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  1. I did it a while back, but I only just got around to sorting out the pictures. Its got some kodama and even some susuwatari in the knot in the tree trunk.
  2. Seems we're hosting a party this year, anyone have any good Halloween playlists on Spotify?
  3. I've got a load of codes from Abel and Cole for a free veg box for anyone who hasn't used their service before. If you are in their catchment (pretty much most populated areas of the UK) and haven't signed up before, drop me a PM or post here and I can give you the referral code and instructions for a free box. I quite like their veg, as it feels like it is fresh out the soil, and their customer service is good if you get anything that isn't up to scratch. As with all subscription schemes, I recommend you cancel or suspend your membership every 4-6 weeks to get the best offers for signing up
  4. Hi, I don't know if it's just me but does the need for games to update annoy anyone else in a "just let me play my game!" Way? I've always enjoyed 1 player or local multiplayer gaming and for me online gaming doesn't really appeal. I skipped out the ps3/Xbox 360 consoles and am seriously considering jumping back in with a ps4. However, I'm a bit concerned with the focus on on-line and downloadable content these days. The thing that made me annoyed enough to start this topic was a simple one. I've got some games on my iPad and it does get on my nerves when I want to play something and it
  5. Having read about the Sarkeesian and Quinn stuff, and thinking more generally about trolling and the way people behave in online gaming spaces, I wondered if there is any research that has been done about what (if anything) differentiates people who act abusively in online spaces, what reinforces or reduces such behaviour, and whether any research has looked at whether people who play games or use websites (particularly those that score posts, or show view figures) change how they behave in real life at all? I am curious about whether people find themselves going for the easy quip or the offen
  6. So I joined Costco. It's a confusing and strange place, with stuff laid out seemingly at random, with a mix of things less than half the price of a supermarket and a whole bunch of stuff that's actually more expensive even though you have to buy kilos at at time. I'm sure some of you guys have memberships, so what do you like it for, and what should you avoid? This week I picked up a few packs of the chocolate chip brioche rolls that are on offer and I'm struggling to believe how good they are for the price. Easily as good as sainsbury's own brand, but instead of being 20.6p each, they're 8
  7. I want to go to this tonight but I don't have anyone to go with as our childcare has fallen through. Anyone fancy it? Its free, and there is free parking there also, so its just a case of getting to MK...
  8. Harvard have put up a load of highly interesting lectures on food science and modernist cooking methods, so if you give the slightest damn about why stuff works (or doesn't) you really should watch a few. Here's a great one from some of the guys from America's Test Kitchen, which is notable because they test their recipes often hundreds of times, with blinded taste comparisons to confirm any improvements.
  9. I've been thinking about finally making some long term purchases for my kitchen, reasonably expensive things like a quality blender, stand mixer, pressure cooker. Looked at some reviews, particularly America's Test Kitchen, so I'm reasonably set on what I want and went to look at some prices. Expected the US prices to be much lower but not quite by that much, the difference is huge, in some cases basically dollar for pound, and on some items not a single UK retailer is legitimately competing on price. Was considering having my brother bring some things over to dodge the import duties but I
  10. Anyone catch this on BBC2 last night? Episode one aired and it was fantastic! I think there are 8 episodes in total so wanted to post this to give people a chance to catch up on it early. It's a political thriller set in London based broadly around Israel/Palestine issues and business interests starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and lots of other good actors like Stephen Rea, I don't want to say too much about the plot though. If you are looking for a comparison, first episode was very Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Not sure if it'll keep up this standard but really worth a watch!
  11. I'm making my own stock for the first time in years because I fancy some good soup. I didn't have any left over chicken carcasses so I've just thrown in some cheap leg quarters, what I'm wondering is should I strip the meat off after I've strained the stock, like would it be any good for making chow mein or nasi goreng or something after being boiled up for that long? Don't want to chuck it if it's still good eating Anyone got any reliable stock recipes, mine come from a Gordon Ramsey book and I'm not sure about them? I'd love to have the veg stock one from the Wagamama cookbook but I'm no
  12. My example is the last couple of albums by John Frusciante. I love the guy, but after spending too much time hanging out with Venetian Snares, he's decided he's fucking Squarepusher or something and started putting breaks and weird electronic shit in the last couple of albums. It's appalling. http://youtu.be/3mYkU1B3ENw Anyways, who do you rate as having made fuck awful changes in musical direction? This one is woeful too.
