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  1. I don't think the work 'remake' on its own implies a blow by blow repeat of the original in the first place. A 'full remake' suggests a commitment to do the whole thing, but not exactly the same as before, and at the moment it seems the story will continue with further releases. There is a question over whether it's feasible to do the whole thing to current generation visual standards. This game is padded perhaps in part because it took so much effort to create the locations they had to get a whole game out of them. If they take a similar approach to the whole journey, it could span 5 games and take 20 years. This is a question we've all been wondering about for ages, so it's hardly a surprise that it's created an opening for some changes. Regardless, the current situation for me is more interesting than the straight/faithful remake anyway, and I say that as someone who would have welcomed more of the same. Vague spoilers: My only regret is that it wasn't a complete surprise, as I had it spoiled for me on here last week just as I was coming towards the end.
  2. Sounds like you're cutting off your nose to spite your face there, GM. As an FFVII fan for all of those 23 years, I think it's a fantastic retread of the original, packed full of nostalgia as it hits almost all the same plot points and fleshes them out in great detail. It's also a very good game in its own right. As for the ending, I'm not keen on the way it's told, but the implications of it are really exciting, and clearly made for fans, since no one else would appreciate what they've done. BTW, if anyone's wondering whether the change in ending is an excuse to not bother with more episodes, the final thing you see before the credits roll is
  3. Good to see more people enjoying this. It seems so long since it came out now. My Wireframe review was put online in the end: https://wireframe.raspberrypi.org/articles/journey-to-the-savage-planet-review-metroid-primary-colours A strong 84%.
  4. No, she can't, but in a way that helps to simplify things by focusing on the cards. She has more max mana to start with, so you can use cards more quickly, and slowing time helps to ensure their attacks hit the target. Or it just gives you a precious second to think. Edit: Should probably take this to the other thread.
  5. You unlock a character whenever you beat it as a boss on the 4th level or higher. They do offer some very different ways of playing, so it's good fun to experiment once you get some of them. But in the end I always need the occasional pauses you get with chrono Saffron - it's all just too fast for me otherwise.
  6. FFXV doesn't take that long if you don't want it to. Just depends how much time you spend mucking about with the open world stuff. I think I finished in 40 hours and that was after taking on plenty of other stuff. As for completion times on FFVIIR, it could be done in under
  7. It's hard for me to remove myself from the nostagia, but I think it is very good regardless. It's certainly a heck of an improvement over FFXV anyway. Definitely some issues, not least the padding, but I reckon I'd still see it as a good 8/10 without any experience of the original.
  8. I couldn't really get into it until I unlocked the alternative loadout for the starting character. And even after unlocking the other characters, that's still the only one I've ever got to the final boss with. I know how it all works now and have all the card unlocks, but I still struggle with the speed of it.
  9. It's almost as if it's not the big fucking deal you think it is and you've completely overreacted to something you haven't even seen for yourself yet.
  10. Or don't want to spoil it and think people will make up their own minds. Whatever you make of the ending, it doesn't change the experience that came before it, much of which is magical. I hope people don't lose sight of what they have because they're fixated on what's to come.
  11. My review: https://www.videogameschronicle.com/reviews/final-fantasy-7-remake/ I love it.
  12. Agree on Wargroove, but there has been a lot of additional content and changes to it since it came out. I haven't been back to it, but wonder if it's a better experience these days.
  13. Who says it's going to piss off all the fans? Some, of course. It's a shame this ending has leaked so soon. I hope it doesn't spoil people's enjoyment of the rest of the game.
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