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  1. I'm currently playing the gameboy double dragon.... Started it in the last week or so..... I'm on mission 4.... But not quite got it down yet. 


    I've owned the original double dragon arcade board.... Its one of the first games I beat on 1 credit in the arcade bitd 


    Double dragon 2 arcade... Once u get the controls down... Its decent 


    I've completed 1 and 2 on the famicom in the last couple of years too. 


    I like the home versions I've played and the devs did a great job on the music on the home versions I've played 

  2. 1 minute ago, ucci said:

    They sell on Ebay for £40 and would recommend them totally. 


    I've been looking....i guess a tidy Sony system would be perfect :)

  3. 14 minutes ago, ucci said:

    Where do you live? Put a wanted ad on Freecycle (www.freecycle.org), join your local group. Loads of people give away CD players, I was able to get a Yamaha CD receiver from there not fully working but does the job, model CRX-M170 - has DAB radio, digital in, optical, CD player, paired it with a Cambridge Audio DAC and it sounds pretty good. 


    Thank you.  I'll take a look :)

  4. In an effort to budget better... 

    I've moved back to cds... I still like physical instead over completely digital. 


    Even though its not too much faff... I don't want to buy separates. 


    I picked up a Sanyo player from the local bric a brac... Cheap and cheerful and fully working.. 


    Due to the actual quality of the player... The mids are missing and everything else is too much... It hasn't got the greatest of sounds. 


    I'm just looking to buy a micro system that won't bust the bank and sound descent enough... 


    Any recommendations please? 


    Happy weekend too x

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