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  1. Shiiiiiit, this week's ep was about as grim and heavy as there's ever been. Wasn't expecting it at all given how fun season 7 has been so far. Edit: On the other hand, the promo for next week's episode looks like an 80s buddy cop laugh riot with Mack & Deke, which I am totally down for.
  2. I’m actually really digging this. Mel is captivating despite being a completely awful monster, while Leyton frantically tries to pull all these disparate threads together, preaching unity against the shits it living it large in First and using any and everything he can as a weapon against the bastards. The human race is, of course, totally doomed because burning the whole fucking thing down is the most decent option left.
  3. Little Joe (2019) I shan't lie, I only watched this because I have a soft spot for Emily Beecham, who actually won Best Actress at Cannes for it. She's very good as Alice, a divorced botanist struggling to find time for work and her son, Joe. She uses genetic engineering and viral techniques to create a new flower - the Little Joe of the title - and shit 'appens, as they say. It's equal parts middle class single parent angst and pod people paranoia ala Invasion of the Bodysnatchers. It's rather slow and feels quite stagy, restricted as it is to just a few repeating sets/locations. It feels very much like a BBC2 Sunday night drama in scope and ambition considering it's about mind-altering plant pollen turning people into pod people (OR IS IT?). Despite that, Emily gives an excellent and realistic/natural feeling performance as the uncertainty and paranoia begins to creep in, and while the camera work is hella static, visually it's surprisingly beautiful at times with some nice framing and use of colour, albeit not particularly cinematic. While it sounds like it would be horror on paper, it's not remotely a horror film. More like vaguely unsettling at best. I wouldn't watch it again but eh, it passed the time. 2 and a half Bill & Bens/5
  4. The faces look like KO action figures from Poundland, the suits/designs are hideously fussy, it’s just completely unappealing. Kamala’s prominent role is about the only upside so far.
  5. The Last Boy Scout “You touch me again, I’ll kill ya.”
  6. It's fine, don't beat yourself up. The pilot was pretty try-hard, and the second worst episode of the first series. Buff Riddler is making me think I should get a giant hamster wheel.
  7. Sad news. Yeah, Batman & Robin was awful but most of his other stuff was highly watchable.
  8. Hereditary Normally, I try to do a proper mini write up for these things but this film was complete and utter shite so can't be bothered. The 'teenage' son looked about 30 and I am so incredibly over witches always being portrayed as evil, scheming bastards. 1 Cute Miniature House Model out of 5
  9. I did, or rather I just skipped to the final four eps of season 7, enjoyed them and feel no need to go back and watch the rest. Ahsoka and Rex's stories were picked up by basic cultural osmosis, it's easy to fill in the blanks and likewise, it's common knowledge at this point that Maul survived the fight on Naboo.
  10. Honestly, with the exception of the island section and the fact it doesn’t let me kill Micah within 5 minutes of meeting that sack of shit, I thought this was a masterpiece. Albeit an incredibly bittersweet one. Act 3 Athur hanging out with the veteran and the widow in the hills were just lovely, lovely moments I treasure. And Mrs Adler owns bones. Usually with these highly praised narrative driven titles, I tend to bounce off them (I found TLoU aggressively mediocre and largely unmemorable, and The Witcher 3 failed to grab me in its first few hours so barely been bothered to go back to it) but this held my attention from the opening to the sadly inevitable conclusion.
  11. Mods, permaban this oaf for disgraceful slander and disrespect.
  12. That sounds utterly moronic and I can't for a moment imagine it would ever happen.
  13. Been thinking about this game a lot lately, there's lots I want to say about it but not gotten around to composing my thoughts yet. In the meantime though, this video is incredible, a vision of Hell provided by a truly sadistic modder as he tortures one of the top speedrunners in the A:I community: The post-Medical escape section in particular is glorious. The big fella's had enough of Sevastopol's shit, he's gonna eat every face he can find.
  14. Plus it wasn't just The Rock (though he certainly contributed to the hype factor of the fifth film). The gangbusters success of Fast Five was a combo of being the Avengers of the series, the novelty of Vin v The Rock, a nicely diverse cast, and just being a damn good time at the flicks. But it wasn't an overnight thing, they built to it over the course of a decade, said goodbye to some characters, introduced others, it was pretty organic as these things go. And look at it now: it's got a spin-off, and the last two entries pulled in well over a billion a piece. Shit's cray-cray. And it all started with a Point Break knock off with some dudes ripping off VHS/DVD players without any grand saga in mind.
  15. Exactamundo. I have seen it suggested that it will be a released to get an idea of how audiences are going to react - if a new, mind-bending Nolan adventure caper can't even bring in the punters, the studios are ready to just write off the rest of the year and explore VOD because practically nothing else stands a goddamn chance.
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