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  1. Skate shops documentary featuring shops in the UK.
  2. An album that opened about 20 new genres of music to me back in 94
  3. Whit a fuckin tune man... Hey, been tryin to meetcha.......
  4. It's got a Series X/S badge now. Edit- 41Gb on xbox apparently
  5. All the Marvel shows are leaving on 28/2/22. I loved DD S1 & 2 and JJ S1. I never got around to finishing the rest. These were the reason I originally subscribed to Netflix and I just considered cancelling but then remembered Better Call Saul is coming back. Are any of the other Marvel seasons worth binging in the next 2 weeks ?
  6. There's a basic remote control function in the Xbox android phone app.
  7. Blagged a load of records from my brother this afternoon some mine, some his. Good times ahead.... Global Communication 76:14 aka Flight Sim 2020 perfect soundtrack
  8. It gets better once the main characters are established and has some very all time gaming moments to come. Stick with it.
  9. Does Crossfire X have a max payne bullet time button ? Or will it just have a shonky framerate ?
  10. I can't recommend the Scottish Highlands and Lochs at dawn and dusk, highly enough.
  11. Working on this weeks right now..... Gonna go for a dirty point to point.
  12. Finished the final (9th) season of the Office last night. 9 years late for a show that started 18 years ago but it was brilliant from start to finish.
  13. Still loving it. Mostly ignore the weekly stuff though.
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