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  1. Really enjoying ultra street fighter ii
  2. Anyone else still playing this? I love it, only had it 2 days. I've invested thousands of hours into street fighter V and 3rd Strike. But never so much with sf2. Maybe a bit of time with hyper fighting. I actually like what Capcom have done here.
  3. Please could anyone link me the ultra street fighter ii thread. I'd like to read how it was received here I'm having a blast....it's wonderful! No problems with net play either and match ups happen frequent enough. (So far) I've only had the game around 20 hours.. The graphics are so vibrant and clean too.
  4. Thank you. It's more for games that require little knowledge of Japanese language.
  5. Newbie question... Can I just pop in a physical Japanese game and play...or is there anything more to it. Quite a few Japanese exclusive games I'd like....eventually. Namcot collection coming soon too. Thank you.
  6. The art gallery in ultra street fighter ii is great
  7. I'll keep an eye on that...it's out of stock at present. Edit...Found it here also.. https://www.shopto.net/en/ndo2560566-switch-ultra-street-fighter-2-the-final-challenge-p61328/gclid=eaiaiqobchmiy_sh68ps6qivquztch1qbgkceaqyasabegkefpd_bwe
  8. Thank you so much bud
  9. Please could anyone advise me if it's possible to get an ultra street fighter 2 code for a UK switch. Thank you. I think it's £49.99 on the store....or something like that
  10. Splatterhouse (pac collection/switch)
  11. Super Mario Bros. Famicom.
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