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  1. I find it hard to find any worthwhile site for news on android games. Release dates, reviews, recommendations etc. So give me some. My games Gorogoa The Room 1 2 3 Florence
  2. I'm staying out of this thread until I've completed the game but I have a digital code for a free upgrade to the handgun and crafting menu. Amazon sent me it 3 days late. Twats. If you want it PM me. edit - CODE IS GONE
  3. That's such a disappointment to hear after the rumours of Superman and Turtles.
  4. Graphics look disappointing for a game 6 years in the making.
  5. I've played this and I give this game a strong 6 out of 10.
  6. 100% finished this after 10 hours. Perfect indie game.
  7. I've avoided quite a lot of chat and videos about this on purpose so forgive me if this has been answered or shown recently but is there a noticeable improvement over PS4 and the Pro version? I've got standard ps4 and would seriously consider a Pro if it was worthwhile.
  8. Just heard of this guy. Token. Amazing stuff.
  9. I'm shit at talking about films. This was great. Independent type affair I think. Offbeat comedy drama. Written and directed and stars Jim Cummings who I knew nothing of until today when he was mentioned in a comments sections to an article on Shane Curruth (dir. Primer and Upstream Colour). A cop in a small town in Texas has his life spiral out of control with the death of his mother, an impending divorce and his struggle with childcare. It's really good. Solid film throughout.
  10. I've just started playing this again as it was free on Epic Store, although i did definitely have it for PC before but no idea who with. Coming off from an extensive play on Red Dead I am finding this to be showing it's age in controls and graphics. Even with mods. On reflection the openness of Red Dead, small towns within a vast natural landscape hid a lot of the emptiness of GTA5. The grandscale of gta5, today at least, looks very void of anything meaningful. Pedestrains walk aimlessly, cars shunt across the empty roads. 100s of shops and buildings are nothing but a texture. That said I did have to remind myself that the game is coming up to 7 years old now and I'll stick with it as im looking forward to it opening up later, flying planes again, bank heists and other elaborate missions. This is less of a criticism of GTA5 and more of a praise for Red Dead I think. GTA5 has been stripped and refined and polished into a gaming world that feels full of life and adventure even after completing the story missions. If there is any truth to the more episodic nature of GTA6 then this might allow for a fuller world as its without question a lot harder to strip and refine Red Dead into GTA6
  11. three1ne

    PC Gamepad

    Sorry if wrong thread. I need a game pad for pc. max £25. Looking on amazon and there are some unofficial, official looking, 360 pads. They say the vibration feature might not work with some games. All very vague. Anyone recommend me one?
  12. Im over 90% done. Completed the story etc and I don'y have any bounties available in Might be because I;ve done them... I have no idea. Dont think I have though. Should they appear automatically or are they event related?
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