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  1. Don't worry about it, compared to what I have experienced in the daily races, it was nothing! My driving was a mess anyway, head is all over the place at the moment. Still nice to have a little bit of normality with our Monday night racing, thanks once again to Joe for setting it up and all those who join in.
  2. Spa in the Super formula sounds like fun, will have to try it out. I will probably wait for the weekend when I can get the wheel out, as i'm not usually very competitive with the pad when it comes to the Super Formulas.
  3. That is good to hear All being well I should be about later.
  4. First lap and a half was great, and then I went wide at Pouhon and then put it in the barriers at campus Could see you both up ahead having a good battle and as you said, if I hadn't crashed, it would have been a great three way battle.
  5. Yes, unfortunately it has gone from you being penalised for the slightest tap, to people forcing you off the track and getting away penalty free! I know that you could sometimes pick up unfair penalties, but at least it helped keep the racing clean, it has turned into bumper cars now Hopefully they are working on an overhaul of the penalty system, and this is just a stop gap before they implement it. Until then I think I will keep away from the daily races, and just stick to setting qualifying times.
  6. Thought it would be the case, I will probably still get it, something to keep me up till the small hours of the morning during the Christmas break! Have you managed to beat any of his times yet?
  7. Not a fan of the one lap only time challenges, as I like to build up a bit of momentum over a few laps and see where I am losing time. I am tempted to purchase the Lewis Hamilton time challenge DLC, but I am thinking it may be a similar set up. I was wondering if anyone else had tried it out yet, to confirm if this is the case?
  8. I was feeling pleased with myself for managing a 2:21, then I took a look at the top 10 times and saw people posting 2:16s!!!! I can accept being 2 to 3 seconds off the top times but 5 seconds
  9. Laguna Seca is on the way https://www.gtplanet.net/laguna-seca-confirmed-for-gt-sport-and-heres-a-first-look/
  10. Good fun last night. Some nice close racing around Interlagos, managed to just about keep ahead of a charging @McSpeed to take the win. Thought I could fit a quick toilet trip in before the start of the LMP race, as I finished my qualifying lap and quite a few cars were still running, only to come back to being sat on an empty grid Had an interesting moment in the F1500 race, hit a stray cone on the track and the car took off!
  11. Great fun as usual, the S2000 around Goodwood was very enjoyable. Had a good last lap battle with @PeteBrant around Monza, don't suppose anybody saved the replay? I hadn't noticed that everyone was running LMPs around Lemans until the starting grid, had a bit of an unfair advantage down the Mulsanne straights in the Sauber C9
  12. Have you reduced the weight and upped the power in the BoP settings? Makes a big difference!
  13. That would be my 1 year old daughter, when she attempts to poke my eye out Probably not going to be about tonight, as we have guests visiting. If they don't stick about to late, I will try and sneak on for the last race
  14. A dedicated Time Trial mode in Sport Mode, that is good news. Sorry I wasn't able to join in on Monday, my 1 year old Daughter decided it would be fun to stab her finger in my eye, promptly screwing my vision up for the last few days!
  15. Fuji Race made up for the disaster at Dragon Tail! I don't know what was going on with my wheel, but about half way through the first lap it felt like the force feedback was switching on and off, made it almost impossible to get around a corner without spinning. I resorted to restarting the wheel whilst in the pits, and that seemed to sort it, but by then I was over a minute behind the leader. Enjoyed our little battle for pole position at Fuji, went back and forth a few times between @marsh noble and myself, then we all got wiped out on the first corner of the race Close finish at the end with @McSpeed If only I hadn't run out of overtake boost on the final straight
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