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  1. Pretty sure I read that co - op Doom 3 will be on xbox Live only.
  2. Click For A Bigger Pic Halo 2 has never been delayed because Bungie have only ever mentioned one release date Q4 2004 I believe. Detail is good.
  3. Masterclass on witty lines used between grabbing the hunters neck and breaking it. This will be the final class before graduation. I mean yeah I'm in.
  4. Dull & tuneless ? Haven't really heard the other two but the new one is definitely humdrum.
  5. Adrian Edmondson as The Meatman. and Johnny Depp is Jesse Custer.
  6. Toots & The Maytals - "54 36 was my number"(Live if possible)
  7. I'm in. My random selection just tarnished my harcore street rep with Katie Melua erm....
  8. Ill Bill - Swordfish One of my favourite tunes of last year. By fucking miles.
  9. City of God - Best film I've seen in years The Wild Bunch - Peckinpah's finest. Happy Gilmore - "You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?" The Jazz Singer - Neil Diamond 'nuff said. Ichi The Killer - Nuts Salvador - James Woods at his best. Requiem For a Dream Hanna Bi - Beat Takeshi masterpiece
  10. The pool party/mansion video shoot where big booty ho's be all dancin' while the G's act hard, drink their crysal (I dunno?) and bling their ice. It ends with you being turfed out on your ear as the mansion was only rented for a day. The jewellery shop is also a must where custom medallions are created with more ice than farmfoods. Crip walk and gangsta pose workshops where all the family can learn to shuffle like snoop dogg and know exactly which sign to throw up when being phtographed. Drive by shooting range - you enter a 69 caddy which circles around some streets before the headlights go out and you zoom by the selected target. there are plenty of innocent bystanders for authenticity. You are given a score card at the end that rates your performance. Target killed only - Straight G Target + bystanders - Crazy ass trigga happy nigga Bystanders only - Section 8 mufucka No one killed - see below This is what you do at university? pfffffft students.
  11. Isn't out till May but click the pic for a full psycho-logical records release schedule. You prob don't know about or give a toss but this is very good news to me.
  12. I C Dead People is a classic. The fact the tape starts with "Ghost Town" in the background and the overall lack of any skits make it one of his best albums to date. I'm bumpin' funk doc Reggie Noble type sheeeeeit. Also this week I got the promo of RJD2's new album "Since we last spoke" and it is easily as good if not better than Deadringer. No guest appearances and no rapping to be seen but it's still hip hop.
  13. Top 5 No order just based on most listened to. oh and because 5 ain't enough.
  14. Playing MotoGP2 a while ago... Yank - "What's with that fuckin' clown ass faggot. Get out my way! < Me Adopting American accent> - "Yeah fuck that clown man" Yank - "Yeah man fuckin boozy ass clown" Me - "We oughta fuck that bitch up" Yank - " Yeah man fuck his shit up!" Me - "you got a real sexy voice!" Yank - falls off bike "Who fuckin' said that?" Me - ahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahaha
  15. "Do you wear a skirt and eat haggis ? Give me that baby. I eat babies." "America is the best buddy. If it wasn't for America you wouldn't be playing xbox" "Hey Bozo you're a fuckin' cheat" "You're gonna smoke a FAG ?" "This game/level/track/gun sucks, xxxx is much better" "Boozy The Clown ? Do you like ICP, you faggot ?" "You suck!" "I got your moms here she's suckin' my dick"
  16. Who will eat the bullet you or the Gimp?
  17. Thus crap if high resolution is what makes games great. If this is on xbox LIVE I can see a lot of atrocities taking place. You've killed the guy who pissed you off earlier and you can now commit an array of heinous post mortem acts of violence upon his mortal remains. Sounds kinda fun.
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