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  1. Wordle 226 3/6* I was fairly sure of the last 4 letters on that guess, but the first one could have been any of a few things. Lucky.
  2. I was thinking recently that that would make more sense, in tune with the action film feel. But it never occurred to me that it was actually supposed to be that, because it feels the same as getting hit in various other games, and it's easy to assume the red effect signifies blood. Shame they didn't find a better way to convey the idea. Plus there are times when you're getting shot at point blank range (at least when I play), and the whole luck thing doesn't add up then.
  3. Ghosts and Goblins was robbed of any recognition! Still, Returnal was the one real masterpiece of the year, so it's good to see that reflected. I wonder how it would've fared in a more competitive year?
  4. It's not though, is it? Uncharted games are pretty much equal parts story, combat, platforming/exploration and puzzles. And as much as it's about the combat for you, it's a different aspect for the next person - I suspect that's one reason they have such wide appeal. I mean, there are long stretches where you barely see any combat - why wouldn't others enjoy those parts more?
  5. Perhaps I'm just not as sensitive to these things, but I think these quotes are overselling it a bit. There are some noticeable uses of rumble, trigger tension and 3D audio, but nothing game changing. "Feels like you've made the jump yourself." Er, yeah, sure.
  6. I quite enjoyed it for a couple of hours once I got to the open world bit, then felt like I'd seen it all and haven't been back since. And yeah, the story/dialogue/characters make for some of the worst sci-fi I've seen in recent years - it just makes the whole thing feel dull.
  7. It is a mystery to me though that there is this disparity between the critical reception and a lot of players. Although I have seen it do reasonably well on player-voted GOTY lists as well, so perhaps it's not as wide as it seems.
  8. Nameless King and Abyss Watchers too (and probably some in the DLC). Can't stand them. When the bosses are the kind that take time to learn, the last thing I want is to have to repeat a long sequence I've already figured out every time I want to get to the bit I haven't. There were also too many big guy in a square room type fights in DS3. And, yeah, I just found them really hard, like it wanted me to play like Bloodborne but without the moves to do it. Capra Demon? That's one of the best of all. Just the kind of leftfield, ballsy design I like, and guaranteed to have me on edge every time I enter that room. I'd love something as smart as Capra Demon in ER, rather than variations of things we've done a dozen times before.
  9. Yeah, him. I spent about an hour on it failing then went off to explore the rest of the map. It still took me nearly an hour ever after that, but at least I was doing reasonable damage by then. I think Nioh 2 especially gets it right. It finds a much more interesting way of doing the multi-phase thing by having them move back and forth into the Yokai dimension, where they become tougher but can also be damaged more.
  10. The bosses used to be a highlight, in Demon's, Dark 1 and Bloodborne. They became really annoying in Dark 3 and Sekiro, tedious things that don't know when to die. I'd be happy if they went back to the Demon's/Dark style of boss, where it's more about figuring out a trick or using the environment to your advantage than standing in a big square room learning lengthy combos. And just one health bar, please - no need for that multi-phase nonsense. From the beta thing, I don't think there's going to be any really clever stuff going on with the bosses in Elden Ring, certainly not the indoor ones anyway. They're still just enclosed fights in a big room. But loads of them are optional and relatively short - the kind you can win simply by figuring out the right approach. While the compulsory ones should be less common. Still, the one in the beta was an absolute bastard, but if you go off and fully explore the area first you'll be in much better shape to take him on. And there's summoning - both actual humans and the various AI ash creatures you can conjure up.
  11. Wordle 219 5/6* Not the same starting words, but ended up on the same path.
  12. I play with headphones on, so I guess that cuts down on a lot of potential embarrassment. My wife still has the occasional chuckle as she's passing by and sees some dialogue on screen - I reckon she's right that it's shite about half the time, and the other half something's lost without the context. There were definitely bits of MGSV, Persona, Yakuza etc. that I would've been embarrassed to be seen with though. I think Persona games might be the worst - because, yes, I am having these soppy conversations with teenage girls and buying them gifts and trying to get them to like me, but it's, er, to upgrade our bonds so we can fight the monsters better. OK? Bayonetta, meanwhile, has always created this split in opinion, and I think both sides have a point. It's camp and empowering and also overtly sexualised, all at once. I really do play that one for the fine gameplay and flamboyant style, which is truly great, while admitting there's a lot of cringe to get through. This reminds me of an incident many years ago when I was living with my parents. I was playing Silent Hill and me dad came in to tell me something. I had the game on pause while we were talking, then unpaused as he was leaving and he was there just long enough to see me smash a nurse over the head with a metal pipe. When I saw his shocked reaction I tried to explain that she was like a zombie, but basically he left thinking I was some kind of psycho.
  13. Of course. I hadn't thought of that. I really should have since I'd already used that same skill to complete one of the other side quests.
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