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  1. bridger

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes. Myself and the missus went to see it at Leicester Square Empire during a trip to London. Probably not too exciting for those of you who live in London or nearby, but to us from up North it was a bit of a treat going to see something at one of the cinemas where all the premieres are held. Not sure if it’s the film or I was just in a funny mood (I certainly don’t think I was and I’ve got no wish to revisit it to find out for sure) but I absolutely despised it from beginning to end. I couldn’t even tell you now why I disliked it so intensely but it was the longest and most agonising 2 hours of my life. The cinema itself was lovely though.
  2. It’ll do until they release a UHD boxset of the entire thing.
  3. If I subscribe to whichever Now TV package has Sky Atlantic for a couple of months I’ll be able to watch these as they’re released right?
  4. bridger

    View-Master The Movie

    Hollywood really do appear to want to scrape the bottom of barrel so much they wear through to the other side don’t they?
  5. bridger

    The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    Nice one thanks. Will check them out :-)
  6. bridger

    The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    That’s great. I could really fancying trying my hand at painting busts like that as I think ‘normal’ sized GW models are just too small for my old eyes. Can anyone point me in the direction of suppliers and further information?
  7. bridger

    Hollywood vs. Streaming

    Perhaps if Vue dedicated a few more of their screens to stuff that’s not infantile shite people might have more of a chance to see interesting films like Roma in a cinema.
  8. bridger

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy

    At this point in time you’d have to imagine that they’re going to wait for Star Wars Celebration which is 11th - 15th April. So my money is 11th April and anything sooner will be a huge bonus.
  9. bridger

    Nintendo Direct - 13.02 10PM GMT

    Don’t get the love for Mario Maker personally. The first one for me was just a demonstration of how much talent is needed to build good and satisfying levels of the quality that Nintendo put out. A talent that I’ll never have. The community built levels bit was just utterly painful. Searching through hundreds if not thousands of examples of shite to find the odd diamond in the rough. Great bit of software, but one that just demonstrated the inadequacies of 99.9% of its user base.
  10. bridger

    Nintendo Switch

    I can’t see any ‘moaning’ about ‘internet geeks’ and certainly nothing to trigger your extremely overly defensive reply Nequests. I think your reply probably betrays your own feelings about ‘internet geeks’ way more than anything probotector wrote.
  11. bridger

    Which classics have you still not seen?

    You guys seen “The Other Side of the Wind” and the documentary about the making of the film and Orson in general “They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead”? Both on Netflix at the moment and both super interesting.
  12. bridger

    Which classics have you still not seen?

    There’s absolutely nothing pretentious or boring about Citizen Kane. Your loss.
  13. bridger

    Star Wars Episode IX (December 2019)

    There’s a canon reason that Yavin may feature again and would involve character/s from the new films.

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