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  1. It's Halo day There's no need to be afraid They fixed Craig' s face and reviews are great In our world of Gamepass, We can spread a smile of joy Throw plasma grenades around the world On Halo Daaaaaaaayyyyyyy. But say a prayer, and pray for the other ones On Halo day, it's hard but when you're having fun There's a world outside your Windows And it's a world of salty tears Where the only games they're playing are Seventy quid remastears And the man in charge is lying As he tolls the bells of doom Well tonight thank Phil it's them instead of you. And there won't be games on Playstation this Christmas time... They greatest gift they'll get this year is COD: Vaaaangaaarrrd Where no one gets elder scrolls No Starfield, Doom or Halos Do they know its Halo Day at all.......? I thank you.....
  2. I think this my GOTY. It made me smile from start to finish and it had Apollo Creed in it.
  3. Achievement and a Lambo for buying all the houses popped for me this morning. I haven't bought the 5 million house. Also 2000 forzathon points. Not all bugs are bad.
  4. It's a wheelspin or seasonal event only prize.
  5. Post your gamertag in here and you'll get an invite soon after. Also....
  6. Week 1 - Road Race - Emerald Circuit This is intended as a fun way of playing the game, gaining XP and Credits and improving your own skills over anything else. Although a bit of healthy competition never hurt a racing game's enjoyment. By joining in you will also boost the rllmuk High Rollers club leaderboard position by unlocking accolades that count towards this. By taking part in rivals mode you can unlock accolades for clean laps on each circuit class, beating X number of rivals in each class, posting times in the top X% which also unlocks some gift cars for each class and is easier than it appears if you post a clean lap. You'll also gain lots of credits and XP for each lap you complete. XP leads to wheelspins which leads to more credits, cars and socks. It's also lots of fun getting better at the game as you learn a track and try out combinations of cars and tuning setups and new socks. Rather than post a single car and track combo I'm trying something new and hopefully more welcoming to the 100+ rllmuk High rollers club members ( all welcome to join both this TT and the club, see other thread or post you interest in here to join) By leaving the races this open where you can choose any car you enjoy from any class or with any tuning setup I hope to encourage some of you to become completely addicted to the joys of time trialling. More than anything it's about improving yourself rather than beating the utter maniacs who will top the leaderboards. Some of you will spend hours on a single car and track putting in hundreds of laps to beat the next guy by 0.001 seconds whilst others like myself will stick a few laps in a new car every time I play just to try out cars from my garage rather than have them collecting digital dust. The aim is for those who join in to have fun and help boost the club and all feel good about ourselves. Use this thread to post times, stories, tuning setup recommendations, pictures of your cars, screenshots of leaderboards or just calling out the next guy on your list who you either beat or wish to beat up for not beating. Anything at all. If a particular car or tune gets heavily used I'll try to add it to the first post. As a test of the waters this TT will run until Midnight Sunday 12/12/2021. Hopefully we'll still be posting in here for years to come. How To Time Trial Press START > Online > Rivals > Horizon Rivals > Road Racing > Emerald Circuit > Choose Class (D,C,B,A,S1,S2) > Car Select > X (Sort) Performance Class > Select Car (A) > Start Rivals Event How To Change Rival / See Leaderboards Press START > Online > Rivals > Horizon Rivals > Road Racing > Emerald Circuit > Choose Class (D,C,B,A,S1,S2) > Change Rival (Y) > Change Filter (X) > Choose from Global (top times), Near Me, Friends, Club, Friends and Club > Select This will choose the ghost car you race against. It will automatically default to the next rival time from your friend or club list if you do not choose a rival. Currently beating a rival fails to choose the next time when you finish a race. So when you stop or finish a race always press A ( No thanks) and start the time trial from the beginning to race the next best time available. A bug also removes the map from the HUD if you select X Bring It and restart a time trial without opting out and restarting the process. Clean/Dirty Lap Times Dirty laps are denoted by a Yellow ! next to your time on the leaderboard. This is caused by colliding with scenery or using the rewind feature. Ideally you should aim to post a clean lap time. Clean laps are graded higher than dirty ones in the leaderboards. Even a slow clean lap can get you in the top 5% sometimes.
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