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  1. I'm thinking of allowing upgrades to D500 and tuning from midnight on Wednesday to keep it interesting. Thoughts ?
  2. Absolutely blown away..... Thank every one of you for giving it a go.
  3. All info now in the above post Friend request sent.
  4. Rllmuk Forza Motorsport 7 Weekly Time Trial 27/02/21 - 7/3/21 D360 2016 Mazda MX-5 Suzuka Circuit East Circuit Dry - 1.40 miles How to remove upgrades 1. Select from Cars > My Garage > Mazda 2016 MX-5 2. Cars > Tuning And Upgrades > Upgrade Shop > "Back Button" Setup Manager > Reset Default Upgrades > OK > Back How to Time Trial 1. Single Player > Rivals 2. Class D Time Attack > Scroll to Suzuka East (19 presses of RB
  5. It was still early in development when they announced it last year. My money is on Horizon 5 appearing before this one.
  6. I tried a few ideas out this morning. Think I'll be starting out with Suzuka's wee S bend track maybe in a C class. then the other half in B. then the full track in A. Personally I'd prefer to pick a single car each week and have you all run it without any upgrades or tuning. To keep things simple and even. Thoughts or objections welcome.
  7. Lonely Mountains Downhill Mountainbiking and Frostpunk get my recommendation, and Forza 7 obv.
  8. Now its on Game Pass , does anybody fancy a weekly Time Trial on this ?
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