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  1. Haven't spun this in a while. Dandy Livingstone.
  2. A practice mode sure would of been welcomed. The arcade game plays different, you can select stage and it has to be finished multiple times. I don't like 5 that much!
  3. Circus Charlie. Famicom. I'd love the arcade board. But. I'm currently saving for a Nintendo switch. Once that is out the way...this board comes up...I've seen it a few times on eBay and arcade forums. Great game. Fire it up emulation/everdrive guys if you haven't before.
  4. Famicom. DK Jr and Popeye. I have a fair bit of early Nintendo, still enjoy these simple beauties x
  5. Thank you man. I have a letter printed in one of the early issues asking for a job! I can't remember the issue now...around 1989.
  6. Just set up the famicom. I've overslept...I'm gonna try and beat Smb3.
  7. Looking at this..
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