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  1. Just bought a beat up copy, with the original embossed plastic sleeve I know the record though. The only Beefheart record I don't know or own is 'doc at the radar station'
  2. I just bought this. (Bonzo dog band) If I get anything sold, I'm hoping to add some Tom Waits to my collection.
  3. Beefheart/Magic Band. Shiny beast (bat chain puller) Sorry for poor images, this camera isn't good in most lights! Great record though The painting on the sleeve is by Don himself. (as on a few other sleeves too) Beefheart and many iterations of the magic band, really work for me. :)
  4. In talks for this board. It's mutant night upl 1987. I understand its pretty hard to get hold of, so from the off, I'm settling for a bootleg board. I really would love this game. I have UPL titles on Ps4 (hamster ports) this is on the Japanese store too.(I don't know about other consoles, not looked) Gameplay looks so quirky. I've never played it before...
  5. My new Supergun has literary just been delivered. Vega 9000 dx.
  6. Forum friendly price for these. All 4 Games available. American NTSC-U Software as stated
  7. Argus Arcade. Attract then stage 1.
  8. Is it worth anything to anyone as a joblot? Console and 7 games.
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