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  1. JML

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    That was the best one!
  2. Nah, I'll just trick my wife into doing it.
  3. Christ, imagine being a child looking round to the back of a cinema to see your dad happily munching away on popcorn in his little happy place five rows away from you. You give a tiny wave but he's too enthralled in his important comic book film to notice. Wish he was here. Still, he said those were definitely the only seats they had. You feel sad as you spot several empty ones nearer. It's like when daddy's train was delayed by three hours on your 6th birthday party the week Infinity Wars came out. The lady on the screen dropkicks a scary alien and dad nearly chokes of his popcorn with excitement. You kick mum again.
  4. But... it's his kid. Why is it automatically his wife's job to look after their apparently unbearable hellspawn while he's booked a secret manchild ticket for the the other end of the cinema? Have I missed something?
  5. JML

    The Alan Partridge Thread

  6. JML

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    I second this, Tim key is amazing live.
  7. JML

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    Yeah by heart sank a bit when they started the same boring, over-long digiwall joke again. Also the Scottish interview was one of the weakest bits of Partridge ever.
  8. JML

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    The opening scene about his tan was lifted word-for-word from the first series of MMM, strangely.
  9. Thanks. But that one goes all shite and weird and fan-made near the end. Do the HBO YouTube channel ever do them?
  10. Does anyone know of a decent, fairly brief but comprehensive YouTube recap of the last 7 seasons for my mum - who has forgotten everything that has ever happened...
  11. JML

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    That's bollocks though. Partridge has undergone a tasteful evolution under the Gibbons' tenure. They have moved way from broader aspects of the character and have made him more well-rounded and sympathetic to an extent. Whereas keeping it all exactly the same would run the risk of him becoming a parody. The books, the specials and MMM contain some of my favourite Partridge ever - which makes the fact I'm not finding this funny even more confusing.
  12. JML

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    Over my lifetime no one in the world has made me laugh more than Coogan has as Alan, so it really pains me to admit it, but this is the first Partridge thing ever for me that isn't landing. I'm barely laughing and I cannot put my finger on exactly why. It's incredibly well-crafted and detailed, the narrative is tight, and Coogan's performance is meticulous, but a lot of jokes seem a bit awkward and forced. Like, the 'COCKSUCKER' joke was appalling. There is no way he or anyone else would ever do that and it isn't funny anyway. And even the funnier stuff just seems a bit off for some reason.
  13. That and the fact that I outlined his right-wing beliefs as your first question was 'is he right-leaning?'

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