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  1. There's no hard data but it appears that something has upped the res along with fps boost. In a similar way to various improvements to other games where stuttering in Control disappeared without an actual patch/update specific to that game. F4 isn't 4K 60 but it doesn't appear to be 1080/ 60 either. There is a 60fps ultra settings mod which you can apply. It looks and plays great in standard fps boost/dolby vision auto hdr mode on SX now. Like really great. The likes of which we couldn't dream of on console way back at launch.
  2. Not if it's done well. Looking forward to the "hardcore serious racers" arguing 60fps whilst using the rainbow disco driving line guide floating 30 feet out the back of the car modes. First thing you do in Horizon is switch that shit off.
  3. This got me to fire this up again and try and give it a decent run through this time. This has got me intimidated and inspired at how huge and deep this game is... I never got much more than a few hours in. The first part goes into detail over what it does better than previous games. I'm going to give it a decent modless attempt over the next few weeks/months/years. So far I've made a light work in my big bed holding barracks. Which I think is further than I got with the building side of things in previous plays.
  4. Vampyr just got a 60fps patch for next gen consoles @1440p.
  5. Amazing part wait till you the ender.
  6. Fallout 4 appears to have had a resolution increase in combination with fps boost. It was 1080p/60 or 4K/30. Now it looks better than 1080p in fps boost mode. Maybe a res boost mode is coming.
  7. I can't reccomend Wander highly enough. It's just google street in VR but an amazing thing to jump around the world.
  8. I think its worth £11 per month. There I said it. Rumoured to be going up in price next year though.....
  9. Lots of great stories from one of the main filmers of Plan B's Questionable and Virtual Reality videos. This is from my era of skateboarding and those videos were legendary.
  10. https://www.trustedreviews.com/news/trusted-reviews-awards-the-xbox-series-x-is-2021s-best-games-console-4172245
  11. Forum whip round for Ry to give it the jobby test.
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