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  1. I got the payment error a few times too but it went through eventually.
  2. If its saying you have the max number of items instead of clicking add to cart click on the cart icon next to your profile (top right) and you'll go to payment details.
  3. Fable and Horizon are 2 seperate teams.
  4. Someone point me in the direction of the resetera thread. I need the salt for my dinner.
  5. Album "Only for Dolphins" out on 25th.
  6. I've played a bit of 3 of those games. Haven't played any of the Sony Cinematic Universe but surprised UC4 made the list over some the other games we never hear the fucking end of.
  7. I added a link with all the info. As with all rumours it could be 50/50.
  8. RDR1 is rumoured to be getting a next gen remake using RDR2 as a base for graphics, physics and wildlife. https://gamerant.com/red-dead-redemption-remaster-ps5-rockstar-games-listings/
  9. Something which would get me banned probably.
  10. Why would you buy gold for PC ? I know the answer and all of this twisting and turning to try and save a few quid in the long term by spending large in the short term unnecessarily is getting really fucking boring to read through day after day. Rllmuk, tighter than a midgie's arsehole as my gran used to say.
  11. I kinda understood that. Thanks for posting. Nice to get an insight into why Drivatars were so flawed.
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