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  1. I got myself an RS-97 a while ago. One of the newer models with the nice 60hz screen. I'm still well impressed with it. I bought it as I was fed up with Retroflag taking so long to get the GPi cases in, and then when I saw the scalpers get their hands on them, well that was me out. It's currently around £189 on Amazon UK. Sod that. For what you get with the RS-97, it's not going to be very far off from the Pi Zero anyway. I stuck the RetroFW on it, added a pile of games and it is a joy. SNES isn't great but if you enable auto frame skipping it's actually pretty good on such a tiny screen. You aren't going to be noticing a lot of frame skipping at that size. The revelations for me so far are GBA, which is just brilliant on this device, and a very performant FBA. I can even play MvsC on the go! For £45 I recommend it. Exciting to see upgraded versions on the way too.
  2. Interesting. I'd be curious to see the comparison video. I myself just use a fairly bog standard Panasonic 40" TV with a cheapo component (I might have already mentioned this, sorry). The Wii is set to HDTV and beyond a few picture calibration settings that's the extent of my interaction with it tbh. It's been OK for the longest time. Actually, if you are tech-savvy with the Wii you may be able to help me. I'm having an odd issue that has only recently surfaced. Basically this only happens with USB Loader GX. If I use an official Wii Classic controller (I have 3 of these) to navigate my collection, I notice that when sweeping the pointer from left to right that it judders and skips about. Now in the past this has been an issue with the Wii when the light isn't right. It can be picky. However this is only happening on USB Loader as I say. In game things seem to be OK, but I'm really confused as to why this is suddenly happening. I've tried: New SD cards, (several of) fresh install of different versions of USB Loader. Different sensor bar - daughter has her Wii with an official bar in her room. "Borrowed" it heh. Sensor bar in different locations. Different Wii remotes and classic controllers - all official gear, no knockoffs. New component cable. Admittedly I do not have the official cable here, but they've been fine for a long while. Checked settings in USB Loader in case I missed something. Re-calibrated remote sensitivity in Wii console settings. TV picture settings in case you never know. Sitting at different distances etc. So far nothing is helping at all. If you or anyone else have any ideas please do let me know. I suppose it's nothing really as things otherwise are working fine, but my worst fear is something internal in the Wii has corrupted and will only get worse. Hate to lose the Wii, would rather nip this in the bud if I can. Thanks.
  3. Completely agree. Looking at some YT vids, some of the comments are suggesting that these are only very occasionally turning up on Amazon and the like even now. They sell out in minutes. My understanding was that stock was supposed to be coming in properly by this point in July, but we seem to still have this drip-feed going on, if the comments can be trusted. And that's the US, they still haven't even got a listing on Amazon UK. People have been saying they've been checking daily for the last two months to get one. Well that's not how I imagine I'll be buying one of these (nuts to that). At this point if there was a decent alternative I would have bought it by now. Can't help but be disappointed.
  4. Not enjoying this at all so far. Just two eps in but finding it really undercooked with no interesting story strands at all. Everyone looks so thrilled to be in it, but it doesn't feel like the previous two seasons at all. I'll give it one, maybe two more episodes to pull it back before calling it a day I think.
  5. My personal approach as a bloke in my forties who grew up with Grandstand's and ZX81's through to the 32 bit era is, I consider anything up to and including the year 1999 as retro and/or classic gaming. These were the pioneering years for me. This takes you up to the Dreamcast years, and neatly covers my misspent youth. Plus it just about pulls in the first Shenmue. After that, everything else is just nostalgia gaming. My daughter grew up with Super Mario Sunshine and other GC games, but even she doesn't consider those as "retro" games. I loved Rez and Vice City on the PS2. We still play them now, but don't consider them classic or retro games. Just imho, of course.
