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  1. I found this really boring. Maybe I just didn't care about any of the people or the things that happened so no matter how it was presented, I was still going to be bored. Arsehole got arseholes to advertise festival for arseholes. All manner of arseholes lost money. I couldn't even get my schadenfreude on, just totally indifferent to and unmoved by the whole situation. The cafe owner and the entire population of the Bahamas being used, effectively, as slave labour just about stirred an emotion but they didn't spend very long on that, they seemed more interested in footage of Billy drinking beer in his hotel room at that point.
  2. Poor Stanshall, I thought it was slightly unfair of them to read out his critique at the top of the show like that. "Now, before we get started with your birthday party, Timmy, I'm just going to read out this missive from Anthony entitled `10 reasons why I hate you`. I think it'll add a nice new perspective to the proceedings, then we can all have jelly!" I got bored after that bit. I'm sure it's good and they're all lovely chaps but I wasn't in the mood. The bumping of the thread reminded me to finally get around to capturing my high score in experienced. Then I remembered why I kept putting it off. It was because youtube absolutely hates this game and I would have had to capture a 40 minute video at a much higher bitrate than normal and then spend a bloody month uploading it on my crappy internet. So here's an experimental film entitled "The impressionists kaleidoscope" instead.
  3. If you have a pc, you could try the demo before buying the switch version - https://store.steampowered.com/app/389140/Horizon_Chase_Turbo/ I still haven't gotten round to trying it but have only heard good things.
  4. I played the first one on pc, I remember it being short and slight but pretty.
  5. As Meat Loaf once said "You got the kind of legs that do more than walk"
  6. One of Limmy's ongoing tests to see if he might be a psychopath. You can't fake that unbridled joy
  7. Listen to how totalbiscuit pronounces it here. Really leading with the jowls on that one. God rest his ludicrously pompous soul. I'd heard nothing but good things about astebreed but bounced off it pretty hard. The devs kept turning the shmup I'd just bought into bloody afterburner every five seconds and I was like "Oh fuck this, pick a team!" A lot of people complained about the slight perspective shifts in eschatos but I was totally fine with those. This felt like it was trying too hard to be dynamic/cinematic, it didn't excite me, it just made me cross. I play shmups to get away from all that needless crap. You have to be a bit ADHD to play shmups in the first place, what kind of utter maniac gets bored and starts tongue fucking the plug sockets if his game doesn't switch to third person every 30 seconds? I should give it another chance but I've a feeling I won't. They were probably just taking a well meaning stab at fixing what wasn't broken, making something more appealing to modern gamers. Bloody modern gamers. I wrote on resetera when someone was asking about it "A tad lacking in strategic depth but great fun nonetheless. I can't recommend it on steam, however, as there's hardly anyone playing and it's very hard to find a game, I gave up after the first few days despite really enjoying it. I thought it would have faired a lot better on the consoles but I've read people complaining that they've been sat for ten minutes waiting for a match. A competitive shmup must just be too niche nowadays to find an audience big enough to keep it alive." Such a shame because it was fun while it lasted. You finding games alright on the switch?
  8. I could take a swing at the guy who programmed the drums though.
  9. I can totally see the appeal of the netflix thread, everyone there has bought into the netflix ecosystem and are on the same page. It's a nice little cosy club where you recommend stuff you've found and talk about the latest releases and you'll get to know the regular posters and find out who shares your taste and stuff. Let's not forget that the de facto pc gaming thread on this forum is the "steam" thread. They're all comparing specs at the minute, if you want to get in on the excitement. Maybe there could be a happy medium where rather than splitting out the discussion to a new thread, it gets duplicated to a new thread so it also remains in the megathread and people in there can just carry on as normal but people who'd otherwise miss the discussion get to see it and read and contribute. Me and neoelite and a few others were talking about bird box in another megathread, the "good new horror films" thread, so it was a surprise to see that other folk had been discussing it on here. It was interesting to see what they thought and I would have missed it otherwise.
  10. You mad man! You'll have hands like claws before you're 45! Steel Vampire is a recent game that didn't offer any autofire option. The laser is for emergencies only since enemies don't drop any loot when killed with it. Luckily you can just set shoot to the second button on your stick and then use joytokey to map the first button to pushing the "z" key 5 times a second and you've got your autofire. I played one credit and set up autofire straight away. I figure if I was going all out and trying to do my best, I'd be hammering that button anyway, so why not just let the computer do that for you? If I didn't have autofire I'd be having to have one game and then take a break for an hour to let my throbbing tendons calm down. For stuff like deathsmiles, I play that as a three button game and enjoy the moments where, for example in the graveyard, there's popcorn enemies coming at you from both sides and you're tapping wildly, that's fun, but if you had to do that all through the game, autofire would be going on. My favourite shmup tends to be the one I'm currently playing. I haven't played it for ages but I've got a special place in my heart for guwange. There's something about that game, I love the setting and the ludicrous bosses and the way your brain has to concentrate on dodging the bullets and aiming your shikigami at the same time, your brain kind of splits and during the third stage where there's a lot going on and you're trying to freeze all the bullets and stuff, you experience this strange kind of euphoria. Your brains doing weird mental gymnastics, but it feels really nice. Guwange gets me high, it's weird. I've always played and enjoyed these games growing up, but I don't think I would have properly caught the shmup bug in later life if it wasn't for that game. It was weird, me and my mate were sat around his house playing random games in mame one night and we were like "what the fuck is this!" It looked so messy visually, swords flying everywhere. We played a couple of credits each, decided it was stupidly difficult and moved on. A couple of weeks later, I don't know what it was but there was something drawing me back, I really wanted to play it again. Next time I was round his house I had to go through the list of games that had had one play to find it again and it went from there. Gateway drug would have been scramble on the vectrex. Thinking back, the vectrex controller was like a mini arcade stick. It's all starting to make perfect sense!
