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  1. I watched it myself this weekend too. Completely forgettable, reasonably enjoyable nonsense. If it wasn't for the big name actors no one would have heard of it. The very definition of straight to video fodder.
  2. Was just thinking the same thing. I’ve checked my order status in the Amazon App on my phone about ten times this morning already.
  3. A great ending and easily as good as could be realistically expected.
  4. I've read somewhere that the Oculus Store offers an unlimited 14 day / 2 hours of playtime guarantee which should go some way to ensuing that you're going to enjoy a game / not have it make you throw up everywhere before you're fully committed. Is that correct?
  5. bridger

    Magic: The Gathering

    Have never played MtG before but I was bored the other day and decided to have a look at Arena and I’m absolutely loving it. Quick question though if I may for those in the know... I see there’s a maximum of 4 of any given card. What happens if I’ve already got 4 and then get another copy? Do I get a full wildcard for it instead? I understand that in real life I would just be tough, but of course I’d have the ability to trade it with someone which I don’t online. I fancy a go at Drafting as that seems like a good way of building up my card collection, but without remembering exactly what cards I’ve already got and how many, it seems fairly risky that I’d end up picking stuff I’ve got already which seems a big waste unless extras are converted to wildcards.
  6. And if it does do well then it does’t matter if it’s outclassed within 12 months does it? A large userbase and a fixed spec should ensure that just like consoles, developers create for it for a few years to come.
  7. Amazon now have the official Oculus Quest Earphones listed for release on Tuesday if anyone fancies spending £50 on a pair? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Oculus-Quest-Headphones-Electronic-Games/dp/B07Q1JGP9Z/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_2?keywords=oculus+quest+earphones&qid=1558207737&s=gateway&sr=8-2-fkmrnull
  8. The START of the big time.
  9. I’ve gotten over yesterday’s cold feet thankfully and I’m definitely still in for a Quest. Maybe I’m wrong, but I reckon this is the start of the big time for VR.
  10. bridger

    The Division 2

    Just hit end game on this last night. I’ve got no idea how long it’s likely to take me to get from my current Gear Score of 248 to a suitable level for the Raid but hopefully there’ll still be some of you Xbox players still wanting to do it once I get there.
  11. I must admit, as release day draws closer I’m beginning to get cold feet on this :-( I think the hardware looks lovely and I’m very excited to play Vader Immortal, but once I’ve done that and shown VR to friends and family I do wonder how much use I’m going to get from it. It’s unlikely to be £400 worth + the price of the games that’s for sure. Lots of the games I’ve seen look interesting but I just don’t know if they’re interesting enough to be worth the outlay. I wish the software came on little cartridges like the Switch as at least then I’d be able to sell it all on once I’d gotten it out of my system. Would be more than happy to pay £100 or whatever to effectively rent it all for a month. Gonna have to have a proper think about it over the next few days.
  12. bridger

    Xbox Game Pass

    Ah right cheers.
  13. bridger

    Xbox Game Pass

    If I’ve already downloaded a game can I continue to play it once it’s removed? Was fancying playing through KOTOR again but it looks like I may have left it too late.
  14. bridger

    The Division 2

    Anyone else having connectivity problems since the update? It’s been perfect since I started playing just over a couple of weeks ago, but since installing the update yesterday it’s kicked me out 3 times, most recently just now when I was about half way through the Roosevelt Island level, which as you can imagine I was delighted about :-(
  15. bridger

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy (now cancelled)

    Repeated thoughtful constructive criticism about something that he’s adamant he cares nothing about anymore.

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