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  1. Some of the bosses are really tricksy, this spider one in particular. Lots of precision movement required. It's a great game though and cheaper than £10.99!
  2. Bullet Soul Infinite Burst is pretty noob friendly with it's bullet cancelling mechanic and that supports tate. It's not cheap outside of sales though at £10.99 - https://store.steampowered.com/app/545060/BULLET_SOUL_INFINITE_BURST/ What about firing mame up? It's free and you could rotate everything!
  3. "Gypsies On Benefits and Proud" sounds like a working title he'd snarl into his dictaphone after an altercation in a supermarket carpark.
  4. I can imagine a blue jam monologue being read over the top of that. Very nice. Week 3
  5. Sorry Benny, you just missed the deadline with your votes there, instant disqualification.
  6. Oh, wow! Rolling Gunner is getting a switch release this winter! - http://d-mebius.com/rolling_gunner/ This is looking pretty brutal. "Rumble Storm"
  7. Just to offer an opposing view, my memory is terrible so this is exactly why I prefer the more modern bullet hell games with more yet slower bullets, they allow you to get by on reaction time and split second strategizing rather than it being more of a memory test like the old-school games that had fewer yet faster bullets and sniper tanks and death traps and the like.
  8. Yes sir, yes I have. Only last week I tried Aero Chimera. I've timestamped the stage 2 boss, bear in mind that this is on novice mode! Barely scraped through to level 4. Just had to walk away in shame.
  9. Don't dawdle and make sure you don't drop the chain, they're the main scoring mechanics. I recommend you give the infinite mode a go at least once, it's really good fun.
  10. When you respawn for a new run, so do they, but you'll be dancing around them in no time.
  11. My nephew went through a phase of compulsively deleting save files. I'd go to get him a can of pop or something and come back, see the impish glee on his face and I knew what he'd done I did finish it eventually. Not sure if I did all the rainbow world levels though.
  12. I thought you had to knock on the door with one dot, and then knock on the door with two dots, knocking on all the numbered doors in order in one playthrough to make something happen, I wasted so much time doing that and of course I have a crap memory so I was always saying to myself "Oh, I must have missed door 3 or something, I'll do it next time" No idea about the big green guy behind the bars, I haven't figured that out yet. I haven't fought the concierge for a long time, I like to go to the toxic level, but if I remember rightly, as with all the bosses, everything is telegraphed, once you've learned his moves you can see when he's going to jump across the screen and it's easily avoided with a well timed dodge roll. That red bubble is a pain in the arse, you've just got to keep your distance when he whips that out.
  13. My nephew liked it but found it frustrating so we didn't end up playing it all that often. Mario is easy as pie for us lot since we grew up playing manic miner, but for your average mollycoddled gamer nowadays instant death holes are an alien concept. He liked the yoshis though, we always had to go and get yoshis. They should have a kid mode where all the holes are blocked up and rather than dying when you get hurt you just lose a few coins or something. He loved everything about it but just found it too hard at the time.
  14. Look at the state of this! Playing black bird, I was making good time, had panned loads of baddies, was going to get a really nice bonus at the end, all I had to do was beat the boss. 3 lives to spare, walk in the park. https://streamable.com/87j86 It's like I just ran into that last feather to put an end to the embarrassment. Still beat my score but by such a tiny, twattish amount, it felt like an even bigger kick in the beak. I picked the wrong day to quit smoking.
  15. That's the "is this it?" hurdle that players new to the genre hit after a few hours. You have to push through that, relax into its repetitive, comfortable, numbing embrace. It's like trying out meditation and giving up after an hour because your bum hurts and you keep thinking about biscuits. Most decent ARPGs don't start to click until you're at least 10 hours in. My advice, get out now.
  16. Can I get in on this? I just discovered the thread a couple of days ago so I've got a bit of catching up to do. Knocked the old drink and drugs on the head for the new year so I'm looking for a creative outlet to stop me gnawing my own arm off. I used to love making tunes but haven't done it for years and years so I'm really rusty. Probably going to have to stop smoking (again), I was using bits of my lungs that haven't seen air for decades, coughing and spluttering and getting light headed after singing for five minutes! I've missed the first week, will this count as week 2 and I just carry on from here? Can I count this as week 1 and make another one this week for week 2?
  17. 3d world is amazing! You can play as a cat princess! All you so-called nintendo fans that didn't buy the wii-u are gonna absolutely adore the inevitable re-release.
  18. What about Into The Rift? You heard of that one? That looks similar. Only pc announced at the minute but it's unity so could well come to the switch. parkour and precision combat.
  19. danbo was doing the "controversial gaming opinions" thing on twitter the other day and said I know a lot of them do it for charidy and they get a lot of viewers and it obviously takes skill and dedication, and I couldn't do it, if I tried speedrunning dusk it'd just be a 10 hour video of me running around lost, crying for my mam, but I just don't see the appeal. Watching somebody else playing a game is boring enough without having to watch them scurrying as fast as they can past all the gameplay, running diagonally, bouncing through ceilings and stuff. Is it impressive? I don't know. Having said that, he also said So he's cancelled as far as I'm concerned.
  20. @PC Master Race uses these as doorstops.
  21. I didn't use any walkthroughs and never felt like I was grinding. Unlocking new stuff was just a nice bonus during a run. There are definitely more difficult paths, but I think that's intentional, giving the player a choice of difficulty. I don't know if the harder difficulties are broken or if I'm just crap, but yeah, with 2 boss cells active, I'm having trouble but I'll keep trying. Is it the general consensus that the higher difficulties are bust?
  22. It's out now according to the store, though it's not out until January 10th if you're in america.
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