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  1. Weird thing - I played through the whole game and don't think I ever saw an ally alert the enemy. Then I played one early part again in NG+ and D got seen and chased by clickers when I was on the other side of the room. She jumped back up to where we'd entered the area and they lost interest. No idea what triggered that.
  2. Yeah, I can't believe the final chapter was ever meant to be DLC. It would an interesting thing to see a developer do one day though - just bolt on an extra episode post-release that completely changed the ending of their game.
  3. A mid game twist where you play as the dog and it turns out you're not a good boy.
  4. Yeah, how dare those women just magically get pregnant all on their own like that. But Owen though, what a lad, eh?
  5. Well, unless they'd turned that around. But for me they didn't.
  6. You mean the character I'd stopped giving a shit about? The 3rd game will be E & A realising that they've murdered so many people they really are the last of us, so they may as well be mates.
  7. I don't think it should have ended the way it did after the theatre, but I could have done with a different ending that didn't require an extra few hours. Or perhaps if the rest of it hadn't been so bulked out, I wouldn't have minded that final bit.
  8. Puzzle game is a very broad term that covers all these examples. It probably could do with some other terms ot differentiate the types, but as far as I know, no one's come up with those.
  9. Silently, of course. An arrow works best. I found the dog just hangs around the body after that, so as long as you don't approach, it's OK.
  10. £50 saving for the digital PS5 doesn't feel like enough of an incentive. If that's all it is, they should chuck in a year's PS+/PS Now on top.
  11. End of day 1: Day 2: Day 3: I have some from later in the game as well, but they can wait.
  12. It hides quite a bit of loading in cutscenes as well. If you start skipping on a second play through, it's noticeable. Not a complaint - it's still really impressive overall.
  13. Yeah, I feel like its mere existence is ruining my enjoyment of the Remake.
  14. The manuals are only in specific places. Often more hidden areas or safes. Maybe it's just me, but I enjoy exploring and scavenging more than enemy encounters in this. There's so much detail in the locations, I just have to see inside and look at everything.
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