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  1. FM7 got 18 months of updates focussed on adding missing features and fixing multiplayer. No new tracks but a bunch of cool cars for free. The FM6 Porsche expansion is one of the best things T10 have ever done.
  2. Steam Early Access in September, now where's the Xbox version ?
  3. When the Joker enters the room. "Taaaa daaaaaaaaa"
  4. OAG's use their bus passes to get back in the studio and wreck shit.
  5. https://www.t3.com/news/sony-ps5-goes-up-for-pre-order-at-heart-attack-inducing-price-point
  6. Binged it, loved it. Rogan said in the Preacher Comic Con panel that they will continue to pursue more comic adaptions hinting that one of the next ones they want to do was also drawn by Darrick Robertson.
  7. De La Shadow Infinity pools. OG
  8. A controller patent appears. Copies the power style of the Switch and turns your phone /tablet into a switch like device. It's only a patent but....
  9. Test Drive Unlimited. Sun, sea, sports cars and endless roads and the wind. Oh that open window wind. Sea of Thieves A tropical paradise with menace always under the surface.
  10. The don't all equal the same percentage. You probably need the last 20 point forzathon which may not yet be available.
  11. GT : Boozy The Clown Available after 10pm Experience : I can swear like sailor and I smell of salt and gunpowder. Looks like we have a crew.
  12. https://mp1st.com/news/report-major-playstation-security-exploit-lets-hackers-use-customer-credit-card-info-without-needing-the-security-code For the Players.
  13. I need some motivation to finally get full into these and this guy's videos are very good.
  14. Xbox app on your phone or pc. Then upload to image hosting site. I think the files are too big to attach on here.
  15. My main crewmate bought an Oculus Quest and hasn't taken the "wank helmet" off for weeks.
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