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  1. "Featuring games releasing in the next few months"
  2. Everybody shut the fuck up its the moment I've been waiting 5 years for
  3. Elder Scrolls Online - February Minecraft - March Forza - April Redfall - May Starfield - June. My expectations are based on E3 2022.
  4. Xmas present thats been on near constantly.
  5. Latest rumour is end of January. https://emopulse.com/news/gaming/goldeneye-007-january-2023/#:~:text=According to a new report%2C GoldenEye 007 will,| %23Xbox %23Bethesda %23ActivisionBlizzard (%40eXtas1stv) January 11%2C 2023
  6. "The latest info for xbox games launching in the next few months, including blah, Forza Motorsport, blah deh blah." ...Launching in the next few months, Forza Motorsport.... Forza Motorsport launching in the next few (3) months. Forza Motorsport Next few months February, March, April.... So Forza might be out by end of April ?
  7. Publishers push underpaid workers to long hours and shit conditions. Boooo Microsoft encourages unionisation for developers - Boooooooo
  8. Disappointing - Not playing Forza Motorsport. Surprising - Power Washer Simulator - I spent so any hours blissfully cleaning shit off stuff.
  9. An American Werewolf in London (1981) You can't make a horror comedy said the reviews on release. Landis followed his comedy hit Animal House with this gorefest laugh out loud classic take on Lon Chaney's The Wolfman. The horror chills to the bone the laughs are delivered with expert timing. Scene after scene of iconic images that burn into your life experience and stay with you for years. Ever been alone in an underground late at night ? Truly one of the greatest movies to ever be crafted. Full/moon.
  10. No. The base game is infinitely large enough.
  11. 40th Anniversary Update launches today 4pm UK time. Helicopters, Gliders, 12 new aircraft.
  12. Has the Canada update been delayed from the 27th ? Anyone know ?
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