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  1. Stuck my name in the Curry’s lottery. Will be sticking it up in the Trading Folder at RRP on the off chance I get chosen as I managed to get one for myself a couple of weeks ago.
  2. Not to worry. I didn’t sleep very well last night and I’ve got work myself tomorrow so delaying a week works out well for me. Cheers.
  3. Are those numbers real or just like the ones that tell you x number of people are looking at this item right now?
  4. Looks like a perfect GamePass game to me. I can’t imagine I’d ever buy it, but I’d definitely give it a couple of hours one night, for the sound of the guns if nothing else.
  5. GamePass will definitely reduce the number of games I buy. If there’s something I really want to play then I won’t hesitate to buy it and in the past I’d have generally not hesitated to buy stuff I just quite fancied playing too. However there’s a ton of stuff I quite fancy playing on GamePass for ‘free’ so I’ll just play those instead.
  6. It was great fun. Can't wait for next week. I don't think you did tell me why Tanlin was in Oakhurst (unless I didn't hear) so if you want to drop me a PM feel free. Cheers.
  7. I'm literally just creating my character now in D&D Beyond. I'll have a link sent over to you within the next hour or so.
  8. I'm looking at creating a Human Sorcerer unless anyone has any objections or had that in mind themselves? @Clipper Do you have any preference for how we should generate our Ability Scores (or any other aspect of Character Creation?)
  9. I'm thinking some kind of Magic user as I've always played very much not Magic users in the past. I'll have a proper think about it over the next day or two and put something together. Really looking forward to this.
  10. Skyward Sword completely passed me by when it first came out (I must have been in one of my not into games periods), but jesus that looks fucking terrible! If I didn’t know better I could believe it was some dodgy Linux rip off of a real Zelda game, like Tux Kart was a Mario Kart rip off.
  11. Quite possibly. Given the choice I’d have probably gone for the disk version myself, which is silly since I think the last physical game I bought was on PS3. More than happy to just have either at this point though.
  12. Dunno if it makes any difference or not, but I got the Digital Foundry Deals tweet notification on my phone and after seeing the Amazon Smile thing mentioned on here earlier and quickly typed smile.amazon.co.uk into the address bar. I then just added the PS5 to my basket and bought as I would any ‘normal’ item. No errors or anything. Just super smooth.
  13. Just got an order in for a digital version. Coming tomorrow.
  14. I’ve played a few times over the last couple of years, but never for prolonged periods so I’d say I have a bit of experience, enough to generally hold my own. I’ve played through LMoP but the rest was home-brew with maybe a sprinkling of ideas from Adventurers League modules, so I’m happy to play anything. I actually own all the campaign books but I made a conscious decision to do no more than flick through them and look at the pictures.
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