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  1. Dudley, which is the sms everdrive to pick up mate... I'm looking at the site now, I'm trying to figure out if there is more than one everdrive for a system...what do I get! As far as I can tell, there is only one for famicom...as I defo would like that. Edit...just spotted a pro n8 for famicom!
  2. Am I looking for EVERDRIVE N8 FAMICOM come Friday
  3. Please could anyone advise me on which famicom everdrive I'm looking for... Thank you
  4. I'll post pics up of kula world running thank you again Mike.
  5. Please bud...I'll sort your freebie too. Thank you Mike. ..I'll do you some pictures...it's very kind of you
  6. If I do finish it....I'll offer it up for free in here anyway
  7. Standard post is fine bud....hopefully this will kick me up the bum to get another pal ps1 game....I've always fancied Vib ribbon!
  8. I'd certainly be grateful Mike. I've got a UK ps2 coming and I'd certainly play it tell me how much for post mate and im pop it in the parcel I have for you. (freebie I promised)
  9. Me !never finished it despite trying
  10. Getting closer to finishing Asterix. Part of me wishes it was default no continues, to encourage finding the hidden lives etc... I mean I could of course just use discipline!
  11. I'll definitely look at getting the 2nd one, after I've completed the first though. I'll post up in this wonderful thread of course
  12. Sonic 2 seems easy enough and cheap enough to buy. I'm going to get back into asterix as that is so fab
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