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  1. Hence my jokey reply! No "how very dare you!" response from neg as of yet, though I think he bought that very game for someone in this years secret santa edit: There it is - https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/308245-steam-secret-santa-2018/&page=4&tab=comments#comment-12122754
  2. I don't remember hearing anything too bad about that one other than some people complaining about input lag.
  3. I loved super meat boy on the 360 but I was all meat boyed out afterwards. I skipped the end is nigh despite having loved all of Ed's previous games and celeste hasn't made me want to dip back into the subgenre either. I'm sure they're both decent games and I might pick them up in the future if and when I get the urge but spelunky has my platforming needs covered for the foreseeable.
  4. It's what you find astonishing about gaming. I was finding the hyperbolic laudation of VR in this thread mildly surprising, so when Stanshall offered his opinion (seemingly grounded in a reality less virtual) for balance and went into more detail, as someone who's never tried VR, those have honestly been the most interesting posts in the thread for me so far. Threads are like conversation, they go off on tangents, he wasn't arguing or goading anyone, he was on topic, discussing things mentioned in the thread and giving his own balanced opinion. "You either love or hate VR, black or white, upvote or downvote, take it to another thread." Relax man, unstiffen, it's all cool.
  5. You'd have to draw lines a mile long to connect the dots between clippa, third person shooters and sentient underwear. Are you sure you don't have my client confused with another poster? Do you think that's a shmup? He's looking blank. Hang on, I'll try communicating through the medium of reaction gifs.
  6. Can someone start a "negative VR discussion" thread? Stanshall's really harshing my vibe with his level headed, eloquent expression of personal opinion utter nonsense.
  7. Wow, you should try this beta of "Xeno Fighters R". It's like a lost psikyo game. They've really nailed the look - https://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?p=1347952#p1347952
  8. Doujin games. I know it's not unique to the genre, but I've downloaded so many shmups for nowt that are often better than stuff I've bought. I should be used to it by now, but it still always amazes me. People that are so passionate about the genre that they'll spend so much time and effort and love creating a game from scratch and polishing and testing it and then give it away for nothing for the community to enjoy. That's how you know gaming will never die, even if everybody stops buying loot boxes and there's a big crash and all the big companies go under, there'll always be people making and sharing great games just for the sheer joy of it.
  9. Another one for January 22nd Demon's Tilt (pc (windows, mac), early access)
  10. Must be a new years resolution, ruthless backlog cleansing. Go on, son!
  11. Been playing "Aero Chimera" today, it was featured in the latest STG weekly, described as "super difficult". Blimey they weren't not kidding. Haven't gotten past the stage 3 boss on novice yet. You can grab it here if you hate yourself - https://sas.itch.io/aero-chimera edit: Stage 3 just ate my dust! Stage 4 laughed in my face.
  12. That brings back memories of monkey island 2 on the amiga. I'm convinced disk 6 only contained a text file with "insert disk 11" written in it, the drive would spit it out as soon as you put the bloody thing in there. Don't know they're born.
  13. You say that, but for all the praise it received, I found that it rarely "got going". There were a few moments of sheer bliss where you were totally overwhelmed and bouncing around with a smile on your face but mostly it just felt like it was ramping up and being stingy with the baddy numbers. Something off about the mouse control as well, the engine would say that mouse smoothing was off but it always felt dodgy. A quick google suggests that it's just a laggy engine - https://www.reddit.com/r/Doom/comments/7emmf4/is_it_just_me_or_is_there_a_bit_of_mouse_lag/ Bloody size of the download as well, if it's anything like the first one, I'll be tempted to buy it but I'll probably have to wait a week before I can play it!
  14. Is there not some sort of parental controls on the ps4 or a phone app for tracking how much time little Timmy plays on his funbox? It might feel a tad emasculating, but you could use those. Do bear in mind that I'll have to take you over my knee if you go over the set daily time limit though. Rules is rules.
  15. Screenshake toggle/slider fov slider (for first/third person stuff) vsync on/off refresh rate select Manual framerate cap raw mouse input toggle redefinable keys/buttons for everything and also the ability to split actions to separate buttons (for example "tap to fart", "hold to shit") autofire options where it makes sense. "Arcade mode" option to skip all cutscenes/guff
  16. A fitting tribute. I'm enjoying this a lot more this time round. Do I just have a terrible memory/sense of direction? I spend half my time chasing my own farts about.
  17. That's just something they mention that's being added to the steam version in the future rather than the console versions. Still haven't stuck this on since early access. I'll make a note to give it a go tomorrow.
  18. There's definitely a debate to be had there, but it'd be hard to have, besides the incidents he's admitted to, it would depend on how many of the stories you'd heard and which ones you believed. Not everyone would be on the same page. He said in his apology letter that he always "asked for permission" first, but that might not be entirely true. Regardless, it's pretty shitty behaviour that he'd been getting away with for a long time. The upcoming female comics and people he worked with were worried that saying anything would at the very least ruin their careers. The whole point of the me too movement was to remove that stigma and prove that nobody was untouchable regardless of money and power, and I think what he did was so out of keeping with his projected public image and views that he had a lot further to fall and so hit the ground a lot harder.
  19. Yes to leaderboards on both steam and switch, global only though, no friends filter and there aren't separate leaderboards for normal and true mode, all scores are lumped together.
  20. They don't have mixed sex chess tournaments either. It's probably the whole "wuuuuuuuuurgh! Lads, lads, lads!" vibe putting them off I'm not making a point there. I agree with you, just mucking about. They have women only poker tournaments as well. Why?
  21. 4th January Rogue Fable III Ranger (elf) I'm a sucker for these simplified roguelikes. Loving this, very accessible, completely mouse driven if you don't want to use the keys, you can play it completely one handed while stirring your cauldron. Nice cartoony graphics, streamlined but with enough strategic depth to keep things interesting. My favourite since Golden Krone Hotel.
  22. Was tempted to put this in the pokemon thread just to see how many downvotes it got. Currently top of the smackdown leaderboard.
  23. Might be worth posting on their forum, if other folk have had the same issue and chime in, something might be done - https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/d3/8132465/
  24. Aw man, that doesn't sound good at all. I always play ranged glass cannon in ARPGs as it keeps things interesting. I suppose you have to be quite far into the game with a certain class before those issues become apparent so the reviewers wouldn't have picked up on it.
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