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  1. Would appreciate a little help. Im near the end and wondering if I've hit a bug or if I'm just not solving a puzzle. I'm a bit stomped. I want to solve it myself but just checking that I havent hit a bug please.
  2. I had no idea. Great. Better finish the first game. I hate myself for not having done it already.
  3. I am finding this quite light. It's nice enough but I feel like i'm going through the motions with it. Makes me really want another full Mario game.
  4. Does it suffer as a solo game? Am I even meant to play it solo?
  5. Is this the one on the Wii U that was mostly 4 player? Is it still?
  6. Amazing. So this weekend I'll be playing a completely new Mario game. Woop!
  7. I never played the Wii U version. I had it on the 3DS. Was that essentially the same game or completely different bar the name? Order dispatched. Woo.
  8. Great, thanks. Two new games to play. Nice
  9. So, mega lols, I didnt start the first game. I started the second. Once i've completed this (Wisps) should I play the Blind Forest or will it be redundant?
  10. I started the first game on my pc xbox pass thing. This may be the most beautiful game I've played in a very long time. Im finding the escape sequences relatively easy and enjoyable so far. By far the best thing this game has going for it though is the gameplay. Its wonderful to play and the abilities you gain all tie is wonderfully.
  11. Can I buy a physical copy online? Website doesn't immediately suggest I can.
  12. That's fucking depressing.
  13. It's a shame its unfinished but it really is a great album. Anybody know why it was never released/finished?
  14. Couldn't see that this has been posted yet.
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