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  1. https://www.xbox.com/play/media/J4WLUPZ5 Test post ... Hint hint proper thread in the works.
  2. That's the spirit. I love trying out incremental class numbers to feel the subtle differences between cars. The fast guys can have all their cars tuned with AWD and have them all drive the same.
  3. I think you have to collect all the other Astons to unlock maybe ?
  4. Lots of laps in rivals mode is lucrative in credits and XP which leads to wheelspins. Racing the endurance tracks also nets lots of xp and credits.
  5. Here's my idea for a weekly/fortnightly rllmuk club time trial. Instead of limiting the track to a single car or class where everyone is forced to use the same car, in the spirit of the game I'm leaving it open to any car or class. The idea being I name a track to focus on for the time period and then the club members hammer all classes from D to S2 hoovering up accolade points to maximise the club leaderboard position whilst also competing with each other. It's entirely up to the individual which car, tune and classes they compete in. I'm banking on the accolades popping for each class, clean lap and leaderboard % awards to motivate you all to become frothing rivals/time trial addicts. Let me know what the thoughts are regarding this idea. If its positive I'll make a thread up when I can with the details...
  6. Working on something a bit different. More soon...
  7. That final feature is something I've wanted since the beginning. Great update. I miss the sea.
  8. Thats not cheating, that's just a really angry drivatar.
  9. A bit busy at the moment and still absorbing the game. Will make an effort to put something together for all comers tonight.
  10. Theres a good 10 hour video review that breaks it down to unfixable. Its platform dependant old gen still shonky, new gen very playable. Both still a bit buggy. Core game design in all areas great story, very poorly implemented game mechanics. its easily cheatable robbing the player of the intended experience by going for a cheap method of disposing of enemies / combat. I'm only going on the Action Button review. I restarted it and got as far as the first braindance mission so far. I need coffee. Never try to type before caffiene and nicotine boosters. It looks fucking amazing on series X but a lot better on PC.apparently.
  11. I've no idea who Swayzak is/are but these are great.
  12. Just played through to the Big O on the updated to 60fps Alan Wake. I remember it looking quite awful when it first came to BC but they've done something else to it. Maybe it's the auto HDR but they seem to have upped the detail somewhat as well because it didn't look half as bad as I recall.
  13. Just a great mix of different tracks and music styles.
  14. Pick a small road race and do laps in rivals mode to learn manual gears.
  15. Guy I heard on a podcast last night has finished the campaign. He was a Halo skeptic but on Infinite he "couldn't put it down." Still under NDA so no details.
  16. Finally played this last night, just a simple 4 player deathmatch. " Oh ya bastard, get it up yeh, wrap that right round yeh, and lots of hahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahaha."
  17. Instead of auto upgrading click on find tuning setups. Pick one of the recommendeds and you'll likely find your car more competitive. Just check which tyres its upgrading to to determine if its a road, offroad, drag or race tune. When I get time I'll stick some cars and tune reccomendations in here. I've got an amazing rally 1965 mini cooper thats a blast on dirt.
  18. Once your combo gets over 500,000 (100,000 × 5.0 Multiplier) you don't earn any more skill points as the max is 10 for one chain. Better to bank the 10 points unless you are going for a high score.
  19. Also driving between races is an ideal opportunity to build up skill points for the car. Drifting around fields and sideswiping scenery is a good tactic. You get a skill point every 50,000 so trying to keep a chain going as long as possible and building up your multiplyer is key. Straightlining across the map is also a surefire way to maximise your points. Building up 25 points to unlock the double crash skill earlier rather than last is advised too. Helps keep a chain going longer.
  20. Grimey Goon tune... cheers New Jedi Mind Tricks Album came out today too. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=the+funeral+and+the+raven
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