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  1. @mexos Tonight I went through most of Biome 3 and did the boss ... for fun. It's a good boss fight, arguably the toughest. Tonight I got lucky in that I had a parasite that gave me a chance to keep a consumable after using it. I used my large heal and it let me use it a second time. I fucking needed it! However, for that particular fight I'd recommend what I had when I did him the first time, the ability to regenerate health when low, that's really useful for the final stage of the Biome 3 boss fight. So if that's an option, either via a parasite or an augment, get it.
  2. You have so much amazing stuff to enjoy. I just watched the first 30 or so minutes of Mass Effect 3 on PS5, and I have to say I'm impressed. Texture work, lighting, depth of field, reflections, all a step up from the original and even the modded PC version I played last year. From what little I've seen it looks like a very respectful, tastefully done remaster. Now to see if @Harrisown is right about the HDR. Not that I don't believe you, of course.
  3. Yeah, I haven't seen a single one. I like the idea though, a nice twist on the Souls deaths.
  4. Eden Prime actually looks good there. That gives me hope they've done some serious work in the intro to ME3, which despite being fucking great, often looked like a basic cartoon, or toys being played with.
  5. Regarding the Bow Tie Fighters in Biome 3. My tactic was to always expect them, and to try and have an escape route back to an area I have cleared (lockdown permitting) pre planned when heading into a new area. That way, if I see a load of them coming ... And then try and pick them off from a distance, or force them into a choke point like a narrow doorway or something.
  6. Conversely, once I got to Biome 4 I found the game got significantly easier (thanks in large part to a specific weapon). Whereas with Sekiro I gave up at that bastard cunting giant fucking Ape. If I could have summoned, like in Bloodborne and Souls, then I reckon I'd have continued on. Not to be. Fuck that game. For me, Returnal isn't anywhere near the difficulty of From's Soulsborne games.
  7. I am seriously envious of anyone who gets to play the Mass Effect games for the first time.
  8. @Vemsie Can you please spoiler tag those gifs? I'd have liked to have seen all that for myself when playing the game.
  9. Keep playing. Get to Biome 4. Unlock Electropylon Driver. Never use another weapon. Breeze through rest of game. That's my experience with the game. Thanks for that, I had resorted to several guides, all of which have conflicting information.[POST GAME SPOILERS]
  10. Yep, timeline wise it's just before the final push, but for me it's best served as a final farewell to all the characters. The Citadel DLC is fantastic, you feel the enthusiasm for the game the Devs had in that DLC. It was for them as much as the fans who bought it.
  11. Was reading that the devs actually looked at a lot of mods and use those improvements as a baseline. I still feel, from the trailers, that this remaster looks sometimes worse than the original, but I'm keen to see it properly none the less.
  12. What I love about this game is that near misses and more exploration through a level can seriously boost your confidence in your ability to progress. My last upgrade before the boss was a choice between another 25% integrity increase, or a 10% increase to Weapon damage. My Integrity bar was at about 260%, I felt I had enough. I went for the weapon upgrade. Right before the final boss of the game, who I'd never fought before, I went for the offensive option. The risk/reward element is great. Sometimes you get through a massive side-room full of lasers only to be rewarded with a so
  13. For fun I went through biomes 1 to 3 after finishing the game. Tested the Pylon driver on Phrike - much easier but still a difficult boss. However, I found the Pylon Driver isn't actually a good gun for the Biome 3 boss, for some reason it only seemed to do a little tick damage, and I got done in stage 2.
  14. And that's the credits all rolled. According to the ship's log: 32 hours played 34 deaths Have to say, the difficulty level can really drop off a cliff if you get the right weapon, the right augments, and the right parasites. I must have done that because tonight I went through Biome 5 on just my second go (my first look was this morning before work), and then went and did Biome 6. No deaths. I'll be honest, I felt like a cheated/cheesed it because I stuck to the Electropylon Driver the whole time. That weapon is fucking ridiculous. Don't get me wrong,
  15. You make some fair points. I wasn't actually impressed myself with the previews of Returnal, whereas I was indeed massively hyped for Bloodborne prior to release. So yeah, I'll give you that.
  16. Bloodborne was From () the developers of Dark Souls, yes, but it was definitely a completely new IP. And I'll still argue that a Sci-fi game with guns and 99% shooting should be a far a easier sell to the general PlayStation userbase than a Lovecraftian horror game with 99% melee combat. At £70 it's clearly not.
  17. I have had it with these motherfucking collectors on this motherfucking ship.
  18. But it's not. You could easily flip that and say, quite logically, it would have likely sold better if the RRP was lower than £70. Would you argue against that? Look at Bloodborne back in 2015. That's way more of a niche game than Returnal is, but it was £50, not £70. It sold a over million copies worldwide in one month, and over two million after six months. As Stumpyjohn has pointed out, the major difference is the price being charged. I've previously argued that a) A game can be worth £70 - I've certainly got my moneys worth out of Returnal, and b) Accounting for inf
  19. Yep, and typing on a keyboard all-day for work, and lifting weights. It's all too much for my hands. I've completely sacked off the weights for the time being, and I'm taking a week's break from guitar.
  20. Cheers @Valver and @Meers. Sadly my hands are giving me serious trouble due to my guitar practice having increased dramatically and my hands not being able to take it. If you follow the guitar thread you'll see I posted on the weekend about some new strings I tried which are great for my creaky hands. They were so great, however, that I over-did it and yesterday my right hand (I'm a lefty) was fucked. It's better today, but I clearly need to give it rest. Gripping a steering wheel like my life depends on it isn't a good idea right now. Also, my Destiny 2 raid team recently got the
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