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  1. Look at this for 60seconds and then decide if you want to spend 6minutes on the film. You probably do. Just do it regardless. Lots of love.
  2. I've just got a free 7 day pass so I can watch Justice League. The streaming quality is piss. Laughably bad. Especially considering this is the only way to watch this. It's below 720 by the looks of it and more importantly the bit rate looks incredibly low. May be I could pay an extra £3 for a boost to an almighty 1080 stream. What a joke. So, i've downloaded it instead. There is a discussion about whether these companies should be held to some kind of quality control but in all honesty I just wanted to make a little post to say fuck em and rant
  3. The Vigil is an absolute must see in the category of low budget/first time director horror.
  4. This looks like it should be 50 quid. May be they're yet to announce it also streams Quibi and has a crank feature.
  5. I've still got Death of the Outsider that i'm half way through and last played 1 or 2 years ago. (I've done the same with Zelda so it's not a reflection on the game). They are truly great games and never had the success they deserved.
  6. Going through this again. It really is a stunning piece of work.
  7. I fully agree. I'm finding it quite dull and only really putting it on when i'm too tired for anything else. I think i'll give Bowser's Fury a go as that sounds better and then get rid.
  8. Would appreciate a little help. Im near the end and wondering if I've hit a bug or if I'm just not solving a puzzle. I'm a bit stomped. I want to solve it myself but just checking that I havent hit a bug please.
  9. I had no idea. Great. Better finish the first game. I hate myself for not having done it already.
  10. I am finding this quite light. It's nice enough but I feel like i'm going through the motions with it. Makes me really want another full Mario game.
  11. Does it suffer as a solo game? Am I even meant to play it solo?
  12. Is this the one on the Wii U that was mostly 4 player? Is it still?
  13. Amazing. So this weekend I'll be playing a completely new Mario game. Woop!
  14. I never played the Wii U version. I had it on the 3DS. Was that essentially the same game or completely different bar the name? Order dispatched. Woo.
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