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  1. This is TOO GOOD. 10 minutes in and I knew I was hooked. So glad there are 18 episodes of this joyousness. Anyone else in love with Yuriko? <333
  2. The new thing over the last couple of years seems to be weekly recipe boxes that are delivered to your house with all the ingredients you need to make 3 meals. I'd heard of them through the organic produce suppliers like Abel and Cole and Riverford, but this Independent review lists some companies I'd never heard of including Mindful Chef who are a new company delivering nationwide who offer paleo boxes (meat or vegan, they have no processed carbs or white potatoes) that get really good reviews, Marley Spoon and Farmison (who deliver set recipes like NYC rib steak and chips rather than a weekl
  3. I got sent a code for a half price first and fourth box, plus £10 off my second order, for new starters or returning customers - which is a cracking offer in itself - so I decided to return to them for a few more boxes as I like the quality of their stuff and the fact they are responsive when things go wrong. However, the code appears to be even better than advertised as it gave me a discount worth half the value of my entire first order, saving me £26 instead of just £12 for a single half-price veg box, making it a super-duper-bargain! I got a large mixed veg box, a 7kg box of fruit and veg f
  4. Anyone else watching this? Damian Lewis stars as an ambitious hedge fund boss and Paul Giamatti is a US attorney. I thought the first two episodes were excellent. I only heard about it because Edward Snowden retweeted this clip: https://twitter.com/tinyrevolution/status/692037319013093377
  5. Firstly, sorry for the shit formatting, but was on we are the music makers, an idm/electronica/braindance forum and this guy Cygnus, who supported Autechre recently on tour and makes amazing music is a huge Metal Slug nerd and had a cool story to tell, so here it is. http://forum.watmm.com/topic/89174-cygnus-san-francisco-soundboard-also-amaa/page-5 is the original thread there. He's released some badass braindance on his bandcamp and Sheffield label CPU. His live set up here is incredible. https://cygnusat.bandcamp.com/album/live-the-mezzanine
  6. Like most working families with young children, we're often pressed for time. And more often than we would like (once or twice a week), our children have a dinner consisting of pizza/chips/chicken strips, that kind of thing. We often cook meals with fresh meat and stuff, but that means the children go to bed an hour later than they really should. I guess I'm asking what are some ideal foods to replace the ones I mentioned above, and what are some good things that you can cook one night, and then use it throughout the week, maybe alongside another dish? Is that a thing, do people do that?
  7. I love me a bit of cognitive neuroscience, so I recently read this article about the impact of various aspects of games on cognitive functioning. It made me think there ought to be a thread to collect it all together on here. So unless there already is one, this is it. So link me up to any scientific studies that mention video games
  8. I know this is gaming unplugged and yet I was wondering what you suggest for ipad / iphone. Either playing at the same time or asynchronous multiplayer.
  9. Years ago when I was a big Sigur Rós fanboy, I bought this monstrosity. 7 vinyl boxset of their second 3 albums and another single. Think it cost me $200.
  10. Hey all, I'm hoping this will be a general thread for the game! And so onto my question. I've played this a few times now and enjoyed it immensely. My friend threw away all the character sheets so we are starting again... And this time I'm going to DM. I've found found various cheat sheets etc, however what I'd like to know is - any recommended starter campaigns? I don't have time to draw up my own although I am going to tinker with a few ideas here and there (story based, nothing effecting anything important). I'd happily buy/download a campaign for level 1 characters. Thanks
  11. I've just booked some tickets to watch the Padres against the Dodgers next week and I'm pretty hyped. I've never really been fussed about following Leeds abroad (strictly limited to pre-season friendlies these days, lolz) but I do like getting to random games when I can. As well as watching the San Antonio Spurs last year, I've watched Espanyol at home a few years back, I've also been lucky enough to see Buccaneers rammed by Green Bay and some quality* Aussie egg-chasing in the form of Essendon against Richmond ages back. In my defence, it was an excuse to go to the MCG. So, do you bother? O
  12. I'm looking for great examples of games where a whole load of stuff is exploding on screen. I've had a peek at metal slug, and that's pretty decent. Is there anything else you guys would suggest - superbulletdeath games are great, yet I'm really trying to focus on lots of stuff exploding/fragmenting/smashing to bits and relevant effects. Thanks
  13. Scream: The TV Series has premiered on MTV and despite sounding like a horrible idea, the first episode is surprisingly good. They emulate Williamson's dialogue well and the episode is structured like the films so it will be interesting to see how the series develops as they are forced to deviate from the formula. Inevitably, it does seem a bit fan-fictiony with some shaky sub-plots and acting, but no less hokey than American Horror Story. The opening kill is better than any of the cat and mouse sequences from Scream 4.
  14. Hey guys, I'm looking for a super fast turn around on a prototype deck - to see if I can get it sorted for the uk games expo next weekend coming. I've checked a few places thus far, are there any recommendations/places you guys have used? I likely can't submit the artwork until Friday so I'll need it printed and despatched within a couple of days! So likely UK/Europe based. Otherwise are there any acceptable forms of self creation/tips on how to do. The current deck is over 100 cards (hand made, actually on white fronted stickers). I've Googled about a bit, and found the following - anyone
  15. Looks like I am going to pop along to this, anyone else going to be there? https://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk
  16. Can anyone recommend any good salsa records? I've rinsed a lot of flamenco stuff and need more latino rhythms. This is sampled, but the sort of stuff I'd be after. Ray Baretto is excellent if you're into mambo.
  17. I think it's the best arthouse film ever made. Is search broken then? There must be a thread on this. 'The supposedly civilised man is not in harmony with the Earth' That's Baraka's beautifully asserted-without-words premise. Actually I wrote this really long post but Ebert said it all far better, so I've quoted it below. I cannot believe this is available in 8K. I can't wait for compatible TVs to be affordable and on the market. The film consists of awesome sights, joyful, sad, always in their own way beautiful. By that I do not mean picturesque. A friend came into the room while I was
  18. I was talking today to a colleague about how certain video games could be good conversation starters for parents or people working with teenagers who might want to talk about issues like feeling lonely, or being depressed, or having uncertainty about their sexuality, or being worried about the future, having been through a bereavement or something traumatic, wondering if they will ever find a partner/career/independence, finding it hard to live up to their own or other people's expectations, or other things that might come up for teenagers to cope with. I've often used song lyrics, or TV shows
  19. Following on from a post in the final fantasy xv thread, there's been something that's been bothering me recently in gaming, namely the sense of guilt I've felt in certain games. I got monster hunter for the wii after hearing people rave about how great it is. I never really got into the game though and ended up abandoning it. A big part of this was that all I seemed to be doing in the game was running up to the wildlife and attacking it. Not really what I want from a game. Also, never been a really big fan of first person shooters. Loved doom and halo but never had any real interest in call
  20. He's really great isn't he? I never liked the comedy stuff, but going back and listening to Hot Rats, it's amazing, and so much of an influence on Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of The Mars Volta, which is obviously a good thing. I even forgive him for Steve Vai. Would love more Zappa stories!
  21. Have I missed it, or is there really no Princess Bride thread? I wanted to see what other people made of the grandfather saying "As you wish" as the last line of the film? What meaning do you give to that? I don't want to pre-empt responses, so post your reply and then read the spoilered bit.
  22. This is for dinner! Got a couple of these from M&S - just wondered if they would go well with something as a main meal, or just as a starter. They are pretty large, I was thinking steak perhaps?
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