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  1. Brilliant, nice one! I'm just behind you....I've left my scart at my brothers! Hopefully he is dropping it off today.. I can't wait to get back with it.. I'm so glad it's clicked for you...I'm really enjoying it too
  2. Long story short, stop buying vinyl due to space constraints. Wanted something tangible, gone back to cd. I'm putting together a budget system...I bought this Technics speakers, they're lookers. Not sure how they sound/perform, as I don't have an amp. (They arrived a few hours ago) Pics attached.
  3. Rastan Saga this evening. Played Bonze Adventure all day pretty much. This is my other Taito board that won't sync on my trinitron. It also plays with interference on LCD, but not that noticeable when game starts. Just making the best of what I got, until I get a cab good evening guys.. pics https://postimg.cc/gallery/3hxjc41da/
  4. Bonze Adventure. Bought this about a month ago..after finishing the Japanese port on pc engine. (Jigoku Meguri) I've got this set up right now..I'm up to stage 6 on 1 credit...hopefully I'll get a 1cc. I think this game is so much fun fire it up in mame if you've never played it... I'm having to play this on LCD, my two Taito boards do not like my trinitron (no sync) Few images here...my highest score is around 275, 000. https://postimg.cc/gallery/mi8fjlke/
  5. Still on chapter 3 of brave fencer Musashi... There was a segment in the restaurant...absolutely brilliant...it took me a few hours to complete (died a few times) it pretty much was 90% platforming and 10% puzzle. I've played it since....but not quite finished chapter 3...I've got the scroll/sword though. I'm really enjoying it....I'd recommend it, on what I've played so far, without hesitation.
  6. Brave fencer Musashi...first time ever... Nearing the end of chapter 3....it's a blast! Really enjoying it.
  7. I'm into the 3rd chapter of brave fencer Musashi, I'm really enjoying this... Anyone else have thoughts on this game... I think It might open up even more as I progress. Came across neat ideas and varied action...and platforming....It's really fun.
  8. I'm going to get back into brave fencer Musashi today....I landed up having company which turned in to a session....so not played it since.. I'm still thinking of parasite eve, the game certainly made an impression.
  9. I get what you're saying and I agree. Walk round a tree 3 times and press circle! I get that, just not happening without a guide
  10. I just feel like I'm cheating if I use these tools.....
  11. I'll check that out (to look at) I'm not familiar with that... I fancied legend of mana, but...I'm sure that gets really complicated....if it frustrates me...I can't be doing with that.... I can work most things out (I never use a guide or faq) but I remember reading that a lot of folk felt like this....is that legend of mana? Think you have put towns in locations....something like that.
  12. One day, I'll 1cc this. I often set this up...I like how you can practise stages you've beaten. I love the soundtrack and I think it's quite an elegant shoot em up... Quite old now! Shikigami no shiro ii https://postimg.cc/gallery/mbh9e7fc/
  13. Some nice impressions of vagrant story.... I played brave fencer Musashi...for about 2 hours last night... I've really really enjoyed it, first impressions are good. Been so busy today...might get a few hours in later, just having a pint to unwind
  14. I'm trying to locate a US copy of Goemons Great Adventure, looks good.
  15. I'll definitely looking forward to it thanks for info bud
  16. I'm pretty much new to squaresoft games...only ever played a few. (Final fantasy) I did some research to play some of these type of games, as I've been playing mainly arcade style games and actual arcade games...I was feeling ready for an adventure or two to keep it fresh. I really did love parasite eve though...I'll playthrough the ex save too...maybe soon..I'll see.
  17. I'll look into parasite eve 2....I'm going to start brave fencer Musashi later. Also, this arrived today... In my head....I'll play something on a different console after bfm...I bought vagrant story as it was in the UK at a good price, I just had the money at the time, so..I got it..
  18. I finished parasite eve earlier...I can't recommend this game enough....very good! I completed it with 11 hours 44 minutes on final save. If you add to it, the couple of times I died without saving and the length it took me to get the final section down, it probably was a 15 hour game, for me anyway. If you haven't played it...like I said, give this one a go...I was engaged in it, from start to finish
  19. I'll give some impressions when I start it just came away from parasite eve. The museum section until I got to the carrier....was so engaging. Pretty much the whole game is like this...I've been drawn in... I'm probably near the end, but...don't know for sure, first play-through and never read a guide or anything.
  20. 20 years! Did you get stuck...or just not fancy it? I'm on day 5 of parasite eve, I've been in the museum for about an hour...just in the room with a save, I think the alarm is there...I saved it as my dinner was ready.. Will go back to it soon.. I own an American ps1...60hz standard, but...the cases are so cool...I love the art inlay. I have around 15 games...some from bitd, like my faves, crash bandicoot and medievil...and new titles as I fancy them (and money permitting) I only found out about brave fencer Musashi recently, whilst reading about it...I got to parasite eve...so...bought both. Im also awaiting vagrant story...I bought that one as it was the ntsc-uc version on a uk site. Love the PlayStation
  21. Currently playing parasite eve (first time ever) Started it a few days ago...getting towards the end of it now, I've enjoyed every moment of it to where I am. And....this is lined up, to play when I've finished parasite eve.. Brave Fencer Musashi!
  22. Super adventure island.. Not long got an everdrive...
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