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  1. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chrisd/the-escapist A game that pays homage to back to school and the great escape - it's not get anywhere near as much publicity as it should and yet it looks wonderful. Real old school vibe to it.
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    Manu Chao

    Just finished reading Clandestino: In Search of Manu Chao by Peter Culshaw, one of the better musical biographies/travelogues I've read and up there with Princes Amongst Men by Garth Cartwright. Anyways, it has led me back to Manu's music, which like most people I got into at university/backpacking and whilst it was/became a huge cliché, going back and listening to Clandestino and the live album Radio Bemba Soundsystem, they are pretty great albums. It also got me listening to Mano Negra for the first time and as a Clash-pastiche with added reggae, they are pretty great. Manu himself comes
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    Radio Edits

    Thought this might be interesting, do you ever prefer a radio edit over the album version? It's rare but it does happen. This will show how uncool I am, but I prefer the radio edit of Brothers In Arms by Dire Straits as it cuts out the wanky synth intro. I probably prefer the radio edit of When Doves Cry too. Also feel free to post absolute carcrash edits
  4. I am after some photos that we can print out at A4 size and laminate to use in a display about mental health on Monday, and perhaps also use on a website or printed material. Its to promote a project designed to help families where the parent or child has issues with their mental health offered by a small non-profit organisation, so its a good cause, but the short deadline and limited budget mean we need free or very low cost images. If anyone has any pictures that might fit this theme that they are happy to share, please let me know. We can offer a nominal payment like a £5 amazon voucher if
  5. That's broad. It's not "This gen's best" because we've had 3D around for at LEAST 9 years, so Wikipedia tells me. From Stunt Car Racer to Ridge Racer, MarioKarts (5/10) and your Forza Face - that's actually the name of their next title, it's a social racing game where you've invaded by pictures of people's nights out and ultrasound scans - there is great variety in the genre. And it is an incredibly broad genre. I wouldn't class myself as a huge car fan or racing game, I find the F1 notably pointless, yet PGR2 was a game that kept me glued to my controller. I have huge love for the original
  6. I caught episode 1 of this on iPlayer last week and was hooked from the start. It looks sumptuous and has a strong cast - Cillian Murphy and Sam Neil headline. Not my usual sort of thing I'd say. This tale of post WW1 gangs in Birmingham is really worth a watch. I won't spoil anything, I'll just urge you all to give it a watch.
  7. With such a big outlay on hardware what can we get for free, albeit with a sub to the various online services. I'm guessing this list is massively incomplete, any more for any more? I couldn't find any other Wii U titles via a quick google search.
  8. A beautiful videogame map not only draws you into the world, it makes everything that little bit clearer. It drives you forward, gives context to your adventure, and enriches the experience. I always come back to Super Mario World. Playing for the first time it was bright, colourful, and led you into the game knowingly. Right from the start you could go left OR right, woah! Immediate choice, hinting at more than just another platform game. And so it proved to be. A Link to the Past. Magical. And also zooming in on the mode 7 map sometimes helped you figure out puzzles across the dark work/
  9. With multiformat releases and hd remakes and so on, it's getting a bit hard to know which release of a game to play, so I thought a thread might be in order to gather opinions. I want to play SSX3 again, I guess the options being emulated either through PCSX2 or Dolphin (or just dusting off the PS2...). Any thoughts? I've just been playing the GC version of Ikaruga through Dolphin in HD, on a portrait monitor and it's hard to imagine it getting much better than that Savestates plus the practice mode the GC version added means I might just get a chain higher than like 10 at some point in my
  10. Hello. We had this up and popping by May last time out, so either it hasn't been a vintage year, or maybe the music folder is a shadow of its former self. Maybe both. WHO KNOWS? Here's some stuff I like in the extended and long play format. Tell us all what you like. Local Natives - Hummingbird Weapons-grade commercial American indie --- Darkstar - News from Nowhere Dialled down on the grime & dubstep influences and greatly increased on the Animal Collective/pop front --- These New Puritans - Field of Reeds Continued transgression in to neo-classical tape playing.
  11. Underrated. Debut has Bird, Turn off the Light, Shit on the Radio. Then she did Forca, the Euro 2004 theme which was semi-decent. Turned into a slut-bag and released Promiscuous & Maneater. No idea what she's done since but can't dislike her oeuvre. REMEMBER THE DAYS? Seriously, she's really good. Folk-pop debut, then hoovered up some of Timbaland's best beats.
