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  1. "Give me a PS5." "Which one ?" "Aaaaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhh"
  2. M Machine Learning also contributes to the image quality freeing up resources previously held up by 4K textures. At leat that's my layman's understanding. Basically the next gen xboxes are built for efficiency. Freeing up dev time and giving the user the best image quality framerates etc... BEAST.
  3. Please stop with this utter shite. The general consumer will see the massive price differentiation and buy a PS5 cos their mate said it's the best.
  4. It started to click last night. I did a 180 from the start point then there's small concrete ledge next to a wheelchair ramp. I just set the marker down and practised for an hour. Basic ollie to 5050. Then 50. Then nose grinds. Then boardslides. Before I moved on I'd managed a kickflip backside tailslide along it. Then spent another hour at the Brooklyn Banks handrails learning backside boardslides on it. A very intimidating game due to the massive number of tricks available and the precision required to pull off even the basics but it had me giving it the big Yeahs when I pulled something I was setting out to do. It truly is the Dark Souls of skateboarding games and makes Skate look ridiculous in the same way Skate made the Tony Hawks games look ridiculous. The satisfaction in landing something clean that you intended to pull off rather than mashing buttons or randomly twiddling the sticks is priceless. The subtlety and depth of control it gives you means you can actually style out your tricks rather than simply activating a pre baked animation. I know I'm going to love this the more I play and learn it's inticacies.
  5. Do games not push PCs to their limits ?
  6. How's their credit card info/ anti hacking of accounts security these days ….. ?
  7. My brain > eyes > fingers need complete reprogramming to play this after years of skate. I need a super slow tutorial video. Also have they put a big challenges message on the screen that I can't get rid of ?
  8. We need a nickname for this guy. I'm suggesting Wolfie as he reminds me of a homeless guy / tramp from my childhood with a massive beard whom my friend used to shout "Wolfie, hey Wolfie. There's Wolfieman. Hey Wolfie !" at from about 3 miles away. We were kids. Simpler times.
  9. It's finally out. on Game preview £16.99 or thereabouts. It has Skate controls (Legacy) too. This generation is complete for me now.
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