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  1. Got my Endurance up to 30, my strength up to 22 so that I could use the Purple Flame Shield, and upgraded the Crescent Falchion to +3. I figured I'd give Flamelurker one go before bed tonight. Got down there, put my Flame Resistance Ring on, chowed down on some Bearbug Grains, and cast Water Veil on myself. In I went... I had to use some moon grass, but he was relatively straightforward.
  2. I'll admit, HDR wasn't the best example, at least, it's definitely not now. Back when HDR first came on the scene a lot of early TVs claimed to do HDR but didn't really, they didn't have the peak brightness for it, they just processed the HDR signal - twas a gimmick. HDR is definitely more than a gimmick these days. Ray Tracing will also be more than a gimmick, in time. Your initial reaction was somewhat over the top...
  3. True, but gimmicks usually stop being gimmicks when they simply become the norm. Ray Tracing is a gimmick for this new generation of consoles, but will become the norm in due course.
  4. And how exactly are they dumb? They have reflections and lighting in play.
  5. Lolwut! Disrespectful to what or whom, exactly? My comment is not reductive either... The RT in this game absolutely is a textbook gimmick. There is no appreciable difference to how the game plays when played with RT on, if anything it makes the game worse because it's not as smooth due to the limit of 30fps. RT is only in games this gen purely so that the devs can say "we have RT in our game", and generate sales. It's a gimmick. Don't get me wrong, it's an incredibly nice gimmick when it works, such as Control on PC. But it's still a gimmick, without which Control
  6. Nope. Proper gimmick that you just won't notice unless you're just standing still. 60fps feels significantly more "next-gen" than RT at 30fps. Of course, this is all entirely subjective.
  7. It's shorter than the original spidey, but is still a full game worth full price in my opinion. It's nowhere near a mere expansion.
  8. Sorry guys, I'm gonna have to miss Imola. I have a Tax exam on 8th December, any time spent practicing and racing in the evenings this week is time I could and indeed should be studying. edit: However, I have at least applied some paint to the new 2020 Merc.
  9. Even the recent Assassin's Creeds are influenced by the souls games. Jedi Fallen Order is another recent example. Anyone arguing against the game's clear influence on the industry simple hasn't played enough games.
  10. Cheers, looks like I need to grind a little then. I noticed on both FL and Man I was struggling with my stamina bar being low. Adj was a piece of piss.
  11. Does it perform better on PS5? Also, back on topic, have I made the game harder for myself by spreading my skill points around? I'm SL 50ish, but have no individual skill higher than 20, with the exception of faith which I have left alone, they are all between 15 and 20. I'm wondering if I should maybe do some grinding...
  12. Western. The games from Western devs these days are almost immeasurably better than those from Japanese devs. Sure, every so often a Bloodborne, Yakuza 0, or MGS 5 comes along that really stands out. But those are few, the great games from Western devs are practically legion.
  13. I'm not rolling off, I'm getting knocked off.
  14. I keep getting knocked off the bridge in the Maneater fight. Starting to get the feeling this may go the way of Sekiro, where I get to a certain boss and then sack it off. This is better than Sekiro though.
  15. In space, no-one can orient your scene.
  16. I just plugged in my 3m amazon basics cable and it's charging while playing.
  17. 3-2 sure is pretty considering the setting and tone.
  18. When in human form, I noticed a blue message rather than the usual orange, and it was to summon a phantom, I thought that was another player to bring in and fight, am I mistaken?
  19. So is this one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/SteelSeries-Arctis-Wireless-Headphone-PlayStation/dp/B07GFRPR2D/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=arctis+7x&qid=1606564762&sprefix=arctis+7&sr=8-2 Shit for the PS5, and not that loud? I'm still tempted. Also, how big are the cans? My current headphones only just got over me ears and they cause discomfort after a while, I need big cans to completely surround my ears and not rest of them.
  20. As @MrSpiggott has said, HDR and projectors don't really mix well, at least not yet. As for the grain, there is film grain applied to the game that you can turn off in the options...
  21. They did. Should I just go at it now, or is there an opportune moment?
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