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  1. You can't outrun time. When time runs out there'll be no more time for outrun. It's time to run out and buy outrun before they run out!
  2. There was a thread about it recently If you can't be bothered to read it, the general consensus seemed to be that everyone likes a bargain, it's human nature. If the idea of maybe pushing up game prices in poorer regions, or that devs might not be getting their fair share from your purchase causes you moral anguish then it's only your own behaviour that you can change. Guilt tripping anyone else into doing the same probably isn't going to win you any friends. It's like that old joke "how do you know if someone's a vegetarian?" "because if they are, they've already told you"
  3. There used to be something in the steam FAQs about "In the unlikely event of the discontinuation of the Steam network, measures are in place to ensure that all users continue to have access to their Steam games." but worryingly, that seems to have been removed since I'm guessing it's since some companies started adding their own DRM on top of steams, denuvo and such, they can't guarantee that across the board any more.
  4. You don't have to apologise to me, I'm a framerate queen too, I wouldn't be able to bear that in a game like this.
  5. Yeah, that's a fair comment, I've had a couple of runs where I got to the final boss and I'm convinced that no amount of skill or knowing his attack patterns could have made up for the unbalanced numbers, I suppose that's the way of things, sometimes the RNG gods just aren't smiling on you. Enemy scaling has been removed since the 1.1 patch, but I don't think that's on the switch just yet. Yeah, I'd read some people complaining about the stuttering on the switch version on another forum, not quite stuttering, more a sort of random pausing? According to the this bloke on reddit the devs are working on a patch to address the issue and recommend that you turn on the 30fps cap in the meantime -
  6. Yeah, we were all over those. Human fall flat and gang beasts are good too if you can bear the screaming
  7. I'm sure it's none of my business but I'd love to read why it didn't grab you. If you just bounced off it and can't be bothered to examine why then don't feel like you have to go into any sort of detail.
  8. When my nephew was born his mam and dead* were both in work full time so I had him from around 8am until 5pm or 6pm most weekdays. When he was really young, he'd have a nap during the day for about an hour and so I'd tip toe into the next room and shove a shmup on. Even though I was knackered, mentally and physically drained, playing those games was such an intense burst of gaming that it made the hour seem to last longer, it felt more like 3 hours and even though you have to be firing on all cylinders to play these games, it wasn't draining, it seemed to recharge my batteries. and of course with a game like that, you can drop it at a moments notice, you're not saving your progress or anything, I'd hear him stirring and just jump out of my chair. So that's my advice, play short arcadey games, something you can pick up, play and drop in an instant. edit: * oops, bit of a Freudian slip there He seemed like such a nice bloke, sees the poor bairn once a fortnight if he's lucky and doesn't pay any maintenance so he's pretty much dead to me.
  9. I've never understood the hate NSMBU gets on here. I'll just hide behind these bigger boys and say quietly that I liked it too! It's not my favourite 2d mario but I had loads of fun playing it.
  10. I don't really feel the need to argue against that. It's aaalright as a game but it's punishingly hard for veterans nevermind someone who "likes the occasional 2d shooter". It's needlessly complicated with the 3 separate weapons without adding enough strategic depth to warrant it. There is an option to turn it off, and you might find the "shame break" thing ludicrously over the top enough to be more comical than offensive, but whichever way you slice it, it's aimed at a certain type of nerd and designed to titillate. You humiliate your opponents (who just happen to be bappy maidens cleverly disguised as end of level bosses) by tearing off their clothes, and let's be honest, that's not the sort of latent urge you want to be tickling in anyone.
  11. "Your optimism strikes me like junk mail addressed to the dead" My god! This has to be an rllmuk first, we're breaking new ground here people. Who would have thought that such a controversial topic would bring us all so much closer together!
  12. I have to hold my hands up, I said the c word, but I've changed it now after Pavey's post. edit: Oh right, I see what you mean, maybe his 11 year old son shouldn't have been reading the thread? I was an 11 year old son once and I remember doing what the hell I liked on a point of principle
  13. Aw man, I'm really sorry about that. I remember us having a discussion about cuss words, I think it was during the "female form thread" debacle and it was agreed that it was only us sad old farts that read internet forums nowadays. I knew I was right! I'll watch my mouth in future.
  14. Not saying I agree with everything he said, but some of it rings true. People quickly went quiet about Labo once it came out, but you can't deny that there was an embarrassing amount of fully grown adults screaming about cardboard in the build up. We had to have a separate "negative BOTW discussion" thread on this forum, so that the main BOTW discussion thread didn't get contaminated with any actual discussion. I've seen posters of legitimate criticisms of the new zelda and mario games ignored and downvoted into silence. Once this forum was 360-centric, if a game wasn't on the 360, it didn't exist, then it was ps4, it was an almost instant riches to rags story for Boozy that I don't think he ever truly got over. Now it's the switch. You'd think we'd all be platform agnostic, open minded hobbyist gamers on a site like this, but there's definitely a weird playground, "us and them/pick a team" gang thing going on. I've found myself posting in the switch threads because that's where most of the discussion of the games I'm interested in tends to happen nowadays, the steam thread is very quiet, and even if they're ports of games I played 3 years ago, it's still fun to recommend stuff I like and hear people opinions on the indie games they're playing. At the time of writing, I've had 3 downvotes for recommending some games after somebody asked people to recommend them some games. I'm not sure what this proves, but it's more evidence for the prosecution that nintendo fans are fucking weird I'm not picking sides, just saying that the OP might have a point and if you disagree, you probably have some valid points that I'd like to read.
