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  1. RastanSaga

    Cricket Thread

    Shakib is brilliant. enjoying this one....
  2. Couldn't find a thread. I know a few of us chipped in with the Masters. This is the 3rd Major.. Who is following/Watching...
  3. RastanSaga

    Cricket Thread

    That delivery was a beauty.
  4. Started Sonic around an hour ago (built in game) Got the first 3 stages down and the first 3 hidden crystals. Will be aiming for completion after a sleep...It's really good! Probably could of got further, but, I spent a bit of time finding the crystals, mainly the one on stage 3... Not looking for spoilers, prefer to work things out for myself.... (I'm guessing sonic won't be too taxing!) Will rotate this with Shinobi... Edit.. The two games I was looking to add to my collection, the new Zealand story and Kenseiden...bagged off the same seller/ebay - result
  5. looking forward to it...i'll definitely put time into it. i love a lot of things 8-bit.
  6. i'm going to pick up kenseiden and new zealand story up asap. looking around online, ready for payday. currently playing shinobi. i still havent got it down. i remember beating alex kidd in shinobi world in a few trys...shinobi is defo harder. Such a wonderful port. For its time - amazing!
  7. I started this Wednesday.... The only main paper mario I haven't played is sticker star. I don't have the console for it and the negativity made me put the idea to one side (for now) Color splash...I'm 16 hours in..approx....2 big paint stars, few 100% of colourization in levels. It looked beautiful from the off...but in my 6/7 hour session today...it kinda clicked. The collusium stage was classic paper mario for me....I'm feeling it more and more. This was one of the reasons I picked up a Wii u again.. I went into it with an open mind ...I've read way too much negativity regarding this and sticker star, and the polar opposites of being stellar games. I needed to try this for myself...as a genuine big paper mario fan...and...it's here, I'm in paper mario world!
  8. RastanSaga

    Cricket Thread

    yes...and i think it would of or maybe affected buttlers mindset. he either had to rotate strike like root...or go at it....ultimately nether really happened and we lost jos too.
  9. RastanSaga

    Cricket Thread

    Although Roy or Morgan didnt get in, the damage was done in the field. Sorry if im stating the obvious. Long way to go, we're a very good odi side, Root was masterful, Buttler is fast becoming my cricketing hero. Well done Pakistan.
  10. RastanSaga

    Cricket Thread

    This is brilliant....
  11. Great call. I've played a fair few in the series. Such a great series!!! The original mystical ninja and the 2nd one on super famicom....good gosh - stunning. I have Goemon's great adventure on n64 (USA cart) I got stuck somewhere...I keep meaning to set it up and get back into it..but I have on the go...Hercules (ps1) super Mario 3d world (Wii u) juju denetsu (famicom) Cuphead (Xbox1) Shantae pirates curse (Xbox1)
  12. That would work...I want to share your optimism too
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