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  1. The only one of those old 80s properties where the badguys were competent was G.I Joe, and even then it was only in the comic book. The cartoon version was just as hopeless as the MotU crew et al. If this is intended to be a continuation of the Filmation series, Skeletor and pals would have to become 1000% more capable not to be laughed out of the room.
  2. Shouldn't Mileena be a dual role? She's a clone of Kitana, fucked up nightmare mouth aside.
  3. Yeah, Saints 3 had some killer moments too. That helicarrier at the end, goddamn. It was like GI Joe except you were Cobra.
  4. The last 10 minutes of Blade, where the man himself cleans house and delivers the best line in recorded history.
  5. I'd say 24 should be in here yet at the same time, the final series in London with Jack driving through Shoreditch being chased by a heavily armed drone blasting the crap out of everything, watching the President walk out on the pitch at Wembley to be drone bombed to hell, throwing Cat Stark out of a tower block window and cutting a PRC agent's head off with a sword more than made up for the missteps of previous seasons.
  6. Cockney Boss was good but then so was Laura Bailey Boss, Russian Boss and French Boss. I loved how each had their own quirks and personality instead of just doing the same exact line readings as the other in every situation, I can't really think of another game that's done it.
  7. Yeah, The Boss is greatly underrated as PCs go. One question about SR V - is there anything much left of Volition nowadays, is it a whole new team, etc?
  8. Bloody hell, he's still alive and obsessing over giant robot suit stuff? Would have thought he'd have popped a blood vessel years ago.
  9. They spent a fortune remastering TNG and then hardly anyone bought the box sets afterwards because they already had bought it on VHS and DVD and could just watch the new version on Netflix instead. Given Voyager and DS9 were less popular and contained much more complex CGI sequences to touch up, it's hardly surprising that they didn't bother, the likely returns don't come close to justifying the expense. It sucks but there you go.
  10. 2 is janky as hell (especially on PC) but is the best overall (chill Shaundi best Shaundi) but I can't ever bring myself to dislike the insanity that were 3 and 4. I got to beat the crap out of an alien overlord while 'The Touch' played, best boss ever. For V though, they should scale back to 2's scope. Ease up on the lovable puckish rogues thing and bring back the dangerous, ruthless scumbags feel.
  11. Drakedog was a majestic sight in his day, not so much an ordinary player, more like Warlock Batman. It’s akin to using the video of the High Warlord with Sulfuras as a typical example of the wonderful wrecking ball life of an Enhance Shaman.
  12. This entire series has completely passed me by, all I know about it is that I once saw a cool rando photo of Imogen Gay Poots carrying a fuck off battleaxe titled Imogen_Need For Speed and that there was a film or something? If it's an EA thing then it can get stuffed though, it'd take a blow job and a chilliburger with every copy for me to consider buying another of their games again after the shitshow of a decade they've had.
  13. Eh, an average script doesn't necessarily mean certain doom or anything. Cinema is a visual medium, there's a whole lot more to a film than just words on a page. For example, Alien is just a futuristic take on a haunted house, in someone else's hands it could have been as average as the script made it sound. Photography, set design, performances, the score...these can turn an ordinary script into a great movie. That said, I'm not sure anyone was clambering to see a Clown Prince of Incels take on the character. Joachim's gonna need to bring his A-game for that to work.
  14. Warlocks sacrifice a bag slot for soul shards, get nagged constantly for summons/healthstones, have 0 threat reduction, have to put up with all kinds of pet related annoyances, and can get screwed over in large groups by the lack of debuff slots. Just sayin', chum: Classic Warlocks were absolute dogshit to play compared to Wrath/MoP & WoD.
  15. The Orphanage is a perfectly fine and fitting addition, and certainly a marked improvement on the original's Sherry section. The only criticisms I actually agree with is that once you've done one A > B you've seen the whole thing, there's nothing new to experience on the reverse run. I'd understand more why they did it (supposedly to create a definitive set of canon events and avoiding the confusion over RE's Jill's or Chris' story thing) if they didn't then have both characters fight William v1/2/3, or have William merk Mr X in Clare's run. Despite that though, I had a blast, it was one of the most fun gaming experiences I've had in ages so I'm not hung up on it.
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