  11. Don't let all the numbers and letters scare you off. It's all really simple. I used to mess around with them on the amiga when I was nipper. Once you load up a demo song, watch it playing and start messing around, it all makes sense really quickly.
  12. That's just what I was thinking watching a bit of that back. Really basic and sparse but so effective. Usually goes for 39p in the sales.
  13. I remember getting a VHS of part 2 (Currently at 0% on rottentomatoes) at a car boot sale, watching it with my dad and us both being bored to tears. This is the only bit I remember. Still just as hilarious all these years later, i.e., not hilarious at all. After watching that re:view, it turns out that I haven't seen the original. I must have just assumed that I had. I'll have to get that downloaded!
  14. Yeeeeeees! Moved up to number 8 on the black bird leaderboards. Take that Mr squiggle! I'm gonna take a break and play something else for a bit now as I feel like I'm getting a bit obsessed. I'm assuming most of the Japanese players are playing on the switch, is the top score something ludicrous?
  15. I wouldn't be ashamed to admit to playing Cook, serve, delicious. That ramps things up nicely, it's a proper game, you have to be quick and multitask and stuff. Acceptable pizza, average pizza is more up the "insultingly easy" end of the casual games spectrum. You just look at the nice pastel shades, dribble on your keyboard and make pepperoni faces.
  16. I've played this for 11 hours and enjoyed every minute. Don't look at me!
  17. Have you ever played Exceed 3rd? I've never been a fan of grazing either but I really loved it in that game. I think the fact that it charges your super weapon quickly, so you're taking risks that are almost immediately rewarded made a huge difference. Like during a boss, it made sense to graze so you'd be taking them down quicker. When it's just for score, I have a harder time wrapping my head around it since the instinct to avoid bullets at all costs is hardwired into my brain. Looking forward to trying out psyvariar!
  18. I really liked playing "Olli and Lissa" at my friends house and remember slipping it into my pocket one day. He noticed almost straight away and went "Oh shit, where's the game? My dad is going to kill me if I've lost it" I felt instantly guilty and took it out going "Oh well, my dad just bought it for me the other day, we can replace it with this copy with the exact same torn price sticker and scratches on the box and he'll never know the difference!" He looked at me like "Yeah, whatever mate" but you didn't really care about things like that when you were little, everything was back to normal and that's what counted, so long as you believed your own bullshit, your conscience never need worry. We just forgot all about it and carried on playing. He got me back by borrowing my calculator watch, smashing it in with a brick and claiming that "bigger boys on bikes" had stopped him on the way home and punched him in the watch He confessed later that he was just angry with me and took it out on my watch and we were friends again. Things seemed much simpler back then, you didn't hold year long grudges, you just kicked fuck out of someone's pencil case and they were like "fair enough, I deserved that"
  19. Yes, man. Finally! Psyvariar Delta Steam version coming January 30th.
  20. I must have been around 20 odd, in the middle of my gaming wilderness years and I found a second hand nes with a couple of old games in a charity shop in Blyth and haggled to get it for a fiver. It had zelda 2 and some crappy beach volleyball game that only worked some of the time. I remember it being quite a brave departure from the original, those random battles becoming annoying when you were just trying to walk a few yards on the overworld map, and it being canny hard. I'm not sure if I liked it but since it may as well have been the only game I owned, I did play it a lot. I think I might have gotten stuck eventually. I have a vague memory of being frustrated and talking to everybody in the town, trying to decipher the cryptic bollocks they were spewing in case it was a clue towards progressing.
  21. Yeah, games with autobomb are fab. Even if you're playing for score rather than survival, you tend to play more aggressively and take far more risks than you would normally so it's just more relaxing and fun to play. I grew up playing games where when you died, you went back to the beginning, and seeing that exciting new level was your reward for mastering the ones that came before it. I just can't shake that mentality, I see a lot of people on the shmups forum telling new people to credit feed as it's the best, most efficient way of learning a game, and it totally makes sense but I just can't bring myself to do it. Like you say, you learn the early levels inside out and the more time you spend time with the scoring mechanics, the better you get at exploiting them so there's pro's to both approaches.
  22. I keep forgetting most of these games have novice modes, you can pretty much jump in anywhere and still learn to swim, can't you?
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