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  1. 20 hours ago, Uncle Nasty said:

    Amazing that the access to such a huge and significant area is so obscure. And it just keeps going, and going. I found it by accident by jumping down as a last resort, running away from a knight blasting me with lightning. Proper Souls-y level design, shortcuts, amazing NPC quests, incredible boss fight and a dank oppressive atmosphere that you can almost taste. All hidden and optional. Madness.

    I particularly liked that although it's hidden it's also hinted at just enough that you might go looking for it. First an NPC mentions the sewer under the capital. Then in the initial sewer area you pass through you see an item you can't reach behind iron bars, so you know there has to be more to find. That was enough to get me exploring the area more carefully until I found the well. Very clever.

  2. It works a little better on Hard difficulty, I think, in that it forces you to be a bit more focused and clinical, which adds a touch of tension to the combat. Although that still doesn't stop it being very repetitive.


    It's a shame they couldn't make more of, well, everything. All those fantastic views and camera angles are badly underserved.

  3. 1. Dark Souls

    2. Final Fantasy VII

    3. Street Fighter II

    4. Super Mario 64

    5. Elden Ring

    6. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    7. Bayonetta (video game)

    8. Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade

    9. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

    10. Astro Boy: Omega Factor

    11. F-Zero X

    12. Super Metroid

    13. Super Bomberman

    14. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

    15. Invisible, Inc.

    16. Suikoden II

    17. The Witness (2016 video game)

    18. The Last Guardian

    19. Celeste (video game)

    20. Returnal (video game)


    I don't know where to put Elden Ring yet. It may end up at the top of the pile.

  4. I do like Bloodroots, but in terms of challenge it's one of those die, quick restart, repeat type games, where you keep hammering away at each level until you put together a clean run. The camera does rob it of some precision, which isn't ideal for this sort of thing. But it's often great fun regardless, mainly thanks to the sheer variety of weapons. 

  5. It feels like a necessary sacrifice to allow for the ash summons and all the different weapon arts and spells you can potentially use, not to mention that you might meet some of them when you're overpowered, making them much easier. I'd rather have that freedom to tackle them in different ways, I think, even if it means some of them become anti-climatic. But there are still some very good ones anyway.


    Dark Souls would still be my pick for bosses overall, because of the variety. Almost every one is a different challenge, rather than just a different set of moves to learn. They also don't drag on too long. There are some very brave choices in there, too, even if one or two (Bed of Chaos) don't work. Gwyn is a brilliant finale because it's so low-key - it's so in tune with the tone of the game not to keep going for greater and greater spectacle. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Doctor Shark said:

    So you clicked on a topic asking people to rate the games, including Elden ring. You scrolled through the poll, saw that the questions were asking to rate different aspects of the games, saw the big black bold text “best end boss” and instead of closing the page or quickly scrolling past, you carried on reading and saw the name of the boss for Elden ring and then posted a sarcastic remark about how it was somehow spoiled for you? 

    I didn't expect it, and there it was. You could have just listed the names of the games for that bit, no? It's a 100+ hour game that's been out just 2 months.

  7. I haven't finished it, but only because I have to keep stopping for other things. I have played about 80 hours though and have uncovered the full map.


    I've kept going back whenever I've had the chance, and although occasionally it's started to drag a little, I always quickly get back into it once I find a new place to explore. I do wonder if it's perhaps a bit too big for its own good overall, but I love the open world. Having that space to breathe in a From title is a real game changer.


    The only reason I won't finish it sooner or later is if the bosses get too tough near the end.

  8. On 14/04/2022 at 09:46, SpagMasterSwift said:


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    I did wonder if that was what was going on with the dead wife when she was saying she’d only had a few hours and the day in the office was the best day of her life or something. Maybe the wife’s body with somebody’s consciousness put in? Her and Eagan Snr both had that weird vacant stare going on too…Would free up our man to get with Helly! Also the corridor she goes back down is the one in the painting? Like she’s coming from somewhere ethereal…



    It was mentioned that Ms Casey was part-time, so presumably she only comes into work for the wellness sessions then leaves again. Her life as an innie therefore only totals some 100 odd hours (I can't remember what the exact figure was), and she spends much more time as an outie. There's no reason to think her outie isn't the wife, although obviously we have no idea what happened to her or why she was supposed to be dead.


  9. I'm having fun with Orbital Bullet at the moment. A roguelike platform shooter where levels are wrapped round a cylinder. It doesn't seem to have had much coverage anywhere, but it's very slick and has all the usual roguelike/lite progression systems you'd expect.



  10. About 20 minutes.


    It's actually sadly a bit messy and unfinished, with some pretty severe bugs and half-arsed mechanics. Which is a shame because it's a really interesting world and solving the puzzles is great fun.

  11. 3 hours ago, Isaac said:

    The idea that a platformer that fundamentally fails at the core thing it sets out to do can get a 10 is pure madness.


    But Edge always had a very weird hard-on for media molecule.

    In LBP's case, the core thing is tries to do is be a game creation tool. And it is/was a really good one of those. I played around with the Vita version quite a bit and the variety of ideas I was able to implement with quite basic knowledge was impressive. The feel of the platforming was never an obstacle to that, or enjoying other people's creations.


    I know Dreams is a whole level above that too, and it's only lack of time that stops me taking more of an interest. It has a keen community though, who are constantly creating interesting stuff. Complex game creation tools are always going to be a bit niche, I think, because few have the time to invest in them, but for those who do, I've no doubt LBP and Dreams are excellent examples.

  12. 27 minutes ago, Ry said:


    Don't forget PlayStation. Some horrible shit happening at Sony that I don't think has been mentioned on this forum. 

    The point of posting it here was that it's connected to the original subject - Fullbright - and shows a wider pattern of similar behaviour at indie studios headed by celebrated individuals. There's plenty of room to discuss Sony in other threads, or a new one, and I don't see how it helps to immediately try and divert the thread away from its subject, even towards another one that's equally important.

  13. Not just Fullbright. Toxic culture of a similar kind at other indie studios (Mountains, Funomena), according to this investigation:



    Also alarming how all these studios had projects being published by Annapurna, who perhaps encourage the kind of 'Auteur' production style that plays down this sort of behaviour. 

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