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  1. I went through all the options, because I always do. It's not a romance thing as that comes after.
  2. Now hang on just a fucking minute. I was just talking to Jack, where she opens up about here past, she ended the conversation with "thanks for asking." It's actually, "so fuck you, and thanks for asking", which is what I remember and is in myriad YouTube vids of that conversation. So what prissy cuntflap censored my fucking game? Wath it a an overly thenthetive modder, or EA meddling?
  3. Going digital here, but as an early birthday gift for my bro (his birthday is the 15th). Looking forward to this actually.
  4. I thought it was out on Blu-ray today, or is that just in USA?
  5. Register with nexusmods.com and search for Mass Effect
  6. Thor

    Half-Life: Alyx

    It doesn't get worse, per se, but it gets fucking brilliant!
  7. Yeah, required mods. Don't know if it was EA or Bioware to blame. Or both. Either way it's a colossal fuck-up. But hey, a simple mod fixes it.
  8. Thor

    Half-Life: Alyx

    If you find that bit scary...
  9. Aye, playing with a pad here, it's a very simple mod. As for the texture packs, as I hope you can see from the above screenshot, I haven't gone crazy, just gone for the mods with the higher res versions of the original textures. Playing in native 4k60, and it is glorious. This ten year old game still holds up brilliantly today.
  10. Who needs remasters when you have a PC with a texture packs...
  11. I tried watching PotC On Stranger Tides earlier, got as far Vernon Dursley in a wig giving a thumbs up. Is the fifth one any better?
  12. Thor

    Half-Life: Alyx

    I found the the orange Reflex sight to be a travesty.
  13. And today I watched National Treasure 2, which okay actually is a guilty pleasure. Its enjoyable enough but isn't as good as the first, and the ending is meh. Here's hoping the third one, provided they make it, will be a good one.
  14. Quantum Break wasn't exactly the success MS wanted, and definitely wasn't the one they sorely needed. Alan Wake was a flop in terms of sales at launch too. So that's two exclusives MS funded that could be classed as failures in MS's eyes. Plus, it takes two to tango, perhaps Remedy didn't fancy sticking with MS exclusivity.
  15. It's a timed PS4 and PC exclusive, always has been. Fear not, you're not missing out, this DLC is crap. It starts off well, but the mechanics get old and boring very quickly, and the final fight is a shit show of enemies being spammed at you. Massive drop in quality from the main game.
  16. Hmmm, one of these bosses, which I'm assuming is a side boss, is shit. No way to tell whe he's going to hit you, and you lose a ton of health. Also, no checkpoints. Come the fuck on, Remedy, that was the only major complaint about the original game. Put some reasonable checkpoints in, you fucking twats. Edit: Yeah, I can't see a way to beat that boss yet, I probably have to go back to him.
  17. Yeah, I barely bother with those.
  18. The Foundation dlc is great so far, the name is very apt indeed.
  19. Watched National Treasure today. It's not a guilty pleasure, because it's a bloody enjoyable film!
  20. Nope. It actually is shit, to my palate at least. For me it has the horrid combination of tasting like it's been watered down, and having far too much alcohol burn for something that's only 40% proof. It's a rubbish whisky, I'll keep it to one side and use in cocktails.
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