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  1. Speaking for myself of course, but I feel the frame rate drops more than I see them. And I feel them every single time I come out of a building, cave or dungeon. It definitely doesn’t spoil the game but it massively takes the shine off it.
  2. Don’t worry about it. I’m super happy with my decision and that’s all that matters to me.
  3. Really not sure why. I’ve now got a console that’s a pleasure to play with handheld, rather than one that I didn’t enjoy using handheld because of the crappy build quality.
  4. I gave into temptation and traded my original Switch in at Game for a yellow one of these (they’re doing a ‘deal’ where it only costs £14 at the moment). Worth it for the build quality alone. Hated the flex and slightly loose stand on the old one. These are rock solid.
  5. Cheers. I’m gonna have a proper read up about it before making a decision. To be honest I rarely if ever play anything these days and so I don’t think it’ll matter. I just really like the fact that it’s all one piece and hopefully fairly solid. I’ve never liked the fact that there’s a little bit of give on the joycons in hand held mode. Will be worth it for that I reckon.
  6. Quick question and apologies if it’s already been answered. If I go and trade my original Switch in at Game for one of these new Lite models, will I be able to just re-download all my games to it? There are no silly system transfer hoops to jump through are there?
  7. Agree with the above 100%. I'm one of the ones who had to drop unfortunately due to my work schedule changing but it was fantastic fun. If you think you might fancy it at all then put your name forward. You've got nothing to lose and a huge amount to gain.
  8. All the Godox flashes have the radio bit built in so the only trigger you need is at the camera end. I believe the v860 is effectively the same flash as the TT685 but uses a rechargeable battery pack rather than AA’s. Better recycle time too which is good. Great choice.
  9. I’d recommend buying into the Godox lighting system at this point. Start off with a TT685c flash and then either a X1R-C or the XPro-C radio trigger (I’d recommend the later) so that you can use it off camera. All the Godox stuff works together as it’s a full system and so if you get more and more into studio / strobe work nothing will be wasted. I’ve got and use 3 of the TT685 flashes and the XPro-C trigger so if you’ve got any questions give me a shout. Then you’ll just need a light stand, some kind of mount (I’d recommend a Bowen’s S Type one) and then something to diffuse the light. I’d personally go for a soft lighter or soft box over an umbrella if your budget allows. They’re a bit more expensive than an umbrella but let you control the light much better as they don’t allow the light to scatter so much. Edit - Nice shots by the way.
  10. It's an absolutely terrible article. If you're going to seriously try and claim that Team America is the 10th best film of the past 20 years, better than some of those amazing films further up and not to mention those that haven't made the 'cut' then you need a lot more justification than what amounts to "Lol...it's edgy". Waste of time.
  11. bridger

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah, one of the signs of a fake card is massively lower capacity.
  12. bridger

    Nintendo Switch

    Notifications of when a friend wants to invite you to a game or start a chat or someth...oh wait!
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