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  1. Boozy The Clown

    Sea of Thieves

  2. Boozy The Clown

    Sea of Thieves

    Congrats. Probably still a year away from Legend myself but I'm not chasing it. 39/35/35 at the mo. Took down the new fort last night with the help of a galleon of Legends. We got in a skellie ship battle on the way to cash in and pulled up at the outpost bailing for our lives, as ever epic scenes. Sekiro of Thieves
  3. Boozy The Clown

    Sea of Thieves

  4. Boozy The Clown

    Crackdown 3

    Savage. I still love it though.
  5. Boozy The Clown

    Xbox One Console Thread (s4Kiro)

  6. Boozy The Clown

    Forza Motorsport 7

    Okay first things first, Forza 8 is at least a next gen launch title. I.e. it will not be appearing this year. My current FM7 mission. I've removed the homologation upgrades from every car in the game. So every car I own is now pure clean stock. That's the back end work done. It took about 5 hours all in to do with 750+ cars. Next I'm diving deep into rivals mode.Starting with E class I'm playing each track with a random car until I set a clean lap I'm happy with. In car no Hud bar lap times.I've distilled the game down to it's purest form. Removed all annoyances and am chuffing loving it all over again.
  7. Boozy The Clown

    Is it just me, or is the dual shock still **** ?

    The Elite controller doesn't fall apart until you've said it hasn't fallen apart yet.
  8. Boozy The Clown

    Gears of War 4 - "MY FUCKEN TAMAYTAHS!"

    Do you live in the 70's ?
  9. Boozy The Clown

    Crackdown 3

    Nope I've got them all and haven't been there yet. They're all around street level.
  10. Boozy The Clown

    Crackdown 3

    @S0L can you add a big cartoon rubber band Dooowwwwwnnnggggg noise to the gravity tether Wile E Coyote style. I can improvise if not.
  11. Boozy The Clown

    Crackdown 3

    Been experimenting with the gravity tether gun. Catapulting cars and bad guys to the top of buildings is fun.
  12. Shattershoes Shatterhandbag Shatterbed Shatterpants
  13. Boozy The Clown

    Xbox One backwards compatibility - Sekiro Runtime Error

    Not added yet but the seemingly impossible just came a step closer to reality. #everythingcrossed
  14. Boozy The Clown

    Xbox One Console Thread (s4Kiro)

    When you buy a headset there's a setting in the xbox audio to enable windows sonic which gives you very good surround sound on non surround headphones.
  15. Boozy The Clown

    Crackdown 3

    Watched the IGN unlocked episode yesterday where the reviewer defended his scoring of the game. They were very defensive and desperate to continually call it mediocre. I guess it may be a result of forced play for review purposes wearing out the player but I cannot agree with it being described as mediocre. The more I play and level up, discover new weapons and gadgets the more bat shit mental fun I'm having.

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