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  1. Aye stuck it on at 1 am this morning. Next thing its 3 am I 've done Bleak Falls Barrow and killed a Dragon etc... I did bleak falls like a pro ninja. It was almost as if I'd started this game at least 20 times in the last 10 years. Now is not the time to be starting up Skyrim, It looks really good though...
  2. It's THE account that started the rumour. Many podcasters have said they've been hearing the same rumours for around a month but this guy was the one to put it out there. Now he looks like a bit of a fanny and possibly ruined it for everyone. What a fud.
  3. Ryan McCaffrey was scathing in his years long contempt for Halo 5's single player. He's not just a yes man, unlike say Greg Miller for instance.
  4. Weekly seasonal race events are against Highly Skilled AI Drivatars.
  5. Do we care what Uncle Nasty thinks ?
  6. Right on the D- pad until radio off. Radio volume to zero and streaming mode to on (bottom of audio settings) Not perfect as it still plays a default station that allows streamers to play music without getting copyright banned. Then whack Spotify on and play La Bamba.
  7. Me too... It's juddery when you go out of car and spin the camera around. In car it's quite nice. Gonna stick with it until I'm taking the graphics for granted. edit : Guess which thread I thought I was in....
  8. What happened in here over the last 24 hours ? It appears a busload of pensioners has shown up to a rave and now the place smells of piss.
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