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  1. That is interesting, I also have trouble catching slides whilst using the wheel and had put it down to the G29 not giving enough feedback/lack of talent. I never really messed with the setup of my playseat, apart from the positioning of the pedals, so tonight I will have a play about and see if I can get a more comfortable seating position, see if it helps shave a few seconds of my lap times!
  2. Great racing again last night, the tuned BMW was lots of fun to drive, thanks @McSpeed for the setups. Looking forward to more sessions with it, in the future!
  3. How to throw away a 3 second lead, in 2 laps Impressive lap time you put in, on the penultimate lap.
  4. I might take a shot at the Autopolis time trial later. (notice the top 3 friends times, are in the top 500 European leader board!)
  5. Race was a bit of a nightmare for me! Started out OK, and I was managing to keep up with 3rd place, but after a few laps I began struggling to control the car, and ended up spinning numerous times. Thought it was the tyres going off, so I pitted but the problem continued? I persevered for a few more laps, and started to wonder if my wheel was working properly, as it didn't seem as responsive as usual. I have had a similar problem happen before, but I thought it had sorted itself out, obviously not. I pitted again and reverted to using the Pad, and the car was controllable a
  6. Don't worry about it, compared to what I have experienced in the daily races, it was nothing! My driving was a mess anyway, head is all over the place at the moment. Still nice to have a little bit of normality with our Monday night racing, thanks once again to Joe for setting it up and all those who join in.
  7. Spa in the Super formula sounds like fun, will have to try it out. I will probably wait for the weekend when I can get the wheel out, as i'm not usually very competitive with the pad when it comes to the Super Formulas.
  8. That is good to hear All being well I should be about later.
  9. First lap and a half was great, and then I went wide at Pouhon and then put it in the barriers at campus Could see you both up ahead having a good battle and as you said, if I hadn't crashed, it would have been a great three way battle.
  10. Yes, unfortunately it has gone from you being penalised for the slightest tap, to people forcing you off the track and getting away penalty free! I know that you could sometimes pick up unfair penalties, but at least it helped keep the racing clean, it has turned into bumper cars now Hopefully they are working on an overhaul of the penalty system, and this is just a stop gap before they implement it. Until then I think I will keep away from the daily races, and just stick to setting qualifying times.
  11. Thought it would be the case, I will probably still get it, something to keep me up till the small hours of the morning during the Christmas break! Have you managed to beat any of his times yet?
  12. Not a fan of the one lap only time challenges, as I like to build up a bit of momentum over a few laps and see where I am losing time. I am tempted to purchase the Lewis Hamilton time challenge DLC, but I am thinking it may be a similar set up. I was wondering if anyone else had tried it out yet, to confirm if this is the case?
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