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  1. Vritra Complete Has got a dragon in it. Proper old school, lots of memorisation. Started out as a prod-slab game but you'd never know, proper on/off digital controls, no analogue bullshit. Really enjoying it, has an endless mode which is even more fun. Star'Shoot This one was abandoned by students! Fun procedurally generated endless shmup with some glaring balancing issues, wonky controls and dirty bumbum. 2 quid, had 4 hours of fun already, not even bothered mate.
  2. Absolute load of old bollocks with some fat floating cat.
  3. I saw Alan Titchmarsh, wanked, half shat and shed-resigned out the bad end of a worrisome fortnight. I had to squint, it was faint and it was at the end of my garden. What was with that circle shit, mate? You're summoning nothing but bad vibes here.
  4. To the feckless prick trying to summon me, these are the 4 shoulders of Enya. Inverted cross formation, any order, bottom one upside down. I don't have a hex editor installed so you'll have to do it yourself. Seriously mate, one of them was Mel Giedroyc. "My Ascendant is in Darjeeling, Jah bless reverb and cross-legged men"
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