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  1. Decided to head to the trial even though I had a couple of loose ends, one of which was pretty big actually. Major spoilers: Anyway, what an absolutely incredible game. So many things I love about it. Edit: Did anyone find any solid evidence that pointed to
  2. Finally got round to this after getting it in a Switch sale a while back. It's fantastic. It's an overwhelming start and I had to push through the first 2-3 hours. Still not exactly figured out what happened, but things are really starting to fall into place. And every aspect of it just works together so well.
  3. 33. Slay the Spire (again) Went back to this earlier in the week and realised I hadn't played it since the extra character was added. So I played a number of games as the Watcher, mostly failing well before the end, but just then got an unstoppable build together and didn't get stopped. Fantastic as always.
  4. 32. Carto I enjoyed this rather a lot in the end. It's a slow starter and never really gets beyond very light puzzles, but there's something about it's backwards logic of map-making to re-arrange the world that remains constantly pleasing. Once you get into the meat of it, there's plenty of mileage in the concept and it keeps chucking in clever little things right to the end. Plus the communities and characters you meet on your journey are all very nice and friendly, and helping them out with their odd customs is amusingly daft. I imagine it's a good one to play with kids as well.
  5. The snap traps always have a gold nugget on them now though. Easier to spot once you get used to it. And pots - I got into the habit of throwing rather than whipping. I still haven't actually finished this though. Got to the boss a number of times but always mucked it up.
  6. Well the job ad talks about building a digital strategy alongside the magazine format. No idea what that'll mean, of course, but maybe returning to some kind of online presence? Edit: It also mentions the possibility of remote working.
  7. I should add, in case anyone thinks I'm being too critical, that the lack of variety in combat is in complete contrast to the impressive variety nearly everywhere else - locations, missions, side content, characters. It's a great place to explore.
  8. No, it just did a bit more with them. Made you keep changing stance and learn different timings. And if you ran into a crowd they'd soon take you down. Even then it ran out of steam towards the end and that was in a shorter game. I played with combat on Normal for about half the game, then put it up to Hard. It does make you work a little more and take more care, but doesn't really add any depth.
  9. It is. And yet that's still not a lot over 60+ hours (especially if that includes animals - surely not). But it's more the lack of tactical variety that's the problem - the timings and attack types are too similar, and you barely have to think about it after a while. The enemies don't even really swamp you when you're outnumbered. Ghost of Tsushima did all that stuff better. I literally completed a skirmish with one button the other day. Stood back from the crowd where the two sides were fighting, and whenever an enemy came my way just pressed parry as the attack symbol flashed up,
  10. Zealots start from about power level 90, I think, so probably too early to take any on if you're in East Anglia. You can usually do more damage with arrows, if that helps. Overall, I think the combat in this is its weakest area. It really doesn't develop enough throughout the course of the game, even though you're learning lots of new skills and abilities. The big battles really lose any impact after a while as they're all basically the same and there's so little at stake. I put the combat difficulty up to hard eventually and it made me be a bit more careful, but didn't really add
  11. Oh right. I'm pretty sure it's part of the main story, and should be an option after London. Nice little change of pace too.
  12. I've also got a very er... talented horse.
  13. Have you done the non-England bits? Just wondered because I found myself getting ahead of the level requirement around that stage of the game, and probably took longer to get there.
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