  6. Yes those are the shots I've seen on GBATemp. I'm guessing you are active there? You say you have a 480p LCD screen. I can only imagine this is why you can see this. I am usually extremely tuned to video differences but after trying the new update to USB Loader out on my TV (as above - a Panasonic 40" 1080p screen, nothing special) and applying the patch in the menu I could not see anything different whatsoever. And I'm not even talking about the games, I mean just browsing the game collection from USB Loader. It all looks exactly the same. I do not have the official component cable, so not sure if that makes any difference, but I do have what I thought was a decent quality lead. My Wii is from about 2008 or thereabouts. Maybe 2007, but no later than '08. I've never been particularly impressed with the Wii's image, but but it's never been especially offensive to me either, unless I switch to the bundled composite cable where it is unplayable on modern TV's imho. You're saying this was never addressed in firmware updates? I'd be curious to see well captured video comparing the differences rather than close up pixel shots.
  7. Glad it's not just me Dumpster! I keep a couple of SD cards with all my Wii stuff on so it was OK for me to just give it a go, but yeah I agree. I was sceptical before and remain so afterwards. Reverted back to the previous version that I know works with everything.
  8. Was reading the other day about this apparent "480p bug" that's been discovered recently on the Wii. Links here, and also here on GBATemp where there is an update to USB Loader GX that incorporates a fix. I'm a bit confused by the whole thing though (and reading into it a bit it looks like the developer of USB Loader isn't that convinced either). How come, if this is a software bug and only affects machines made before 2010, was it not fixed in version 4.3 of the Wii's firmware? Do we know that it wasn't? I have a circa-2008 Wii I think so this bug should affect it, but upon trying the fixed USB Loader and applying the patch I cannot see the difference. Not because I'm blind, but because there isn't any. I'm using a Panasonic 40" 1080p TV. Anyone else have a take on this? What am I missing here?
  9. I do like the new white/red case that the Raspberry Pi foundation has made for the Pi 4 though. Looks very PC Engine-like to me. But I agree it could be some time before we see the benefits of the new board. I'm not rushing in to buy one yet, put it that way, as I'm still very much enjoying the last version and have put a really nice image together to match my Mega Pi case. But I will definitely be getting one. Or two. The devs seem to be intimating that Dreamcast will be very much doable on the new Pi, and also much improved N64 too. Not holding my breath for GC, but luckily still have my Wii for that.
  10. I believe your best bet would be to get the Wii to just boot directly to USB Loader GX. I can't remember how to do it, but it's definitely possible. I think maybe it's an option in Priiloader...?
  11. Well, if I remember correctly, yes it does have the larger border. It's similar to SF2 on the SNES in this regard. It being on the Japanese Super Famicom and/or RGB makes no difference to this, other than slightly smaller bars compared to the UK PAL systems. If anyone knows better than me, please post up!
  12. We were lucky enough to have both the Master System and the Mega Drive in our house back then (huge Sega fans!) and we also had both versions of this. I agree the Master System version is the better game, but I do love the sumptuousness of the Mega Drive version. It's so luxurious visually and in my (46 year old) eyes hasn't really aged. The game is still fantastic too and much more fun than the remake imho. I remember back when this came out that there was quite a lot of criticism of Sega's "too short, too easy" platform games, but I played many of them through over and over and really got my value out of them. I knew they were shorter than say the Mario games, but it never for a moment spoiled my fun with them. Still doesn't. ;-)
  13. Yeah I recently got into the whole scanlines thing. I usually don't bother as here in the UK it wasn't something you saw unless in the arcade. I always felt the default bilinear filter was more akin to my old telly. However I do have to say it makes things look fantastic. I'm using the zfast curve shaders and have added some simple bezels and it really fleshes it all out. The only downside with shaders I can see is it does make the image ever so slightly darker. Got to be careful with Retropie when I'm off work. Days are eaten up with it!
  14. One thing I will recommend is to use a hard drive rather than a USB stick. I used a 32gb stick at first and that was fine with GC games, but it would not work with my Wii rips. It just kept going to a black screen (I'd posted here about it in fact). After a read of the GBA Temp forums, the USB Loader developer said that for it all to work you should use a hard drive. Since switching to this Elements drive everything is running extremely well. For £50 it's added so much value to my Wii, and it was well worth it.
  15. Of course, sorry I didn't mean to be a nobhead. Just comes naturally I guess! I was actually using the one from the OP and it wasn't working, but the emulator you link to there does have a channel installer, and that works fantastically well. Thanks (yet) again!
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