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  1. Nice to see you back and sorry for punting you into the wall at Kyoto was a fun little 3 way battle between yourself, @GT3Will and I, before that moment. You seemed very handy around the dirt track, left us all for dust! Enjoyed driving the rally cars, although I don't think I have ever picked up so many track limit penalties in one race, than I did last night at Spa, I didn't manage one clean lap.
  2. I have just completed the Entry form for the Toyota Cup. Hopefully I will get time to enter it, as things have been a bit manic the last few weeks. I Need to get some practice in too, as I'm starting to get a bit rusty! The last few months, the only time I have put into GT sport is on the Monday night racing, and I have missed that for the last two weeks on the trot. Planing to try and get a permanent rig set up with the PS4/PC so that I don't have to Drag the Playseat out of the Garage each time I want to race.
  3. 1989 Batmobile it is then
  4. Stop talking about Star Wars in a Batman thread
  5. Top tip, try not to press the PS button on the wheel, when you are about to enter the pit lane Luckily I managed to turn around and get into the pits, as I thought it was going to keep resetting me back to the track. Some great racing in the Group 1 cars, trying to keep fighterdj behind me was fun. He was faster in the corners, but the Sauber was mighty on the straights. Made for a good, old versus new battle.
  6. That is interesting, I also have trouble catching slides whilst using the wheel and had put it down to the G29 not giving enough feedback/lack of talent. I never really messed with the setup of my playseat, apart from the positioning of the pedals, so tonight I will have a play about and see if I can get a more comfortable seating position, see if it helps shave a few seconds of my lap times!
  7. Great racing again last night, the tuned BMW was lots of fun to drive, thanks @McSpeed for the setups. Looking forward to more sessions with it, in the future!
  8. How to throw away a 3 second lead, in 2 laps Impressive lap time you put in, on the penultimate lap.
  9. I might take a shot at the Autopolis time trial later. (notice the top 3 friends times, are in the top 500 European leader board!)
  10. Race was a bit of a nightmare for me! Started out OK, and I was managing to keep up with 3rd place, but after a few laps I began struggling to control the car, and ended up spinning numerous times. Thought it was the tyres going off, so I pitted but the problem continued? I persevered for a few more laps, and started to wonder if my wheel was working properly, as it didn't seem as responsive as usual. I have had a similar problem happen before, but I thought it had sorted itself out, obviously not. I pitted again and reverted to using the Pad, and the car was controllable again. By then I was a lap down to the leaders, and I was tempted to quit, but I enjoy the track so much I decided to see the race out to the end. Managed to slip in a last minute, super soft tyre, fast lap as a bit of consolation to myself :) Going to try attacking the G-29 with WD-40, as it does seem to have developed a weird noise and doesn't feel like as responsive as it used to, hope it's not about to die on me!
  11. Don't worry about it, compared to what I have experienced in the daily races, it was nothing! My driving was a mess anyway, head is all over the place at the moment. Still nice to have a little bit of normality with our Monday night racing, thanks once again to Joe for setting it up and all those who join in.
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