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  1. With Data though it would be much easier to accept a bit of Rogue One/The Irishman uncanny valley though because he's not a human being. Personally, I'd rather they'd have risked it than having Spiner slap on the makeup and wear those uncomfortable looking contacts agan.
  2. I didn't bother and don't feel like I've missed out.
  3. See, this is what I was getting at in the previous post. It's 10 years past the peak of its popularity, it's got a pretty toxic fan base and you either stay away from/on the fringes of the main story or anger half the existing fans by committing to a protagonist choice they didn't go for, it would cost a fortune (The Expanse got canned by SciFy for being too expensive to justify and that is pretty down to earth as things go - there's very few ship designs, it doesn't have loads of different alien and synthetic races everywhere), etc. The ship has already sailed for that one.
  4. It's comfortably the best first episode of any Star Trek series to date (although I've never watched the cartoon so not included it). It's not 10/10 amazing, it's not so good that I don't think there's potential for it to go pear shaped later on, and there's a couple of points here and there that feel a bit off/poorly considered but it's highly promising and looks to be going to interesting places as a continuation of the TNG universe. It's just lovely to see Jean-Luc again and nice for things to actually progress for a change instead of always looking backwards to old ground already covered. And yes, the 'slow' thing is really more like 'not the hyper-kinetic breathless constantly rushed pacing' nonsense that seems to comprise of a lot of stuff these days. Plus calling it now: Number One will get blown up/shot at and Picard will cry then there'll be a flash and it's Q laughing at him for never realising he was right under his nose licking his balls all along for a wind up.
  5. He's an artificial life form, and he's effectively alive as anyone else by the end of Voyager, never mind whatever may have happened to him further. EMH's are just programmed to fix emergencies then be deactivated when not needed - he has freedom of movement, develops and interest in art and photography, likes to sing, develop and improve himself as a 'person'. Saying he's 'just' a program is enormously reductive, you can just as easily say the same of Data, and maybe even Lore, they just have different shells.
  6. I'm viewing The Witcher as something of a perfect storm. The games have steadily grown in popularity over the last 10-15 years and are currently at a peak; a big, popular fantasy series only just ended and many viewers (and producers) are looking for something similar to fill the void; while the success of the game is a big factor, there's also a wealth of successful literature the series can draw from; Netflix are desperately looking for fresh projects to lure/retain subs in the face of all the big entertainment corps pulling their content for their own streaming services and fantasy is an easy genre to go with, at least initially. You don't have to write around modern conventions and complications that I imagine must be a nightmare for folks doing contemporary stuff (phones and cameras everywhere, everyone ostensibly being more educated), just stick 'em in a forest or ruined castle or knock up a quick shithole in the middle of nowhere, get a skinny tall guy in a rubber suit and a few swords, off you go. Conversely, when I think of other beloved game properties people typically suggest, in a lot of cases their time has well and truly passed. The time to strike was a decade or more ago, the sci fi ones would need outrageous budgets in a lot of cases, faithfully translating the themes and overall story arcs would take a lot of work, etc. So while The Witcher shows it can be done, I'm not convinced it's going to result in much change regarding the success of videogame adaptations overall.
  7. Yeah but the Doctor had his program altered and upgraded at various points and, by sheer dint of being active so much, grew and developed as an actual being to a point where he was essentially indistinguishable. He went from being a common and rather limited virtual assistant kind of thing to something much more. And, given the situation and themes the pilot appears to be going for, I think there's grounds to suggest he could be seen as a borderline case.
  8. I get he says he would never have killed him but R2 dying would have had quite an impact I think. Unlike Threepio he's always been popular and he's not just been there from the start but is also the only one who knows the entire story. Ending the saga with that would have been an appropriate gutpunch. Man, it's amazing that how many folk are now wishing this journeyman dude's film had gotten made instead (myself included), just shows how badly JJ screwed the pooch.
  9. While I'm looking forward to the return of Seven and Geordie's mate at some point, it's a shame the Doctor isn't in this series too. Given the themes the opener's gone with, it'd be interesting to see where he fits in as an AI/synthetic being now. On reflection, I also liked how the dodgy/cheaty poker hand at the start could signify either of two things to have made a huge impact on Picard's life. There's only one that I'd like to see pop up again though.
  10. Production suspended, looking for a new writer and likely dropping from six episodes to four. Seems Kathleen Kennedy didn't like the scripts. https://collider.com/obi-wan-series-delayed-disney-plus/
  11. Really liked that. Certainly wasn't expecting While it's obviously a given, it's still upsetting at seeing Jean-Luc look and sound so old and frail though.
  12. The baby and Yoda were both alive at the same time at one point so it would be rather odd if the baby were Yoda. No one knows the baby's origin yet:
  13. Alec fucking calls it. GILLENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!
  14. No, it was just a rando passerby/neighbour. The person you refer to is dead, done, dusted, brown bread, expired, deceased, ceased to be, shuffled off this mortal coil, burnt to a crisp. I suppose their bones may still be nearby somewhere, come to think of it.
  15. Ghostbusters By today's standards, Venkman is a sleazy scumbag who'd get #MeToo'd by most of his female students and clients. Plus even by 1984 standards, paying a member of your team $11,500pa to deal with the mindfucking shit the job entails is just straight up bullshit.
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