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  1. Xbox version got a 1.7gb update last night. I'm currently south of Sicily on a cloudless day with Global Communication 76:14 on the record player providing the perfect soundtrack to another omg how is it doing this look at the graphics flight from Malta.

  2. No 1st party exclusives in 2022 would be a good reason. 

    I pay monthly.

    I have a huge backlog of owned games.

    Recent months have had little of interest to me.

    The next 6 months don't hold much prospect of having games that justify it.

    I've had 10 years of "the games are coming........."

    Serious doubts regarding Xbox management's ability to ship games based on recent stories regarding the companies they have bought since 2018.

    Voting with my wallet to send a message that the current situation is not good enough.

    Very disappointed with constantly being hyped up over what is promised vs what is being delivered.

    I'm not interested in Elden Ring so 2022 has been "sparse" thus far and looks to continue to be a non event. 


  3. I'm not a big twitter poster/user. Woke up to a like from Q-Bert this morning.

    It's nothing in the greater scheme of things but I have no one else to share this with where it might mean anything so I'm sharing it here because fuck it, why not ?


  4. 1. Red Dead Redemption 2

    2. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

    3. Unreal Tournament

    4. Testdrive Unlimited 2

    5. Fight Night Round 3

    6. Resident Evil 4

    7. Mass Effect 2

    8. Wipeout 2097

    9. The Last of Us

    10. Grand Theft Auto III

    11. Skate 2

    12. Halo: Combat Evolved

    13. Forza Motorsport 4

    14. Batman: Arkham Asylum

    15. Dead Space

    16. Guitar Hero II

    17. Gears of War

    18. Fallout 3

    19. MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology

    20. Project Gotham Racing 4


    A list my brain made up on a Sunday morning. More nostalgic than critical, based entirely on what I remember having the most satisfaction playing with friends and over time. Over the remaining time available I would probably change this list entirely but I'm just gonna leave this as is. 

  5. The Sisters Brothers



    An Annapurna produced western,  quiet contemplation of an age of history with a psycho gunslinger and some of the best gunfights in the dark.


    A delight/5


    Bone Tomahawk




    Kurt Russell vs trogladyte cannibals



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