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  1. I'm not convinced by it yet. It looks like it's been made with a lot of care but I don't see much imagination. The level and enemy design looks very ordinary, especially if that's not the first stage.
  2. 25. Detention 21-24 August So I'd read about this horror game that was supposed to be really good earlier in the year, and when I saw Detention on sale in the PS store I thought that was it. Turns out that the game I'd read about was Devotion and had only been released on PC anyway, and had since been removed from sale altogether. It also turns out that Detention was the previous game from the same Taiwanese devs, Red Candle. It also also turns out that it's really good. Think something like a 2D side-on Silent Hill, with nightmarish versions of ordinary locations (most of it is set around a school). But there's no combat and it's a bit more puzzle focused, kind of like a simple point 'n' click adventure, but not shit. But then it's set in Taiwan during the 60s during the anti-Communist purges and all the disturbing shit connects to the terrors of the time. And it's really quite scary, or at least very tense for long periods. Genuinely effective horror. For instance, to get past monsters you have to hold your breath and walk really slowly right by them, which never stops being a nervy experience. You're also forced to get your hands dirty to solve some of the puzzles, with one 'solution' being particularly grim. But the inventiveness is admirable and it all fits with the overall themes. If anything, perhaps it drags out the final part a bit much, with a tonal shift that focuses more on the narrative, but it's a powerful enough story to get away with it. And right now it's £4 on the PS store (other versions are available). It'll only take you around 4 hours to finish it. Give it a go. Preferably with headphones. Previously:
  3. Went to see this today, coincidentally after watching the episode of Mindhunter last night where they interview Manson and talk about the details at length. Not that it mattered - I was so bored by the time we got there I couldn't care how it was resolved. It might have been OK at 2 hours and with a better script and fewer pointless cameos. But not this.
  4. Heaven's Vault is worth a go. I've bought Detention for £4. Was it round here I'd seen it mentioned before? Anyway it's proper creepy and scary so far. Seems like a good buy.
  5. I'd forgotten about this. Can't help but have a certain respect for it, even though it's a pointless monstrosity.
  6. That was pretty good. I liked the look of The Touryst and Earth Night.
  7. If it's what I think you mean, then I'm glad I didn't know about it in advance too, but it seems it was a big part of the pre-release promo so hardly a secret.
  8. Killing them was fine. It was the time it was taking for each attempt that was the issue. Although I hadn't thought of just dashing through to the second one like that.
  9. I can't see how you can avoid a lot of grinding for materials and ingredients. I guess most of the people who got as far as 100% on the other things were committed to going all the way. Personally, I did the map and the monster list, but gave up a few short of the shard list (I think because of the thing on the train and the 8-bit boss) and nowhere near on the items.
  10. The problem is that a lot of maps end as soon as you kill the boss, which can be annoying if you're still trying to grab treasure or mop up other enemies. So I'd rather they stay put for that reason. They are definitely underpowered though. In older FE games they were generally much tougher, and you often had to really band together to beat them, or abuse the mounted units' rescue command (which I miss from this) to attack then get out of range again. It allows them to run through enemy units so you can't block their paths.
  11. I do like the rewind feature. I always played old FE games as puzzles where I tried to get everything and not lose anyone, so a mistake meant restarting the chapter. For that reason. being able to go back a turn or two instead is very welcome. It is a shame that a lot of the maps here don't have that puzzle-like quality though. The side quests are probably as close as it gets - they're often more interesting than the main story maps and can require some planning.
  12. The point is you've cherry picked examples where the original had differences between campaigns and the remake doesn't, ignoring all the cases where the opposite is true. And then when a bigger difference is pointed out, you say it should've been left alone. Overall, the variation is about the same, and there's additional content outside the main stories which adds further variety. Anyway, what I would really disagree with is any argument that the game needed longer in development or misunderstood the original. They didn't make it the way you wanted, but they made exactly what I wanted, and I can really appreciate the skill and effort involved.
  13. So when they change things around to make the two campaigns more different than they were originally, they should've kept it the same? Can't win with some people. It's also worth noting that they've added extra characters' stories in that can be played as standalone episodes. It's a smart move, in that it stops the main game getting too bloated while adding to the overal content and variety.
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