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  1. Red Dead 2 even at 30 is still the most stunning game I've played in terms of graphical details. Flight sim has some incredible lighting and lightning. Horizon 5 is pretty special. Sea of Thieves is stunning at 4K/60. The matrix demo is the most next gen expeeience for showing off. We're still mostly in the phase of upgraded performance of old games though. Try out some really old ones that have one x and fps boost. Ninja Gaiden for example is incredible.
  2. Caldera Scramble Dirt Racing 1.1M top of the volcano this week Current Club Ranking (13/12/21) 209 - [MUK] High Rllmukers - 184 Members - 26,244,800 Accolade points Club Ranking (20/12/21) 218 - [MUK] High Rlmukers - 185 Members - 27,282,350 Accolade Points
  3. Just have this on repeat to decompress after work.
  4. I didn't die. Just quit being a cop before the story got started. I jumped straight back in. I thought it was genuinely funny and bolstered the idea that this game can be played through many, many times thanks to the depth and volume of yhe writing.
  5. Includes a developer interview 32 minutes in. Reviews are still under embargo but previews have been very positive.
  6. If they are One X enhanced they'll get updates/ rewritten.
  7. Last weeks leaderboards and final results added to the High Rllmukers Club Feed. Current club ranking - 209th with 26,240,550 accolade points Gap to next rank = approx. 600,000 accolade points. first post updated
  8. Finished this last night. I quit the force in a foul mouthed rant after having my sexuality questioned by a scouse kid. I was playing for around 20 minutes from the beginning.
  9. This weeks track is Road Racing Tierra Prospera Circuit. I'll update the first post when I can.
  10. Forza rewards in the forza hub do not apply to FH5.
  11. This ends at midnight officially. Unofficially you can keep going forever. I'm still only on C class using incrementally higher PI stock cars. I will also spend some time today trying out tracks for the next one. 1 question Would you prefer a track for continuous laps or a point to point next to keep it interedting ?
  12. Holy shit. Give it a shot on your Xbox/PS5. It's just graphics but....
  13. It's Halo day There's no need to be afraid They fixed Craig' s face and reviews are great In our world of Gamepass, We can spread a smile of joy Throw plasma grenades around the world On Halo Daaaaaaaayyyyyyy. But say a prayer, and pray for the other ones On Halo day, it's hard but when you're having fun There's a world outside your Windows And it's a world of salty tears Where the only games they're playing are Seventy quid remastears And the man in charge is lying As he tolls the bells of doom Well tonight thank Phil it's them instead of you. And there won't be games on Playstation this Christmas time... They greatest gift they'll get this year is COD: Vaaaangaaarrrd Where no one gets elder scrolls No Starfield, Doom or Halos Do they know its Halo Day at all.......? I thank you.....
  14. I think this my GOTY. It made me smile from start to finish and it had Apollo Creed in it.
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