  12. http://pitchfork.com/news/51530-deerhunter-flaming-lips-fucked-up-los-campesinos-more-releasing-tapes-for-cassette-store-day/ Fucking hipsters
  13. Anyone listen to much of the stuff put out on this Seattle based label? I'd always wanted to but it was too expensive for the most part. Well, it seems that their catalogue is now available digitally and I've been ploughing through it on boomkat. A lot of their stuff is standard world music, but what sets them apart (and what I think justifies giving them their own thread) are their collage releases culled from radio that act as a fascinating insight into some of the countries they explore. I was listening to I Remember Syria yesterday which features tonnes of fascinating sounds and intervie
  14. What with this out on Xbox 360 (for free) imminently, I thought I'd see how much interest there is in it. While visually it isn't up to much, there does seem to be an awful lot going on. Large scale tank battles can be immense fun, as Battlefield has taught us. Xbox 360 trailer: It's been out on PC a while - Have we got any players here? http://worldoftanks.eu/
  15. So hopefully this is an acceptable thread to kick off... Like many people on the forum, I usually have a number of TV series on the go, and I thought it might be interesting to see what people are dipping in and out of without having to update 10 or so different, dedicated threads. Following a number of series reaching their conclusions recently including the excellent Person of Interest (seas. 1 on CH5), Spartacus (this series will be greatly missed) and Broadchurch, my wife and I started to watch both Revolution and Defiance. After about six episodes of each we have stopped watching bo
  16. I've always been a fan of the man, mainly for his vocal harmonies and guitar work with the Mars Volta (he was so wasted in the Chilis) but I didn't realize how blindingly good and soulful his solo work is. Niandra Lades has just been re-released which was made when he was fucked on smack and it's still amazing. More importantly though, he made a tonne of albums in 2004 and this has quickly become one of my favourite albums ever (yeah, I said it) and is perfect for the summer. I like how the title references Thanatos, the death drive also. Any other big fans of the Froosh? (Do people ca
  17. Couldn't see a thread for this already. Trailer has sold it to me completely and I'm hopeful it might have a little substance as well, given it seems to be tackling how media distorts people's expectations of relationships.
  18. Mostly for my own benefit so I can find it later, but this is a pretty cool explanation with a great demo of it in action. Instantly reminded me of an Advanced Hero Quest map, or Space Hulk or similar. And then the first comment links to this awesomeness:-
  19. I can't find an actual thread for this, with the proper title so... OH MY GOD! http://youtu.be/ETw9atEECSk
  20. After stumbling across it on youtube I've quickly become a bit addicted to watching Craig Ferguson flirting with hot actresses, but the whole thing is just generally a lot of fun and nonsense. If there was a dvd of just I'd buy it in a heartbeat, it's genuinely great tv, especially considering it's such a tired old format for a show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-n20zk908I Some hero is posting all the new ones up here, at least until it gets shut down.
  21. Bit of a cry for help mixed with some recommendations, I thought it'd be an idea to have a thread where people could suggest any resources, paid or free, that helped them pick something up or develop. Any field, I figure the creative folk here might be open to trying something new, so writing, graphic design, photography, digital art, motion graphics, music, sound design, if you've found something that worked for you it'd be great if you could give it a shout out, because there's a lot of shitty ones to trawl through to find anything useful. I guess I should start then, a random selection of t
  22. I know exactly WHAT i want to do with this RPG project yet I'm struggling to work out exactly what/how to do it. FYI: I'm using Unity What I've got an issue with is working out how to create and store the items in the game. That means weapons, armour, etc. I've been looking on help forums, etc, and it seems either arrays, classes, or enums? Yet I can't work out exactly how to get it to work, and what is most efficient. The help in such places aren't actually very straightforward and everyone seems to give different advice or ideas. I'd prefer to get it right now rather than have to re-do i
  23. It's about a Chinese-American businessman who has never left New York and is forced to go out to Shanghai to seal a billion-dollar smartphone deal. I'm a sucker for smart romcoms, and I thought this was brilliant. http://shanghaiist.com/2012/09/27/interview_daniel_hsia_shanghai_calling.php
  24. In my first year at uni we did Constitutional Law, and just about everyone except me hated it. With a passion! But the lectures were dry and boring and had no underlying historical interest. I spent a fair amount of time doing extra curricular reading and discovered for myself a rich history surrounding Henry II and earlier monarchs that shaped the legal system we have today. This series by the BBC (hosted by Harry Potter no less! lol) adds in that historical interest. The law in England has shaped human rights before such things were known as human rights and is the basis of many legal syste
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