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  1. As brilliant as living alone is... I've gotten lonely and started playing with my dolls.
  2. Kaiketsu Yanchamaru. Had some amazing play sessions with this game.
  3. I posted in one of the retro threads a while ago.... I haven't got the spinner (yet...) It's cool that the Japanese releases got a fab box with a spinner. Arkanoid 2 is the better of the two on famicom.
  4. Mike! Haha. Happy weekend to you good sir.
  5. If anyone has played sparkster on mega drive.... Please share you thoughts on it. I get that pretty much everyone agrees it isn't as good as rocket Knight adventures....
  6. Going to put the famicom away and give sparkster a go. I've made progress with mega turrican (I just set one console up at a time these days) not that I have that much.
  7. Got these two gems up for grabs if anyone is interested.. Daiku no gen-san aka hammerin Harry Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 2 aka kid niki radical ninja 2. Both fab platformers.
  8. Anyone fancy these for a good price!
  9. Rocket Knight adventures is such an amazing game... I still have sparkster in my md collection but I haven't given it much chance.... Thing is... I got around ten md games off a friend... I'd never buy ten games (in one swoop usually) and I've been spoilt for choice and have been playing zero wing and mega turrican ahead of it...
  10. Famicom. Been a tough day... Snowy and so cold and we were having a new boiler fitted.... Heating only just on... I had cheese on toast and fwiw it was lovely... I'm all set to play Spartan x/kung fu. And if I'm sensible when I get some work... I'll finally get Spartan x2!
  11. Thank you Mike bud. I've got plans for my new room... Just one thing at a time.... But its good to have my video games to hand The obvious things I can make happen if I get some work.. Frames for my posters... A rug.. Get my furniture here that will fit up the narrow staircase All good.
  12. Had Sunday lunch at my mums and brought back my mini bookcase for my video games. Currently playing zero wing although I'm very tempted to set the famicom up....
  13. From yesteryear...
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