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  1. Nice one for saying that, it's a reason I'm so excited. I liked what Namco did with the original soul calibur. These games are unreal. I picked up four sega/sega titles and got change from £20. PS2 RGB is pretty decent too.
  2. I'm going to pick up soul calibur iiii too. I loved it bitd and gosh it's so beautiful.
  3. I bought the Japanese Ps2 Virtua fighter 2. The moving raft thing is cool, wasn't in the Saturn release. I always liked the colours on the Saturn release
  4. My biggest gripe with amazing 3d fighters...the excessive amount of moves. 100+ in most cases!
  5. Always had a thing for 2 from the Saturn Era I've just bought this (£5)
  6. I checked cex in case, but out of stock, and expensive too. I'm not sure if it's been said, but cex have some master system games at reasonable prices. I've bought the boxed games before, that have turned up CIB and mint. They sell as, cart only. Boxed and mint. Sorry again if this is known.
  7. Sonic! (Its an sms 2 but with Rgb mod) And 60hz switched.
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