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  1. Anyone near a ledge is asking for a running kick.
  2. Yeah, tap up to cycle through your two equipped powers, tap left to cycle between two tools (hacking tool and grenade), or right to toggle dual wielding. Triangle cycles between three guns. Although that reminds me that the grenade has different modes, which I completely forgot about after the early stages. I can't even remember how you change between those.
  3. Yep, that's it. I don't find it necessary to bring up the radial menus much. Cycling through two or three options is just as quick.
  4. Towards the end I was relying heavily on two in particular:
  5. Having to escape with a big haul of slab and residuum is a definite highlight for me. It helps that you usually get back to where you were quite quickly if it goes wrong, I think, even if it took a while first time round. I also think this is a game that reveals how good it is quite gradually, and certainly after the opening few hours, which are enjoyable but hardly amazing.
  6. Anything you've infused comes back on the next loop, even if you drop it. Edit: And even if you trash it, I think.
  7. Looking at Metacritic, my review for NME is the only dissenting voice so far. I loved the visual design, the main characters and the dungeons. But really feel it's overly padded and slow-paced. It probably depends on how much you like the writing, because there's a lot of it. If there was a 15-hour version with a tighter script, I think it would be one of my games of the year. At over 20 hours, I got a bit bored.
  8. Yeah, it saves whenever you're at the bunker, so you can stop partway through a cycle.
  9. September has been great. I'm looking at Metroid and Solar Ash for October. Not much at all for Nov and Dec so far.
  10. There's a mode where you can focus on invading other people's games Dark Souls-style. Or if you play the main campaign online, they can invade you. You can set it to 'just friends' so you won't get random people. You need PS+ for it. If you're not into that kind of PvP stuff, it's best not to bother.
  11. Yes and no. The basic mechanics are very similar, but I think it's faster paced and more forgiving in a way that allows you to be more reckless.
  12. The VGC 5/5 is mine. It's one of the games of the year for me (just behind Returnal).
  13. That happened to me once early on. And one time it locked in the menu. There's been a patch since then as well.
  14. I feel like it's encouraging a lot more of an actiony approach than Dishonored. It strips away some of the complications, like having to deal with bodies, it's more gun-focused, and the enemies are easy to deal with in small numbers, so getting spotted isn't a big deal much of the time.
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