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  1. It seems incredible that nobody is going to be answering for any of this in court and facing serious jail time.
  2. I'll break it down a bit more - what does "weapon bullshit" actually mean? From the above it seems to mean anything you subsequently type.
  3. Presumably then they were deceptive with the serial number sequencing?
  4. I thought they supposedly churned out approx 210 German Tanks as discovered by cunning use of the ZX Vega algorithm.
  5. Why doesn't he just release his information that would make every "troll" instantly sorry ? I mean nobody has ever said something like this on the internet as an empty bluff because the internet is the ultimate source of truth.
  6. This appears to be a man from the Pontypridd area rambling about nonsense, have I missed anything?
  7. I wonder if annoyance with the voice is behind his comment about the video being deleted at noon on 4th Dec due to "behind the scenes" stuff?
  8. That video was possibly 14 minutes too long, cutting stuff with the Vega+ is probably worth 30 seconds in a comprehensive review as a bit of light relief and the funnier something is, the less the people doing it need to laugh.
  9. I suppose accusing people of things is a lot easier than answering interesting questions such as who is left at Retro to be leaking emails? If I was said leaker why would I be asking this? One of the interesting things about this whole saga is just how unlikeable all the protagonists seem to be, it is good for consistency's sake that this includes the commentators.
  10. That has to be the most tedious reply possible, does Levy even know how to register for a forum? I have been following this story since I saw it on The Register and recognised the name of one of the key protagonists as someone I know of through work and it being mentioned that he was into all things Spectrum. Anyway as there is no possible way I can prove who I'm not over the internet and frankly am not really bothered who anyone thinks I might be there is zero point continuing.
  11. I registered just to say that the website http://retro-computers.co.uk seems sketchy as hell in claiming that something this recent is a "leak" - who would be left at RCL to be leaking anything?
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