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  1. You don't have to sell/dismantle everything one at a time either. Use triangle/Y to highlight the items you want to sell then press cross/A to get rid of the lot.
  2. I have all that 90s nostalgia for the SNES era RPGs, and it is absolutely comfort gaming for those of us of that vintage. However, that also makes it rather conservative. When it comes to the visual style and the combat, they do a good job in keeping the essence of the old while modernising. But when it comes to the storytelling, it just feels old, as if we haven't moved on in the last 30 years. While it occasionally touches on some more 'mature' themes, it doesn't do anything with them.
  3. I do like the combat systems, especially when it comes to some of the bosses, and I still think that visual style is lovely, along with the soundtrack. But it is all rather ordinary beyond that, when it comes to the plots, characters, writing and anything you have to do that isn't combat.
  4. It's strange because it's the opposite of premium content. It's filler or an easy click between more serious articles, and I wouldn't begrudge it being on the site generally (although I agree it could be better written).
  5. I rather liked it as well, some technical shortcomings aside.
  6. Oh, so you can damage him when he's on his horse. Didn't realise that was possible.
  7. I've moved the recent discussion re potential legal issues to the A&F thread.
  8. It's likely a much higher percentage than that, honestly. I feel like this thread could work, if everyone actually ignored the parts of the discussion they didn't want to engage with, rather than commenting on their appropriateness.
  9. Once I got the blacksmith, I visited her between each level and either sold or dismantled a load of stuff. Dismantling anything that's upgraded gives you some upgrade materials back, so you should never be short. My policy is that anything that's 1 star goes, and any duplicate goes. I arrange them by type so I can see if I've got more than one of anything. Worth noting that you can use the triangle (Y?) button to highlight everything you want to get rid of, then hit cross (A) to sell it all in one go. It saves some time. It's all a pointless pain in the arse though.
  10. It's a temporary morale boost. Sometimes worthwhile if you're about to take on a tougher enemy, but it doesn't last very long.
  11. From has been rebalancing its Souls etc. games all the time, or adding extra hints to help you through. Even Ninja Gaiden added an easy mode when it was updated for NG Black.
  12. I think the first boss would be fine if it was a skill check for a really tough experience overall, but actually Wo Long is fairly accommodating for the most part, so it feels like a misstep. It's simply a balancing issue, and it wouldn't surprise me if it was altered a little in the coming weeks.
  13. Probably getting on for 40 hours. It's a similar size to the Nioh games.
  14. I like dual halberds a lot for quick attacks and sustained pressure. Then some sort of spear or javelin as the second option, for range or sweeping attacks.
  15. Stars give weapons mini-perks and bonuses, so the more stars the more of those. You can tailor the bonuses to your liking later as well, but it's not really worth bothering with unless you get deep into it. Generally, just use the one with more stars if you've got two of the same weapons, but don't worry too much about switching if you've already upgraded one.
  16. If it's one of the ones that accompanies you by default, they'll respawn once you rest at a flag. If it's one you summoned yourself, you need to summon them again each time they (or you) die.
  17. Video of fight against one of my favourite bosses (around mission 7). Quite Sekiro like in terms of learning the timings of his various attacks and combos. In the end, I parried just about everything, although still only just about made it.
  18. Have you got all the flags in the level to start at 20 morale each time? Or maybe use the earth spell that boosts defence if it's one-shotting you. That was also one of the bosses that I found easier to do solo.
  19. Yeah, great effort. Thanks for putting the time in.
  20. Yeah, there's an item called willow branch you can use. Not sure if you have it right at the start though.
  21. Worth noting that weapons also have a parry difficulty stat. Choose ones with a higher percentage to make it easier. And (perhaps obvious), it's always worth tracking down all the flags before facing a boss to ensure your starting level is higher each time you fail. I also think it's easier to beat bosses at times without a companion character. It becomes easier to concentrate and makes them behave more predictably.
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