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  1. Of course. I hadn't thought of that. I really should have since I'd already used that same skill to complete one of the other side quests.
  2. The loop is perfectly judged for the most part, so just as you've got used to one form or ability another one opens up. It's very clever as an RPG in that instead of being overwhelmed by all the quests it piles on you just complete them in the course of having fun with the game. I never felt the need for any major goal or objective to motivate me to keep grinding. It's an enjoyable end in itself.
  3. So we can expect Microsoft to win this every year from now on, since they basically own everything.
  4. Reviews are coming in and generally good (including my own). I've always liked Drinkbox stuff and this is no exception. Should be on Gamepass later.
  5. Nobody Saves the World is the latest offering from Drinkbox, makers of Guacamelee and (the underrated) Severed. More of a silly action RPG/dungeon crawler this time, in which protagonist Nobody changes into a whole load of different character forms (including a horse and a slug), each with their own abilities. Also has 2 player co-op. It's coming to Gamepass and PC on 18th January. Trailer:
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