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  1. I knew it was coming, but that trailer still made me feel genuinely depressed. July 2017 - https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/6jt7a1/iama_makers_of_nex_machina_housemarque_here_with/djgxvc0/ I can only hope that the kidz mop this crap up, ditch fortnite in favour of the exciting, unique, brightly coloured world of ... (scrolls up) stormdivers, housemarque become multi millionaires and get to make whatever the hell they like before civilisation collapses. I have to say, I wasn't expecting something so generic and devoid of life. I don't want to remember you like this Just pull the trigger already.
  2. Is that it? - http://3sos-blog.tumblr.com/post/8912253056/shin-susan-boyle
  3. Barzilian Programmer working on the vasara collection "Fábio H. Attard" has an interesting twitter handle - https://twitter.com/fattard_
  4. Poor neg, the perfect opportunity to give the forums whipping boy his one day in the sun. Get neg on, I wanna hear what he has to say about deltarune.
  5. So is tumbleseed, so it's only a matter of time. Pockets, I see you in the shmup thread, if you're waiting for the steam version of rolling gunner, you might want to keep hold of it for now.
  6. I got it in a sale, it was a baa-gain.
  7. You gotta light some candles and rock your Benny slooooow, baby.
  8. Oh right, you get all of the add-ons? I've no idea why you're all complaining then. Bargain.
  9. £7.19? We got it for peanuts in a sale . If you have kids to entertain, it's good value. You have to make your own fun, it's the same as amazing frog in that regard. If you treat it like a playground with props, where you can go and just mess around and play your own games, make your own fun, me and my nephew have probably laughed more playing those types of games than anything else. 27 quid is taking the absolute piss mind you. For what it is, an intentionally broken, shitty little sandbox. Ridiculous.
  10. i nearly bought that when it came out but noticed the requirements I would list all the niche crap that I love that sold like 3 copies but I'll save everyone's scroll wheels. Buy more games you don't like, you philistines!
  11. Quite right. Yes, sorry, I got carried away. I'm more than happy for story driven "experiences" to be an offshoot of gaming but when you're talking like it's the only option and that games as a medium have evolved into this and gameplay is rightly going the way of the dodo, I put my fighting shoes on. Sorry, @Ravern I deleted most of it, I think I blamed you personally for the death of housemarque at one point
  12. When people talk about "games as art" I think about the auteur one man bedroom coders of the speccy era, the endless beauty of a perfected semi-procedural level generation algorithm, pixel art bursting free from its restrictions. The incomprehensible marrying of complex scoring mechanics and level design. Nu-skool journalism, yeah? "Pressing buttons at the right time" is such a reductive, damaging description of gameplay. You sound like David Cage trying to convince his publishers that his next masterpiece needs to be "more cinematic" Don't list your piss-weak indie hipster shit as if you're referencing the classics.
  13. Before I was born, could have been recorded yesterday. Ridiculous.
  14. My offering to appease the thread founder Masaya Koike might be the magnet pulling me in as he seems to be the one constant. I've asked on a few different forums in the past but nobody has been able to offer me anything similar. I love the manic energy and sickly sweetness of these for example, under17, ultra prism. The more manic, disjointed yet melodic the better. Think cardiacs but dipped in a bucket of pink spunk and kicked to death by Japanese paedophiles.
  15. Hehe, yeah I remember some bloke on the cardiacs forum saying "the graphic novel was really ahead of it's time, it dealt with some truly adult themes" I can only assume that it came across better in print as it didn't translate at all well in the film, a couple of blokes in neon lycra wearing zorro masks sat around discussing rape just seemed like a mockery. I found it boring, overly drawn out and ludicrously po-faced. On a gaming forum, possibly, this is still a medium where most of the consumers consider AAA game narratives to be stories worth telling, but I think most people would agree with you. I did read the title of this thread and think "WHAT!? What the hell is wrong with you?" and then read the post and thought "ah right, superhero blockbusters? Well yeah, of course", the end is bound to be the worst part, it's the money shot, the spunk splattering the moronic brains of the dullards queuing up to consume this trash, designed to meet the peak of their sweet popcorn sugar-rush crescendo. If they don't get the big explosions and the cgi spectacle, something to send them padding out on the sticky floor on a high with a smile on their face, they'll likely remember all the guff that came beforehand and not recommend it to their friends. The original video seems to have disappeared, along with his righteous, mocking pronunciation of "super hombres", but this covers most of it.
  16. I did it the wrong way round then. This came out of early access yesterday - https://steamcommunity.com/games/646570/announcements/detail/1714084208003916507 Who's this third character? Final act? Does that mean those wins didn't really count? Aw man, I came here to gloat Translated to 15 different languages by the steam community, that's pretty heart-warming and goes to show that they don't spend every waking hour shitting into their own mouths. Early prototype, the game started out life as a short, badly drawn gif. This will do absolute gangbusters on mobile and it's hashtagperfectforswitch, of course.
  17. Oh god, don't say that. I've already fallen off the wagon a couple of times since the new year.
  18. Yeah, it might happen. It was all valid criticism, it sounded so similar to the reasons why I bounced off ikaruga that I'm contemplating buying that for a third time and giving it another chance in the next steam sale
  19. Some guy on reddit says you can get it running on a mac here albeit with a big performance hit - https://www.reddit.com/r/Forager/comments/999afb/how_to_run_forager_on_mac/ Might be good enough if you're just wanting to see if it's for you.
  20. I did too, I remember playing the beta a while back and it was gash. More of a grindy clicker than what the trailers made it seem. You can try it yourself here if you like - https://hopfrog.itch.io/forager
  21. That does my head in so much "all humans safed" It's fine for the first few levels but when she's been doing it all night, you really have to say something. Maybe you're trying to run before you walk? I think I just played it like a regular twin stick before going "aaaah, right!" and "ooooh, now I see", the game is very good at teaching you all the mechanics by stealth and things fall into place very naturally. Try nvidia shadowplay (or whatever they're calling it this week), it's the same as the consoles, all the heavy lifting done on the gpu, no input lag, no performance dent, it's great. I just forgot to crank everything up when I was capturing. I just leave it at 720p, 10mbps as my internet is crap and it keeps the filesizes down. It's usually more than enough for the games I play but nex machina is a bit flash, bang, wallop, where are the biscuits?
  22. Ooft, slim pickings, it has to be said. If you have kids to entertain, goat simulator is worth grabbing. Me and my nephew must have pumped hundreds of hours into that and most of it spent laughing our heads off. yeah, slay the spire is amazing, make sure you grab that when it comes.
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