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  1. Big horror game fan here but I can't get away with this at all.
  2. At least he told himself he was losing his job.
  3. Yeah I totally see that, hopefully with good aim-assist. In a darkened room with ear buds it's probably awesome. I think you need to play part one first though to really hit those story heights.
  4. I'm amazed they got it working at all, but for me it's a big screen adventure romp. Surely it's bordering on illegal too if it's not playable out of the box.
  5. He wouldn't need to, presumably they're 30fps with decreased fidelity, both a big impact on quality of life and difficulty.
  6. Courthouse scene was godly. Tricky on hard but satisfying. Headshots are OP and once you're out of the main room you're home free. Then what happened afterwards
  7. Not a prob, I didn't realise i was pissing everyone off with my phraseology. I came to the series with no expectations so my experience has all be an upward trajectory. I was giggling like a schoolgirl at the main audition scene. Any way sorry for the topic takeover.
  8. The only real nessecary stealth is to take out the two commanders per area, and that's totally optional. Ah well sorry you didn't enjoy it. Luckily it's Bethesda so they end up super cheap quite quickly. Possibly not on Switch although I can't believe this 8gb card malarkey. Why even bother with a physical release!!
  9. Man you really hated it. I'm running it on hard and finding no problems, although oddly it is harder at the start with the 50 health limit. I guess I just love the world and really enjoy it. Surprised to be in the minority. Oh and its full of exploding Nazis and run and gun, I like to set the alarms off and slaughter the floods of backup with heavy artillery and dual wields.
  10. It totally could, that's why I'm explaining what can be missed. It's well worth it though, the Terror Billy propaganda stuff is brilliant too.
  11. Cool, I wasn't being funny.
  12. I played the entire first game without the silencer for example, using only back takedowns. I really cocked it up but loved my 2nd run through the alternate timeline. I'd really recommend it, although possibly not on Switch for all the cheap 8gb card shenanigans.
  13. Well with respect, it's very easy to "do it wrong". If you don't use the silencer, dont see the upgrades, dont pick up the map to get the secrets, you can have a bad time. I'm not trying to be condescending, it's genuinely easy to play it wrong. Its so worth it though, the bit with the giant robo-dog is worth the admission.
  14. As much as I enjoy your photo, you are wrong and missing out.
  15. Wolf is amazing and part 2 has had me beaming with a huge smile throughout. If you aren't having fun you're doing it wrong. Silence the pistol immediately for stealth, level up your abilities by completing the mini challenges, use the lean ability in combat, and properly apply your upgrades. Explore the hub too. I'm just starting and I'm loving the whole thing.
  16. Very fun games. If I might add some post-match analysis. I think my own style of play is to throw people off by doing stupid things at the wrong times. Where as I think you all are more studious, is that a word? I think my game has reached it's limits on a pad, I can't do reliable dragons, so I need to relearn it with my joystick adaptor. I'm struggling with it though, the buttons are so far apart I'm not as tight with them. So I think I need to deconstruct my game and relearn with a joystick, but that seems to sap away some of my dumb luck style. Oh and I'm very sorry, I have zero clue how to play Alpha apart from mashing with Chunny, and even less clue with SF3, so I really can't pick then. Sorry about that.
  17. Let's get some lobbies going then later, hope they work.
  18. Well it added a connection filter so I can play ranked without being penalised. Apart from that, it's the same. Full of try hard Ryu and Guiles.
  19. I don't look at any of these collections as definitive historical pieces, more like the price of entry to play on each gen. I'm sure we'll all do the same again for the 35th or 40th collection. I paid 20 quid to play it online, nothing more so I'm not too stressed. Of course they will patch in legacy support because I just bought a brook.
  20. I can't even select him if I try. Gonna have some games shortly if anyone's playing on PS4 tiddlesworth74.
  21. No 3 button macros, no extra filters, no proper sf2t rom, and probably the only patch there'll be. Caution team.
  22. It's their "compromise", clean up DOA, make this extra-pervy.
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