  13. I've bought getstrong.co.uk and am wanting to make Crisping a basic website. Is anyone willing to help with the design? I'd like a logo with the words "get strong" and perhaps a victorian strongman, and/or pictures of his physique, but my graphic design skills are poor. This is my attempt: The lifting position doesn't look very good, I'm not sure the three colours work, and the moustache is rubbish, so I'm sure that someone can do better....
  14. Sony are set to post losses. Wii U is Wii U. Microsoft are Boning people. Wait! Wait! We still have lots of games. The rivals will keep pushing and pushing to deliver us MOAR. Aren't we the real winners? (PC gaming)
  15. Trailer is out, I actually really like the look of it, including the calypso versions of songs in some of her other films. I never saw Bling Ring but I've loved most of her stuff, particularly Somewhere. Here's the trailer: http://www.lesinrocks.com/inrocks.tv/fausse-bande-annonce-hilarante-du-prochain-coppola/ Couldn't find it on youtube yet.
  16. If we accept the premise of Face/Off that John Travolta and Nicolas Cage swap faces and undergo magical laser treatment to reduce or increase their body mass and remove or add moles or scars as required, and if we accept that bitter but good guy cop Travolta's wife was fooled by hyperactive sadist bad guy Cage in moonlighting as Travolta in his surrogate body, surely she noticed that his penis was different when they were having sex (as it is implied they have intercourse in the film)? There's no mention of any magical laser penile augmentations in the surgical montage for either character. Di
  17. http://youtu.be/QPct5jRGPaI Almost ruins side 1 for me. It just keeps going!
  18. Chaos. What a game. Seminal stuff on the Spectrum. A work of genius. Simple, awesome, genius. In my top 5 games of all time. You take your wizards each with a whole host of random spells. They can summon creatures from Rats, to Dragons, to Unicorns and other steeds to ride on. They can conjure castles and raging fires, all around the battlefield. Only one wizard can triumph. 1-8 players, each with a wizard, and any number controlled by the AI. Every game was different. Every game had it's own story. It's as near to virtual fantasy live-chess as you'll get. This, to me, is beautiful. Chao
  19. Thought this could be a fun little thread, I was recently listening again to a few things in an effort to enjoy them and I think I've finally given up. The first is Bjork, I've listened to almost all of her music and I like some of it, especially Vespertine, but something really just does not click with me. The other is Frank Zappa, find the man himself fascinating and he was a huge influence on loads of people I love, I've even enjoyed documentaries about him, but I just can't get into his music, which is a shame. So, are there any artists/groups you really thought you should like but havi
  20. Anyone else a fan? I was very familiar with her 60's stuff, but she has some absolute 70's belters too. Anyways, it's wonderfully cheesy MOR but sounds cooler in French, would fit in well with yacht-loving enthusiasts too I'd imagine. Her most recent album, out last year is pretty good too. I don't enjoy this in an ironic way though, really love this music. This is borderline perfect, from 1977. Also love this from 1970: http://youtu.be/AOlEv_FpSnQ Which sounds suspiciously like this: I also think this might be my favourite song of the 60's: http://youtu.be/6RshBBqVh2c Might
  21. I'm watching this (again) with my daughter. She adores it. And I do too. We are both watching it and seeing completely different things, in the same way I watched it when I was her age. Her favourite character is Sandy (as was mine when I was little), but mine is now Rizzo. We have the subtitles on so we can sing along to the songs, and we are up and dancing... So, Grease, love it? Hate it? Secretly love it? Wish you were Danny Zuko?
  22. Thread Owner

    Cibo Matto

    Anyone else digging their new album, Hotel Valentine? I think it's fantastic. Have never listened to them before but production reminds me of Beastie Boys. Video is pretty terrible though.
  23. Hey guys, I'm gonna be cooking steak and crispy potatoes tomorrow. I'd like something with it that's wet/saucey. Any ideas? I'm happy to cook anything/any processes
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