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  1. Eventually, perhaps. I did that once before and the code came through a few hours later, so I'd rather not if possible.
  2. It's good to keep switching between the 2 paths, I think. Remember that 4 prayer beads will get you a health upgrade, so if you can find them on the main path it'll make the estate memory easier. At the same time, there are things you'll find in the memory that can make the main path easier.
  3. It is on everything else. I still don't have a review code, and I'm not sure anyone has. Hoping it's bad organisation rather than the usual reason for post-release codes.
  4. Thanks. I'll try and contact him. Anything like that would be great. And if anyone needs advance copies for reviews or whatever, let me know. It's about 3 months away, but I think there should be some available 6 weeks before release.
  5. I know of him from The Guardian. Certainly someone worth contacting. Excellent. Thanks.
  6. So I'm thinking about advance publicity for this now. Basically any opportunity there might be for someone to write about the book, talk about it, interview me, publish something by me etc, whether in print, online, in podcasts or whatever. I've already done OK this year in terms of getting my own writing published in The Guardian, Edge, etc. and hopefully can get articles in some reasonably prominent places nearer the time. But if anyone here can help with suggestions about places that might provide coverage in other ways (interviews, mentions, anything) that would be great. Anywhere that talks about games or books about games in depth really, especially in relation to the politics or social meaning of games. And especially podcasts or YT channels, because I'm not very knowledgeable about those.
  7. Capra Demon is incredible boss design. Just the sort of thing the later games lacked. It's risk taking, and it pays off.
  8. I was hoping to have a review code by now, but nothing yet. Not sure if they haven't sent any out at all or if it's just me.
  9. The views in DS3 are one of its best features. There were a number of times it made me just stop and take in the scenery for a bit.
  10. I don't think it is. Secret of Mana is still great, but I wouldn't pay anything like that for it these days (although I once paid £60 so it seems odd to say that now). The sequel isn't as good.
  11. In a different game I could enjoy that sort of thing. Bloodborne has some bosses like that and it works better because the moveset is that little more dynamic and set up to reward aggressive play. Sekiro even more, although it pushes things too far with multiphase bosses. I think Dark Souls games should be more about strategy, positioning, rather than learning boss combos and exact attack timings. It's one of the things that made the original unique.
  12. Not all of them. Maybe the first 4 or 5. I mean to carry on, but moved on to playing other things. The funny thnig about them is that every new screen you reach looks like the one which has gone too far and you'll never be able to do. And then you start to try it and slowly slowly you realise the impossible is possible after all. That's what I love about the game. Still requires plenty of patience, of course.
  13. Yes, I did get them all. Obviously a lot of them are tricky blighters, and I did use a guide for a few that I couldn't figure out. But each one is only a brief, self-contained challenge. Just depends if you've had enough yet.
  14. I think the one big thing that I failed to figure out for a long time was the importance of running in this game. I managed to discard a lot of the old habits from Souls/BB, but the one thing that's so ingrained from those is how immobile you are when locked on. In fact there are very few games with lock-on combat like this where you can just run around and stay locked on, so it seems counterintuitive to do so. Obviously in the end it's all about getting in close to deal posture damage, but realising that you can just run the fuck away from a lot of big attacks, rather than jump or dodge, makes a huge difference. So yeah, running. It's good. Use it.
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