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  1. I'm more than happy to learn in this thread! Glass of foreign extra stout. This stuff is so tasty!
  2. I've been in my element all in rotation....
  3. RastanSaga

    Stylus help.

    Just looking for a stylus for a shure m75ed cartridge. Unsure at this present moment in time if I'm keeping a deck or upgrading cart down the line. I do need a stylus though. Any advice on what to buy? Thank you.
  4. Hiyas.. Anyone tell me anything about this game. I don't know the anime, I've always fancied it because of suda51/grasshopper. The reviews I've watched over the years, I kinda felt that it might not be for me. This week I've thought about it, and, I'm going to buy it and give it a shot. Anyone else played it through? Thank you.
  5. linton kwesi johnson - bass culture.
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