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  1. And I'm done . I'm no audiophile so I was playing the 2009 remasters via spotify through my TV speakers. As the End finished up I'm thinking I know that tune. It comes full circle The Beasties were my favourite band. Every time they released an album they redefined themselves. I'm going to try and repeat this day in the future. It's been a great education and emotive experience. I mean I already knew 90% of the tracks but I'd never called myself a Beatles fan. After today I am a devoted Beatles fan.
  2. Took a break after the White Album. I think they might have invented modern music with that one. Just done Yellow Submarine, glad I did. The instrumentals were very John Williams and Hey Bulldog was a belter. It was largely new to me bar the main theme which after the marathon today was very welcome and a change of tone. Just started on Let It Be per Darren's recommendation. Looking good to do the main back catalogue today. I'm no expert but so far I'm not hearing any dip in quality. This was definitely an album I grew up around. Looking at the tracklist probably because it has a track with the name Maggie in it and I can picture my Dad buying this for my mum for that reason alone. Glad for the advice though to make sure I'm doing this the right way. Having just heard Dirty Maggie Mae I can imagine my Dad did buy it and got thoroughly lamped for his efforts. lol. Let It Be done and dusted I now get where the criticism comes from there are indeed a couple of duffers on this compared to pretty much every main album up to this point. Abbey Road up next. Pretty sure I've never listened to this as an album before. As Come Together winds up I'm pretty sure I've never noticed how strong the hammond(?) organ is to the track or if it's been prominent on a Beatles tune before now. What strikes me over the course of today's listening is the length and breadth of instrumentation and styles they committed to over their time producing songs together. Probably as much a result of their status and success that allowed them the freedom to experiment over the years which is unlikely to be afforded to many other artists constricted by the industry to stick to what they were good at with the odd exception where the were allowed to stick a bit of orchestra on top of their signature style. It's been a great experience and one I'd heartily recommend to anyone who finds themselves with a day to dive into such a marathon. I can't think of any other artists who I could do this with without skipping tracks due to the sheer amount of filler or similarity of style. I usually listen to music in a manner that ensures no 2 tracks are of a similar style or artist these days and not once have I been even tempted to cut a tune short as I've been rewarded with something musically pleasing even if the song wasn't immediately working for me.
  3. Not got there yet and it's not one I know particularly well but I'm looking forward to it now. re: Long Long Long
  4. Back In The USSR into Dear Prudence is just awe inspiring so far. Not saying its better but this version always takes my breath away.... then Glass Onion ..... Obladee almost lost me but then they stuck an ice cream van refrain in near the end that stuck the knife in my heart and twisted it in a kind of hellraiser pleasure vs pain thing. Weeping guitars to happy warm guns inspiring Martha was a trip. Now I can't sleep despite the exhaustion. "only to find Gideon's bible" really gets me for some reason. I love Rocky Racoon far more than anyone probably should. scanners.gif
  5. So that's a listen then. Cool. All you need is love just started.... more greeting ahead.... White Album next I might be starting a cult after this one if anyone's interested.... "She loves you yeah yeah yeah".....
  6. Overheard folks mentioning this place way back playing Rainbow Six on the original xbox. You might have @Kryptonian to blame.
  7. Edge forum re appeared years later. Built up a decent community and then shut down again. Subsequently it became the Bear and Badger forum. Essentially a younger version of rllmuk with much shittier forum software.
  8. Mystery Tour now... Just the first track alone with it's raw vocals and that wee piano bit at the end. I mean who else makes tunes like this ? Then Flying has some kinda hip hop thing going on 15 years before hip hop was even conceived. It's just staggering, the journey so far. Hopefully someone can advise before I get there but can I skip Yellow Submarine or is it an essential album or more of a soundtrack/ compilation of hits ?
  9. Within You Without You is well out there...
  10. Sgt Pepper Next I'm still an emotional mess..... wtf ? With a Little Help from My Friends is making me imagining being a Beatles fan and hearing this album for the first time when it was released. It must have had snotters exploding around the world. In Joy obviously.....
  11. And your Bird Can Sing just made me tear up a wee bit. Just the familiarity of a tune I wasn't expecting to get anything from. I'm having childhood flashbacks and want to phone my mum and tell her that I love her. Fuck, as I type that I'm getting really emotional. Runny nose tears in my eyes. I wasn't expecting this.
  12. It'll still be around for at least a year. This ain't Sony making you buy a new GT.
  13. Don't get me wrong it's not like its the first time I've heard the Beatles. However hearing the progression in order is really mind blowing. Really excited now as Revolver plays because the last track is such an incredible bit of music. Those backwards guitars give me shivers. Yellow submarine on now. My abiding memory of which is Lennon saying "a minute is a really long time" and then it counting. That always stuck with me from like 40 years ago.
  14. Revovler now. Just wish I had some better drugs than Cheese on Toast with Branston Pickle, Tea and cigarettes to appreciate it more.
  15. Cool will do. Cheers man. 5 albums in and I'm questioning my whole life and why I never learned the guitar and started a band. Ticket to Ride just came on as I'm flying over Loch Ness in MSFS. Saul Goodman.
  16. Clue me up... I'm open to suggestions .... Just nearing the end of Beatles for sale now. edit onto Help now. Still smiling.
  17. release date I really want to watch Backbeat after finishing the first 3 albums. https://youtu.be/Tu5elaL3Z2A The Speed scene. Can't embed because strippers.
  18. Today I'm listening to the Beatles Discography in chronological order. Currently nearing the end of Hard Day's Night. Good for the soul. I can't stop smiling. Woooooo
  19. I've played this for about 10 minutes now so here's my rllmuk review..... I'm not a fan of rpgs generally but the writing, the art style and the premise so far has me utterly captivated. This is a next level game. Stray Toasters/5 https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/632470/view/3334287173823797600 A list of influences including Rembrandt and The Wire
  20. Hey Yo Premier please pass that bhudda sack There aren't many hip hop tracks that I can rhyme off at will but that one has me giving it some office space geeky white rapper safe in his car giving it big licks everytime.
  21. Pin it and then 24 hour bans for anyone asking how to GP anywhere else. Too fashy ?
  22. As Xbox and Uncle Phil seems to be turning many lapsed Xboxers and serious forum dwelling gamer types to this new Game Pass thingy maybe just pin a guide to the top of the discussion folder for the forseeable generation. It's only going to get worse once Forza Horizon and Halo come out.
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