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  1. I've been to 4-1 twice so far. Different ones each time. And died quickly of course. Last session I couldn't even get through level 2 again and started to get worn down by it. So many instant death situations where I feel like I've barely done anything wrong.
  2. Does anyone else think the lizards in the caves look like Donald Trump?
  3. The bosses in DS1 are still my favourite - so much more variety in the bosses themselves and the environments they're in. Even Bed of Chaos, which is awful, was at least trying something different. Not just another big bloke in armour in a large square room. They also knew when to die.
  4. After 12 runs I made it to 2-1 for the first time. Where I promptly died in seconds. This was my first run, all 2 minutes of it. A textbook example in the genre of being a fucking idiot:
  5. £50 difference with added PS Now/Plus subs with digital to make it more inticing?
  6. No, once you beat the last boss there's no turning back. If you've got the 4 lord souls, now's the time to do it. And yes, Bed of Chaos is massively shit.
  7. If you haven't already, now's a good time to look up how to get into the DLC.
  8. It's been so strangely quiet. I'm supposed to review it, but heard nothing back from them. A few others I know had the same. Obviously there was the Edge review and perhaps some big places have it, but there was no publicist to contact or anything like that. There was 1 update on the Mossmouth twitter last week to announce the price ($20 BTW). And that's it. Most indie publishers would be doing tons more at this stage to publicise. And this is like the return of the king to a genre that's grown massively since the first game. As far as indie games go, there's nothing much bigger. Perhaps everyone who cares already knows, and they'll be getting it regardless.
  9. I think the AI can be less of a pain on higher difficulties, because you're not always racing ahead then getting hit from behind, and I feel like the pack tends to spread a little more (I may have imagined that). Playing on Expert, when things went quite well I spent a lot of the race tucked behind the front runners, then trying to make a dash to get ahead on the final lap.
  10. I've just started MO: Astray (terrible name), which popped up this week and is only £11. It came out on PC last year and I'd heard good things. It's a 2D linear platform puzzler with horror elements and nice pixel art. I'm still in the early stages, but it does seem excellent. So far it's slower paced and more puzzley than this trailer suggests: Edit: Next bit was some tougher/faster platform stuff.
  11. Plus the guys in the crowd holding invisible guns. (Air rifles?)
  12. I managed to beat the staff ghost on the first track after some practice. It's a good way of learning how far you can push the boosting, even taking it round some corners.
  13. It's quite something to take a game as fresh as Breath of the Wild, copy it so carefully, and end up with a game that looks like 100 others. I mean, say what you like about the combat or the breaking weapons in BotW - it had its own feel, it needed figuring out. With this, I was bored of the combat before he'd killed the first cyclops in that longer video.
  14. Right, managed to win the first GP on Expert. Despite the AI, that was a lot more fun. The drifting really is lovely.
  15. The tracks do get more interesting when you're going faster on higher difficulties. I prefer playing on Expert, even if I can't win the first GP yet.
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