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  1. Might be a browser issue.
  2. Not feeling the new dashboard that appeared yesterday. Is there any video guides to show whats changed ?
  3. Forza 7 too. Horizon 3 was a bug ridden mess with dodgy performance issues. The MCC/Reach thread has enough people complaining about issues for this still to be considered a PC launch day problem although the "start" button issue made me lol and consider whether user error shouldn't be ruled out when it comes to getting your game working on the best hardware and the volume of complaining every game receives at launch due to tech issues. Maybe xbox exclusives are getting better optimisation on PC these days, I'm not sure if Gears 5 had the same level of issues. Possibly dev tools have improved in the last few years and the devs seem to share a lot of tech across studios. Despite PC users assurances that things are much better these days every major release seems to have enough folks complaining about games at launch for those watching from consoleville to be like like nahhhhhhh.
  4. While MS may be bringing all their exclusives to PC most of the games released on PC this gen have been tainted by a ton of problems that took months if not years to fix due to their teams being relatively new to PC development and the scalability issues of infinite hardware configurations . So there's the added bonus of lots of extra fannying around trying to get them working well. Also playing on PC and discussing these issues makes your forum posts duller than a 40W lightbulb.
  5. Private servers have been mentioned as a thing they might do in time. The demand for which is more about wanting to get more than 4 friends into a game at once. I don't think an offline mode is possible as the sea is powered by the cloud. A lot of the grief went away once they introduced the arena mode. Ultimately it's a game built around the social aspect and as nice as playing alone with no interruptions can be it is kinda like playing football at Wembley on your own.
  6. The next gen machines will not be hyped up using Teraflops because it's not an accurate representation of the overall POWAH !
  7. What does this mean for the MADbox ?
  8. I'm not interested in reading about your fps and resolution settings or how you achieved them.
  9. If they can make a pair of Tony Stark glasses and price them for £100 you could be right.
  10. No VR for Scarlett - 5 pages of VR talk in the thread where it's not happening.
  11. Session is supposed to be coming to game preview this month too, but I suspect it's been delayed again.
  12. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-11-28-games-of-the-decade-forza-horizon-transcends-racing-games
  13. The £50 version is £40. Gives you access to a giant fake dog's jobby for the roof of your car.
  14. I think I read in a review that the Vader Immortal Episodes have minimal gameplay because they have to be classed as VR Experiences to avoid legal issues as EA have exclusivity for Star Wars games. Anyhoo anyone holding off on Pistol Whip because of its £20 price tag as I was, I can assure you of it's definite place at the top of 2019's coolest moments. It's the game that you will be showing off and it's got more than enough difficulty settings, combined with fun and hardcore mods for the gameplay to allow going deep and challenging yourself. There's plenty of game there despite only 3 levels. As for the game itself you really want to scream from the rooftops about how goddamn good it is. It's dancing with guns. Has that ever been done before ? It's a cross breed that may spawn a new genre. Within 18 months I'm betting we see a few more of these appearing. Anyway it's a must have especially to those making excuses to not buy, as I was, you will instantly be glad of the purchase.
  15. Watching a galleon burn to sinking from a single firebomb is so satisfying even when it's your own.
  16. Does every delivery end with the recipient telling you "I hate these things" when you ask them to write their name to confirm delivery ?
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