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  1. Me too... It's juddery when you go out of car and spin the camera around. In car it's quite nice. Gonna stick with it until I'm taking the graphics for granted. edit : Guess which thread I thought I was in....
  2. What happened in here over the last 24 hours ? It appears a busload of pensioners has shown up to a rave and now the place smells of piss.
  3. Just discovered the ultimate drift zone. Holy shit.
  4. Worth it to see why he went so hard with the Cyberpunk review.
  5. I heard it was full of fan dans.
  6. I've unlocked rivals mode. Time Trial incoming......
  7. https://www.metacritic.com/game/xbox-series-x/forza-horizon-5/user-reviews?dist=negative Getting review bombed with zeros by playstation Stans
  8. Each car has its own unlock tree which uses the tokens to unlock. generally boosts skill scores but can provide wheelspins, money XP boosts and sometimes even another car. It's RPG esque but for your car.
  9. The Baja festival mission where you go up and down the volcano was bloody brilliant. The volcano roads make the Scottish highlands in FH4 seem very small. I hope this gets recognised at The Keighleys for game of the year. It's The Witcher 3 in Ferraris.
  10. Hardcore gamers complaining about getting it a few days early for extra money have very short memories since the days of driving around every indie store or figuring out which online retailer to use to get the one who broke street dates.
  11. Had the stopping dead one a few times in a lot of hours played. Its a beta lol The VW bug story was my highlight so far. all the different set ups and race types was great fun.
  12. I think you can ignore that message. We managed a good multiple hour session last night where it was far more stable and kept the convoy together better than it ever has in FH4. It seems to display the disconnect message a lot between races events entering menus. Then it just works. I might be talking shite though.
  13. I look forward to you repeatedly making this claim over the next few months until God of War 2 comes out.
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