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  1. Jeremy Wray's death defying ollie revisited.
  2. If it has a dock maybe the handheld bit is less powerful. This is fun.
  3. What if this is an X-Cloud based handheld/dockable switch like device with matching X-cloud server chips and gubbins. Feasible ? Probable ? It certainly would end the confusion at the point of sale for all those casual dafties. Expecting people to use a controller with their phone seems a little off to me, and having tried it, it didn't ring as the future of gaming it's purported to be (be that 5 or 10 years from now). However a dedicated streaming device that can be used both with the TV and as a handheld kinda does. Merely throwing ideas out there to be ridiculed, derided or give food for thought.
  4. They haven't made their recent acquisitions work on previous IP. In fact by all accounts they've been very hands off in determining what their new studios work on other than approving the ideas brought to them.
  5. Ditching the consoles and going PC only makes the forum dull as fuck. What's the point when everyone's playing the goose game on their £750 graphics cards ? Would Pc have the software to justify the investment if the console multiplats never existed ? Does PC exclusive software built around the top end even exist ?
  6. Clarence's dad isn't racist though. He's saying the most insulting and offensive thing he can think of to the racist people about to kill him in the way that will be most effective. At least that's how I always took that scene. RE: Tropic Thunder You want a real example of highly fucked up then I think Soul Man is on Amazon Prime.
  7. Figured it out.It's Moby and I recognise it from Steve Berra's part in The End. Definitely worth watching again.
  8. Skating is beyond Tony Hawk's games, but the reason I'm posting is because the sample being poorly rapped over is driving me mad. Someone please tell me what it is ?
  9. Loved that game. Cypress Hill on the soundtrack.
  10. Jez Corden the Windows Central guy is suspicious about the Lockhart console maybe not being a console due to the secrecy over it. A 4Teraflop xcloud server blade or even a handheld xbox ?
  11. I hope this doesn't mean Sony are pulling out of the console business and selling the PlayStation brand like MS/Xbox did.
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