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  1. Please could anyone tell me if this Toshiba can display a rgb picture. Thank you x https://ibb.co/y5VC766
  2. Street fighter II turbo super famicom https://ibb.co/5K9tm2L https://ibb.co/Rv0NvpN
  3. This came up on my phone... https://superjumpmagazine.com/the-history-of-street-fighter-ii-47b52f1c043f
  4. If anyone is looking for famicom software or an original av modded famicom... Send me a message
  5. I'm currently playing the gameboy double dragon.... Started it in the last week or so..... I'm on mission 4.... But not quite got it down yet. I've owned the original double dragon arcade board.... Its one of the first games I beat on 1 credit in the arcade bitd Double dragon 2 arcade... Once u get the controls down... Its decent I've completed 1 and 2 on the famicom in the last couple of years too. I like the home versions I've played and the devs did a great job on the music on the home versions I've played
  6. Saving this until I get a rgb scart. I've played a bit of it and looked at the 2p modes... I'm quite pleased to have this... Arkanoid on the SFC. https://ibb.co/2tpHs3g
  7. Double dragon on game boy (via super game boy) https://ibb.co/KVVRbv9
  8. Is there a good golf game on the master system...
  9. Double dragon pic https://ibb.co/Gc3Kckm Hoping to pick up a super famicom and play it via the gameboy player.
  10. Rastan Sega master system. Pic https://ibb.co/8KNNG5J
  11. Shinobi on the Sega master system.... Still can't complete it! Worthy entry... Stunning port. https://ibb.co/TMk6jgt
  12. Sonic Mega drive.. I'll edit post.
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