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  1. 2010 1. Black Swan 2. Fishtank 3. The Social Network 2011 1. Headhunters 2. We Need to Talk about Kevin 3, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy 2012 1. Life of Pi 2. The Master 3. Django Unchained 2013 1. Stoker 2. American Hustle 3. The Wolf of Wall Street 2014 1.The Grand Budapest Hotel 2. Whiplash 3. It Follows
  2. The 'satire' in GTA games is equally cynically deployed, so I don't think there's any contradiction. It never takes any kind of brave or risky political stance, it exploits easy targets and tells us were all just as shitty as each other. So the fact that they're just as shitty as everyone in their games is entirely consistent.
  3. Excellent work @Benny and co. Thanks for doing all that. Think I've played 12 of the top 20. Haven't got round to Death Stranding yet and Disco Elysium might be a candidate for next year after the console release. The rest I'll likely never try.
  4. Mr X's footsteps are definitely sound effect of the year. But Sayonara simply had to win the category overall.
  5. I've been almost exclusively a console gamer for the last 30 years and I'm starting to consider a change. A lot of it comes down to how much a good gaming PC would actually cost. If it's not much more than one of the next gen consoles I think I'd go for it. I reckon I'll still always prefer the simple user experience of consoles, but maybe the difference isn't so great there anymore and the sacrifice is worth it. But a lot of this for me comes from writing about games and wanting to have access to more new releases, especially indie games. There's a ton of stuff that begins on PC as early access or as a full release before it comes to console (if at all), and having a PC would increase my options.
  6. I liked Heaven's Vault too. Not enough to vote for it for best game or anything though. I think I had it in the writing category.
  7. Shame no one else but me played Arise: A Simple Story. I'm sure it would have picked up a few votes.
  8. Maybe I was unlucky with technical hitches in Goose Game. To me it felt very much like the villagers were nothing more than simple but still unreliable AI routines. Trying to set up one of the punchlines only for it to fail repeatedly for reasons that aren't clear tends to ruin the eventual payoff. Watching as villagers randomly change their mind about what they're doing mid-chase spoils the fun of antagonising them. In the end, it reduced a concept based on causing chaos to a series of fussy mechanical problems, which to me undermined its whole purpose. It's more fun when you can improvise your bastardry, but the range of reactions is so limited even that has diminishing returns. The goose was still my character of the year though, and the final punchline is a cracker.
  9. I think one minor detail that Resi 2 gets right is swearing. It adds to the sense that Leon and Claire are young, naive types. They've probably never cursed much before, but are using the zombie apocalypse as an excuse to indulge in some naughty language. Besides, how else would you respond to the living dead?
  10. Yeah, the combat in Control works well when you're combining powers and shooting while charging around. It's not like you can just keep chucking stuff around non-stop anyway. It's great as the sort of 'cover shooter' that actually encourages you to get out of cover and get in amongst it. And the guns are equally as important (and satisfying) as your paranormal tricks. It almost snuck into my top 5 as well, so I guess 6th is just right for me.
  11. As mentioned in the thread, Sekiro did beat me with a few of its bosses. I only went back and beat it using outside help from online guides. In that case I could put it down to not wanting to put the time in - spending hours working out boss attack patterns rather than just watching a vid that explained them all. Even then it still felt like an achievement to beat the final boss. But in other games, I don't think it would matter how much time I put in. Something like Ikaruga is a good example. I've seen what it takes to finish that properly and there's no way I've got the reactions/precision control to do it. I reckon I could practice for months and still not get there.
  12. Nemesis looking great. But even though I liked Mr X in Resi 2, I hope they come up with a different way of implementing this.
  13. And it's now a week after Resi 3 and a week before Cyberpunk. That's a shame.
  14. I had given up trying before that. Something I never did in previous From games. This time they went too far.
  15. This isn't quite true. There is one more way. Usually I wouldn't, but life's too short for some of Sekiro's bosses.
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