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  1. Easily top 10 game for me. Adored it. Still haven't played the dlc though.
  2. Is Spec Ops called Co Op? I remember Spec Ops in MW2 having challenges or goals. In the first and only one I have available to me now it just seems like an endless horde of enemies and it looks more MP orientated than I remember.
  3. I only ever play SP these days. It's the best SP COD in a long while. That said there is nothing new. It's linear, its loud. I'm having fun with it but I currently am not looking to replay it.
  4. Well this is disappointing and expected. That pace has been missing since the original MW.
  5. I don't have the time.
  6. Is this good SP? Not interested in MP. Never played the previous games.
  7. Nothing worthwhile on single player news. Probably shite then.
  8. ah, didn't know about that. Can't find any mention of it. Xbox/PC. Got it. Thanks.
  9. Is the only way to purchase this on PC via Epic Store? 50 quid can get fucked.
  10. Surely the world of Treadstone isn't actually that exciting without Bourne. Im expecting a generic moody spy with bad men as good men slog.
  11. This dropped off a cliff edge.
  12. Thanks mod for moving my new thread into this one. Apologies I didn't do a thorough search.
  13. Tonally quite jarring but finding it fairly engaging so far. Watching it dubbed as subtitles are too small to read. Whoever wrote the subs or wrote the dubbing script needs a slap. Some pointless differences throughout.
  14. Very similar to Darkest Hour. Fantastic central performance. Absolutely brilliant. But in a largely standard directed film. The opening half cinematography was endless one shots with very little geography. This is Gotham. Let's see it. The violence is not the hyperbole that's been reported but it graphic at times. However there's one violent scene that isn't shown and its certainly not a stylistic or character driven choice. It's a really bad direction judgment/studio meddling choice that undervalues the developing story. All said though it's left a small impression and I'd love to see Phoenix reprise the role in the upcoming Batman films.
  15. Thanks so much, Naysonymous. Really appreciated.
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