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  1. It took me 6 to get BOOB earlier. A double double letter FFS.
  2. Also, for the downtime between rounds, here's a puerile alternative - a 'four-letter word' game: https://sweardle.glitch.me/
  3. That's more of an achievement than getting it quickly. Ruled out almost every letter except the right ones.
  4. Had a few more goes on the Citadel, and nothing. Then had a quick look at a guide vid and found it next try. Just B6 to go.
  5. I went back to this yesterday. Mainly because I wanted to play something on the PS5 rather than sit in front of my computer, and there's not much else on it, but anyway. It's good to remind yourself just how amazing this is from time to time. Within a few minutes, it clicks back into place, and the way it feels to play really is so much sharper and more satisfying than almost anything else. Having kept chipping away at it on and off, I'm also now just 3 glyphs away from getting the last couple of trophies - 1 in B3, 2 in B6. When I'll ever actually find those is anyone's guess, of course.
  6. Almost messed it up after a strong start. Wordle 200 5/6*
  7. I always have Dark Souls, Mario 64, FFVII and Street Fighter 2 Turbo in mind. It's weird that I don't have more newer stuff though, maybe Breath of the Wild can make it a 5. It seems a shame that they're all such obvious choices, but it is what it is.
  8. Yeah, I finished Eastward. I think it's about 25 hours, but would have been great at 15. Its chat-action ratio is way off kilter. BD2 was pretty boring, and I have quite a high tolerance for JRPG stuff. I was recently enjoying Octopath, for example.
  9. Changed my mind on that. It's a pain in the arse.
  10. I don't think I was massively disappointed by many games, because I didn't necessarily expect them to be good in the first place. But all of these were at least a little below par: Oddworld: Soulstorm Biomutant Far Cry 6 Bravely Default 2 No More Heroes 3 Halo: Infinite SP - yeah, I had a good couple of hours with it once I reached the outdoors (the grappling hook is a great addition), but I could already tell it wasn't going to offer much variety, and I haven't been back since. While I always expected it, I still can't believe the main enemy types are still basically the same as the ones from the original, and still quite a small selection. It's baffling - like if Resident Evil was still doing bog standard zombies and dogs every time. As for actual disappointments, I am a little gutted about Eastward and Cris Tales. Two modern takes on the old JRPG format that let themselves down after doing good early work. Eastward is still pretty decent, it just too weighed down with dialogue scenes and skits. Cris Tales fails to develop its potentially interesting time warp mechanics and combat system into anything remotely varied or challenging.
  11. Currently playing another Metroidvania - Aeterna Noctis - which may well end up as one of these. It's leaning into the Hollow Knight approach to the genre, but just isn't quite there. So far at least.
  12. Well, it's not out on Switch yet. Unfortunately, it's one of the few games this year that I really wanted to play but haven't got round to. It does sound great.
  13. Didn't GTA and Balan get a kicking from a lot of places? Or at least a shrug. Their metacritics are pretty low.
  14. I probably played more new games this year than I have in any other year. There certainly wasn't a shortage. But while a lot of them were good, very few were brilliant. So a good year, but not a great one.
  15. It doesn't really matter does it (I didn't vote)? If I had to decide, I'd say as long as it's had a commercial release of some kind in 2021, it can count. But I'd also say it's not really in the spirit of the thing to vote for your old favourites that happened to be released on a new platform this year. So, in effect, what were the best games that were released in some for this year that you played for the first time this year?
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