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  1. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/publication/a-tale-of-two-cities-software-developers-working-from-home-during-the-covid-19-pandemic/ Not game developer exclusive but might give some insight.
  2. If their developers weren't walking around the house in their pants watching Netflix for 2 years why are all their games (and others) delayed by years then ? I don't think they'd be able to just transfer critical code and assets over the internet in emails or discuss anything over Teams for fear of leaks. It was just my attempt at figuring out why this show and the next 12 months was missing so much of the content we already knew about.
  3. I think that MS basically furlowed their own staff and developers for 2 years and essentially shut down any production outside of the offices due to security concerns. You can call that bad or good management depending on which arguement you want to make but one of them will put you in the same boat as Rees Mogg.
  4. 2 hours into a Cesna flight from my local airport outside Glasgow to the Isle of Barra. This happened.
  5. Halo Pelican available in in game marketplace. 14 Liveries. edit: 10 minutes later - it's a bit rubbish.
  6. I'm still looking forwardto it but it was admittedly very rough. I highly suspect the Xbox folks only found out how rough the day before they delayed it.
  7. Hopefully we can meet somewhere in the middle.
  8. I'm going in with the expectation that everything will be 2023. It'll make the Forza Motorsport release easier to deal with.
  9. Tomorrow is going to make 2013 look like a good show. There I said it.
  10. Every xbox podcaster on the youtube superchat grift is convinvced we're getting Forza Motorsport announced this year for release. Having seen nothing of it since the announcement I have my doubts.
  11. I got £8 as well. It appeared as a message on my xbox. 20 years shilling finally paying dividends.
  12. I don't get overly excited about anything these days but....
  13. Lots of great Jackass, Big Brother & Wild Boyz stories.
  14. Just got the last car to buy from the garage in a wheelspin. 22 million credits saved. Every base car owned. Now where's the expansion Playground ? Is it delayed too ?
  15. Xbox version got a 1.7gb update last night. I'm currently south of Sicily on a cloudless day with Global Communication 76:14 on the record player providing the perfect soundtrack to another omg how is it doing this look at the graphics flight from Malta.
  16. 1000 kids will fall in love in all these clubs tonight 1000 kids will end up gushing blood tonight 2000 kids won't get all that much sleep tonight 2000 kids they still feel pretty sweet tonight 3 minutes of the best dirty guitar wankery ever.
  17. Xbox Outsells Playstation in Japan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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