  15. Completely in keeping with the forums new remit - https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/308259-be-a-thread-starter/ He's expressing a controversial, discussion provoking opinion. Upvote and refute.
  16. Yeah man, that's exactly how I pictured it. A free, straight to camera 30 minute show on his website, talking about his childhood experiences, exploring his state of mind at the time, the effect his behaviour had on other people. Real soul bearing, honest stuff, not sure how much comedy mileage there would have been in it but that wouldn't have mattered. His apology letter was absolute bullshit, he doubled down on that in this set telling us exactly how much money he'd lost (35 million).
  17. Haven't watched it yet, but her stuff is usually decent quality edit: Having watched it, it seems like a last minute, rushed, bandwagon jump job to exploit the spike in youtube searches, watchable, but I'm sorry if that was your first exposure. edit again: fucking hell, that sounds really snotty, it wasn't that bad The other stuff is better, put it that way.
  18. I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I listened to the full set a couple of days ago. Well most of it, I got bored and switched it off eventually but I think I was near the end. I say ashamed because I was halfway through Horace and Pete when the news broke and I couldn't bring myself to finish it. I've never been able to listen to or watch any of his stuff since. I caught myself joyfully humming Gary Glitters "Another Rock n Roll Christmas" in the shower a few days ago and got the same sinking feeling. Some people say you should be able to separate the art from the artist, but in Louis' case, you really can't, his act is built around his soul, his being, it's him standing there and saying things, connecting to you one to one, a lot of his material had him walking the tightrope between feminist and sexually frustrated middle aged man, playing in the grey area between, and well, obviously that area ain't so grey any more. I always thought there was something slightly suspicious about the heart of gold, pity-me, sad dog eyed portrayal of himself in his sitcom, always casting himself as the loveable, hard done by every-man. It was before the twitter outrage, and at the time it was hard to find so I enjoyed the challenge of sourcing a copy. I listened out of curiosity more than anything, I like comedy and liked some of Louis stuff. I have to say, the most offensive thing in the whole set was the absolute cretin who recorded it, constantly braying and telling us how funny he finds the word "retard". I sniggered once, after he said something outrageous, he goes "Who cares, what are they gonna do, take away my birthday? I've got nothing" It's clearly a work in progress, and there is some alright, mid-grade Louis stuff in there that you can see might work with a bit more effort and tweaking, but there's just so much lazy, punching down, trite, unfunny crap there. Maybe it was the stripping away of the perceived layers, or the running commentary from the braying moron, but the demise of Louis CK no longer seems like the great loss to comedy it once did. I did expect him to come back, but I expected him to be a changed person, or at least humble, he seems to have regressed, he's as bitter, if not more so than he was ten years ago before he got famous. This is not a good sign. The audience will thin out, but it's sad to think that those "hardcore fans" were always there.
  19. No, no. The alchemy of this film depends on both these things equally. They're not mutually exclusive, and I think "mockery" is far too harsh a word. Those that come to chuckle at the silly bros man will surely stay for the insight. I think you're doing the casual viewer a massive disservice there by suggesting that boorish sneering will be both the beginning and end of their journey.
  20. I suppose, ladies and gentlemen, if you had missed out on that one, you could have referred to it as "Zelda - Late To The Party!"
  21. I like Jim in short bursts but being thoroughly merry and listening to his high pitched whining for twenty minutes straight reminded me of a few years ago when I used to sit down for internet time and watch a total biscuit and jim sterling video back to back and just feel utterly horrible. I had to space them out. It reminded me of when I was totally obsessed with the fall and listened to nothing else for around 5 years. Choking on cigarette smoke and smelly fart pints with that hectoring warlock and his band of hobgoblins and banshees constantly scratching in my ear, twisting your outlook. "They say music should be fun like reading a story of love but I wanna read a horror storrrrrry" Yes man, yes! but balance is important. I hope Jim's alright, I hope he spends the rest of his week cuddling kittens and skipping through tulips.
  22. Sorry, new smart-fridge, it's got the wifi, the twitters, everything. Kept beeping, telling me to "check my privilege" I've no idea what I'm supposed to do, I've lifted the mince out, pushed a few buttons and shouted "These are thoughts I had 26 years ago!" but it kept going. I've just unplugged it, fuck it, it's the new year, I'll deal with that in the morning. Point taken. Going to watch the video now.
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