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  1. Hardcore gamers complaining about getting it a few days early for extra money have very short memories since the days of driving around every indie store or figuring out which online retailer to use to get the one who broke street dates.
  2. Had the stopping dead one a few times in a lot of hours played. Its a beta lol The VW bug story was my highlight so far. all the different set ups and race types was great fun.
  3. I think you can ignore that message. We managed a good multiple hour session last night where it was far more stable and kept the convoy together better than it ever has in FH4. It seems to display the disconnect message a lot between races events entering menus. Then it just works. I might be talking shite though.
  4. I look forward to you repeatedly making this claim over the next few months until God of War 2 comes out.
  5. Keep playing. There's some brilliant nicknames available.
  6. First impressions. It's great to hear the giddy excitement of friends enthused about playing a new Forza. The whoops and hollers as we hit start together and were all " holy omg look at that, its so fast, feels great I'm beating xxxx at such and such, I've just won a thingamy on wheelspin," Not having a new Forza for the last 3 years was like not having a new FIFA or COD. I still played FH4 weekly with a regular group until a few weeks ago but it had become stale and the technical issues of keeping a room together in multiplayer were wearing very thin. We were all a little apprehensive about this new one. Would it reignite the spark of excitement and joy that held this group together for 3 long years. After last night's taster the answer was resoundingly yes.
  7. Could be none of your business ?
  8. How to change you Xbox Location to New Zealand in order to gain access to Forza Horizon 5 at 11.01 am today if you have bought the Ultimate Edition or the Premium Add On Pack. Xbox Button > Profile & System > Settings > System > Language and Location > Location > United Kingdom > New Zealand > RESTART. That's all I was asking for. I don't normally bother with such life hacks and cheating of systems, but my hand is being forced with this... Now a couple of questions. Can I immediately change region back to UK once I've started the game or do I need to wait until Midnight tonight or I'll lose access ? edit : 11.01 am not pm
  9. What does Global launch at UTC-4 mean? I'm still none the wiser. Someone post a detailed guide of how to unlock this early please.
  10. I wasn't going to watch that trailer, but I just did. I'm assuming there's far more of the game in it than my brain thinks there was. It did it's job. Excitement +1 which was already at 11.
  11. His Red Dead Redemption 2 Hater's Review is still the best thing I've seen on youtube.
  12. It really depends on whether they do something good with it. After Tina Turner's Thunderdome nobody was demanding a new Mad Max movie. When they made it, it was considered to suffer the movie equivalent of "development hell." Then it was a huge success, won a ton of Oscars and was one of the best movies of the 21st Century. It's those games that rely on the IP to be the selling point and not the talent behind them doing something worthy of success that inspire such jaded negativity. If MS are looking into bringing back some long dormant SEGA IP then I hope someone is cultivating a crossover between the Indie studios they are currently supplying a lifeline to with gamepass and someone at SEGA to make the right(s) decisions.
  13. 2 hours of Season of Trash finished. That was quite something.... I restarted playing Cyberpunk after watching up to Episode 3. The truth is I'm usually too tired to commit to a narrative heavy game after work. I've sat captivated through multiple hours of this "review" though. I'm not sure I want to play Cyberpunk ever. I have the time just not the inclination or the discipline. I'm pretty sure watching these videos will be a far more enjoyable experience than playing the game. Maybe the final episode will convince and motivate me.
  14. I remember when VANS were punk.
  15. Proof if ever it were needed that posting the wrong information on the internet will yield the correct answer much quicker than asking a question.
  16. They did the same thing with Forza games since around 2016. This isn't new, it's standard. I can argue that it's actually the cheapest option for the complete version and the bonus content has always been of a high standard. The early access part doesn't factor in to the price when you add up the individual components of the bonus bundle. Granted it's also easy to see you are paying up front for content without knowing the details of it. However playground have always delivered in this regard in terms of quality. It's unfortunate they can be so aggressive selling the expansion packs and showing the bonus cars in the shops. Not having an option to hide the dlc to those not interested in it is a shitty move. Ubisoft, EA, Activision et al have all copied this model without earning the faith of individual fanbases. Sony arguably were the best publisher for not following this trend until they started charging to upgrade across generations. 3 days 5 hours and 20 minutes to go. I've bought the full version £85. It includes the xbox and PC versions which feature cross save interaction. My brother also gets access to all the extra content and the game on xbox and PC. Works out at around £21.25 each. In Sony land It'd be £70 + £50, 3 years later in a PC complete edition. Edited.
  17. http://howlonguntil.co.uk/?y=2021&m=11&d=5&hr=0&min=0&sec=0&title=Horizon 5 Early Access Launch&img= Currently: 4 Days 5 Hours and 20 minutes to go.
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