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  1. Does every delivery end with the recipient telling you "I hate these things" when you ask them to write their name to confirm delivery ?
  2. The best thing about VR is showing VR to people.
  3. There's enough free stuff to try on the Quest particularly if you're a VR noob like me. I'm adamant that I won't end up with the kind of ridiculous shame pile vs time to play that I have on console. So far I've bought Drunk bar fight Vader Ep 1 Wander Superhot Pinball FX2 That's plenty to entertain and show off for the time being.
  4. Superhot on Quest is the cat's maraccas. Thursday gonna get all Disco John Woo on this mofo
  5. https://www.vg247.com/2019/10/21/session-delayed-xbox-one/
  6. A theory put forward by Jez Corden of Windows Central as to why Bethesda has pissed away all it's goodwill with gamers due to their 1 Player lives stance of only 18 months ago, to the shit show currently unravelling is they are merely following the directions of the parent company Zenimax who are looking to offload them in the future. However the aims and directions of the parent company are having the reverse effect expected and someone in Bethesda is happily following orders despite knowing full well the calamatous outcome or even making sure it turns out as horribly as possible to ensure they end up bought out at a bargain price.
  7. The review video has dampened my enthusiasm unfortunately.
  8. Bought Resi 2 remaster for pant spoiling fun.
  9. Tried it last night. I liked it but then I read this thread. FFS. You people. Is every game thread just bursting with petty critique these days ? I'm not asking for 100% positivity but it's really getting frustrating seeing this place become a 90% moan and groan about every game. Cheer up you lot. Games are great.
  10. I wonder if this years CoD is any good ? I'll just check rllmuk to see what folks think.....
  11. Giantbomb are very positive.
  12. Afterparty looks great.
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