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  1. Give me the roller-coaster so campaign I'll so loving lap up
  2. Thanks @df0 Im 19% done (or have explored 19% of the map) Although I really don't feel that I've done much.
  3. I am finding this very hard. Is there an area I should be heading first to get some power ups/defeat easy bosses? Through randomly picking a route i've found myself in the Mountains of The Endless Dusk. Just came across a boss who likes lightening. I don't like lightening.
  4. This is currently a tenner on Switch.
  5. Thanks everyone especially @Nick R. So helpful. I've got everything I need now, thanks all.
  6. That's not completely frozen and the amount of action going on isn't really want I want to portray. (This is to show an approximation of style to a client. Intense action is going to confuse them)
  7. I'm trying to think of some examples of films where time/people are frozen and only one or two people move around in the scene. I'm specifically looking for wide shots. I've got Source Code and the Matrix (red dress scene). Click didnt really give me a good option. Anyone else? I feel like i've seen this so many times but am drawing a blank. can be a music video.
  8. My current list of shame is Subnautica - I can not tell you how much I love this game. It was a complete surprise and I've thought it is constantly amazing. I played it for 4 hours straight for a week and burnt out a bit. Last time I played it was 6+ months ago. Zelda Breath of the World - I've done 3 of the 4 beasts and 90% of the side quests. Again, I adore this game, but just stopped. Control - A really interesting game from a developer who always tries to do something different. Probably 30% of the way through. Dishonored 2 DLC. - Enjoyable
  9. I find it hard to find any worthwhile site for news on android games. Release dates, reviews, recommendations etc. So give me some. My games Gorogoa The Room 1 2 3 Florence
  10. I'm staying out of this thread until I've completed the game but I have a digital code for a free upgrade to the handgun and crafting menu. Amazon sent me it 3 days late. Twats. If you want it PM me. edit - CODE IS GONE
  11. That's such a disappointment to hear after the rumours of Superman and Turtles.
  12. Graphics look disappointing for a game 6 years in the making.
  13. I've played this and I give this game a strong 6 out of 10.
  14. 100% finished this after 10 hours. Perfect indie game.
  15. I've avoided quite a lot of chat and videos about this on purpose so forgive me if this has been answered or shown recently but is there a noticeable improvement over PS4 and the Pro version? I've got standard ps4 and would seriously consider a Pro if it was worthwhile.
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