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  1. We were lucky enough to have both the Master System and the Mega Drive in our house back then (huge Sega fans!) and we also had both versions of this. I agree the Master System version is the better game, but I do love the sumptuousness of the Mega Drive version. It's so luxurious visually and in my (46 year old) eyes hasn't really aged. The game is still fantastic too and much more fun than the remake imho. I remember back when this came out that there was quite a lot of criticism of Sega's "too short, too easy" platform games, but I played many of them through over and over and really got my value out of them. I knew they were shorter than say the Mario games, but it never for a moment spoiled my fun with them. Still doesn't. ;-)
  2. Yeah I recently got into the whole scanlines thing. I usually don't bother as here in the UK it wasn't something you saw unless in the arcade. I always felt the default bilinear filter was more akin to my old telly. However I do have to say it makes things look fantastic. I'm using the zfast curve shaders and have added some simple bezels and it really fleshes it all out. The only downside with shaders I can see is it does make the image ever so slightly darker. Got to be careful with Retropie when I'm off work. Days are eaten up with it!
  3. One thing I will recommend is to use a hard drive rather than a USB stick. I used a 32gb stick at first and that was fine with GC games, but it would not work with my Wii rips. It just kept going to a black screen (I'd posted here about it in fact). After a read of the GBA Temp forums, the USB Loader developer said that for it all to work you should use a hard drive. Since switching to this Elements drive everything is running extremely well. For £50 it's added so much value to my Wii, and it was well worth it.
  4. Of course, sorry I didn't mean to be a nobhead. Just comes naturally I guess! I was actually using the one from the OP and it wasn't working, but the emulator you link to there does have a channel installer, and that works fantastically well. Thanks (yet) again!
  5. Meh, sadly it's not really much better. One or two work now, but still many others crash. Think I'm going to remove Retroarch and just stick with the standalone emulators. Does anyone have a good working forwarder for VBAGX? The one I have crashes to the Wii menu.
  6. Been playing about with Retroarch on Wii. Looks like the newer releases are really buggy. Couldn't get anything running nicely with MAME on the 1.7.X series. I managed to find an older download - version 1.5.0, which apparently doesn't have the same MAME bugs (something to do with PAL and NTSC). Gonna give it a go. Link is here in case others wish to give it a go too, but I'll report back later. I have a full 0.37b5 set so plenty to play with.
  7. Funny how this old thing has for us again become the centrepiece console in the house in 2019. Everyone loves it! What a difference it makes not having to hunt my discs out and faff about swapping them to change games. In a way it makes a good case for disc-less systems, but I suppose the other side of that for me is of course that I already have the discs anyway, so there's still some sense of ownership. Thanks again to Dumpster for this outstanding guide. It's been so much fun setting it up and seeing it all working, and I'm loving the whole nostalgia of it. I was playing Billy Hatcher this morning and it's still a great game. Me and my daughter used to love it back in the day when she was little and spent ages together with it. She's left home now and is working abroad at the moment but still has her own Wii left behind in her bedroom. I've offered to mod it for her thanks to your guide so she can take it on her travels. She'll love it!
  8. Thanks for all your help people. I did try running it from SD as I say but it was the same. Also my image file is indeed 1.4gb. I don't have any that are less tbh. It's gonna be something really stupid, but I'll try reinstalling nintendont. What did you think about the FAT32 cluster size idea? Am I way off?
  9. Thanks again for replying. I defragged the drive this morning on the laptop with Windows and honestly thought I'd solved it, but it crashed again at the same place on the 5th loading of the game. Even tried a different image but the same result. I notice on the bottom right of the screen sometimes that some glitching comes into view when it happens. Just a small line of what looks like white noise peeps in as it freezes. It was the same on the SD card too. Oddly the music still plays despite the game itself freezing. I'm beginning to worry that I didn't format it correctly now. All the tutorials said to format to FAT32 with 32k clusters and I'm worried I didn't do this. I just used GParted and formatted to FAT32, and didn't check the cluster size. I didn't worry at the beginning as it all seemed to be working well. Is there any way I can check the cluster size on the drive as it is now using either Linux or Windows? I can't seem to find anything with Google as the searches are all about formatting.
  10. Thanks for the help. The drive is formatted FAT32 from my Linux install using GParted. It's powered solely by the Wii - there's no external power supply. I haven't tried running the game from the SD card but that's a spiffing idea! I'll give it a go. Many thanks again.
  11. Hoping someone can help me with this crazy problem. I've ripped now most of my GC and Wii collection onto the external hard drive. It's a WD Elements 1TB portable drive. I think for the most part this has gone well. Although I haven't really had a gruelling session on anything, the games seemingly run OK. I'm using Nintendont, most often via USB Loader GX. However I'm having an issue with a GC game that seems to only want to play intermittently. Some of the time it loads up and plays fine. but half of the time it will crash during gameplay. I've checked the hash of the iso and it's correct, so I'm assuming it's not that. I tried changing some loader settings for the game but to no avail. Each time I think I've fixed it, the next play of the game will crash. And it's often in the same spot too - like right before kick off (it's Virtua Striker). I've tried just using Nintendont on it's own and it's the same, so it's not USB Loader. It happened on the previous version of USB Loader too, so it can't be because I updated it. I'm at a complete loss. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks folks.
  12. To be honest I don't know, sorry. I did it the old fashioned manual way by sticking the card in the PC and copying the new stuff over. Have been using USB Loader to finish off the last few discs I have in my collection and happy to report that side of it is still working OK too. Phew! This bloody disc drive is clicking and banging all the time. Praying I get them on the HDD before it collapses!
  13. Well, in the interests of science (and also having a day off work to play with it) I plucked up the courage and did the update, making sure to keep a backup of the old one just in case. I noticed quite a lot of my stuff was out of date in fact, such as the database and the emulators, so I got all that updated too while I was at it. So far everything seems to be running really well and nothing has been broken. Spent all morning playing various games (especially Virtua Striker 3 - I love that game) and it is all good. I was surprised to see native Wii-style start screens for GC games which is very nice, much nicer than the old style imho. Oh and I found the changelog here:
  14. Not sure if anyone here noticed, but there was an update for USB Loader GX just before Christmas. Now on version rev.1271. I'm still on rev.1268. Anyone here tried the new version? Has it broken anything or is it all good? I've gotten everything running peachy so I'm reluctant to update for the sake of it. Tricky to find relevant changes on the site, so people's own experiences are always preferred. Also wanted to post up a second thank you to Dumpster for the tutorials here. I had some trouble earlier in the thread with cIOS, but I recently decided to get a proper external drive and try again. Luckily this time it's all worked beautifully and I can now back up all my GC and Wii discs. An absolute godsend, especially as my machine's drive is making some extremely strange clicking noises recently. Hope I can get them all done before it decides to pack in altogether.
  15. Lumpy

    Best machine for emulators?

    It's not perfect but the Pi hits the spot for me. I love the whole setting it up over a week or two, and the reward when it all runs well. Apart from some N64 games, but that's by-the-by. :-D

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