  20. three1ne

    Disco Elysium

    I'm looking forward to playing this when I get time. I'm assuming this runs like a piece of shit on the Switch and it's a nobrainer to go PC with mouse and keyboard?
  21. Decided to finish my time with this game by watching an 1h40 Youtube playthrough at 1.5x playback. This was such a disappointment. The story was absolute Fuck this game.
  22. I've been looking forward to this game for 5 or 6 years but it's dawned on me there's no real reason to play this when there's a Youtube gameplay ending video out there. This isn't about gameplay. It's an absolutely terrible 'game'. It's all about the story but it's absolutely mind numbing advancing one step at a time to have to restart the whole process each time. It plays out more like a film than a game. I have more thoughts but i'm drunk (and I still didnt have the patience to play it).
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