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  1. 3/5 review from me: https://www.videogameschronicle.com/reviews/bravely-default-2/ The jobs system is great, but I found the setting and characters pretty dull and it's poorly balanced in terms of difficulty. You can autopilot your way through most dungeons only to hit a brick wall at some of the bosses.
  2. I played through Ghouls n Ghosts on the Capcom arcade collection to compare and found it easier overall than Resurrection even on the second lowest difficulty. Although that's partly because there are loads of checkpoints on the English arcade version. It's only switching to the Japanese emulation that you get the old one checkpoint per level system. I never knew there was a difference. I suppose I mainly remember it from the MD version.
  3. Spot on, for me. And Donlan always finds the most lyrical ways to describe these things.
  4. Not really, no. I think it looks pretty good in motion.
  5. I've been playing it for a piece I'm going to write. I've mostly stuck to the second lowest of the four difficultly levels so far, which feels about right to me. It's about on a par with the original Ghouls n Ghosts but you can take 4 hits and there are extra checkpoints. The top difficulty, which is like classic GnG in terms of checkpoints and health, is actually much harder than the old games (I haven't played Ultimate enough to say how it compares to that). Tons of enemies on screen. I think that will be too much for me. All that said, I think it's really good overal
  6. Yeah, it kind of is. Lots of loosely connected scenes. It's not a story where something's going to happen that makes it all click into place. Vague thematic spoilers, nothing plot specific: It is a little slow and padded in the middle though. Started to drag in episode 3 for me and a bit in 4.
  7. It's amazing that the 3rd Strike review still gets its monthly mention in these threads. What was it, 20 years ago now? Perhaps Edge should do more outlier scores if people are going to talk about them so much.
  8. I Care a Lot is infuriating but also rather good. Rosamund Pike gets old people taken into care and gets control of their assets. Legally. Until she messes with an old lady with shady connections. Far-fetched, but as a study of the sheer drive of American individualism and the parallels between legal and illegal business, it does a good job.
  9. A little but not very. There are moderately challenging bosses, but they have predictable patterns that don't take long to learn. Checkpoints are pretty frequent in the levels as well. And there's an easy mode.
  10. Ninja Saviors (Ninja Warriors) at half price. That doesn't get discounted often. Might be worth a shot. And another yes to Huntdown. It's a goodun.
  11. Yeah, can't add much except agreement. Not that all their games appeal, but they're guaranteed to be trying something different. Oh and, surely Maquette needs a mention at this point, given that it's out in a couple of weeks:
  12. I think I remember that one being a real pain. I may have even left it for a while and come back later. Not very helpful, I know. Good luck!
  13. And begs the question, if no one wants to play the game that's actually worth making, why make this thing at all? Still, after 12 fucking years. Because apparently we just don't have enough media that tells stories of US wars from their soldiers' perspectives.
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