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  1. And a brilliant finale it is! Can't wait for next season.
  2. It takes a little while to get going, but it's fucking great overall and had a terrific story. You should give it another shot.
  3. Thor

    Lone Echo 2

    Ooooohh, might be time set my Rift up again. It's been a while.
  4. Not feeling this festival stuff at all. But then I don't recall ever liking it, it's always been filler content.
  5. How spoilery a spoiler is is irrelevant here, a spoiler is a spoiler and should be tagged as such.
  6. Nice to see I'm not the only one who voted for Tucker as best engineer, he was one of the best things about Enterprise. As for side characters, there's no contest, it's DS9, hands down. Quark (though I'd argue he's a main character), Rom, Brunt, Nog, Dukat, Dumar, Garak, Martok, Wayoun, Karen Wynn (sic) ... the list just goes on. I still prefer TNG overall, but only just.
  7. @Majora You might wanna spoiler tag that for those who are new to the game via this remaster.
  8. The Writer is better than The Signal, but I don't rate it as an ending to the game. I prefer the original ending.
  9. I have a feeling @df0 is going to hate The Signal. It's shit. It takes the worst element of the game - the combat - and turns that up to 11 with bullshit encounters where you can't tell what's hitting you or where from - even on easy it's possible to die through no fault of the player. Total bullshit. I vaguely recall never finishing the DLC for this back on 360, now I remember why. I'm persevering here though, I hope The Writer episode is better than The Signal.
  10. I'd actually recommend not watching the trailer and just watching the show (though the trailer doesn't give away much). I've started this thread after reading some positive posts about it in the Disney+ thread, I've now seen all 7 episodes (more to come) and it's a lovely 21st century twist on the classic whodunnit: Three disparate people living in an upper-class apartment block in New York city come together to start a podcast investigating the murder of a resident in their building after it is officially ruled a suicide. Martin Short is equal parts incredibly annoying and incredibly endearing while also being a perfect illustration of clueless white male privilege, he's often showed up for the dinosaur he is by Selena Gomez, who is fucking great in this. As for Steve Martin, he co-created the show, and it's just great to see him on screen again after a long absence, which is where I believe his character in this show comes from - his classic brand of awkward comedy is put to great use in this. It's just a fun show which I have thoroughly enjoyed and look forward to seeing more of. Apparently we're a week behind the Hulu showing in the states. Disney+ is up to Episode 7, while Hulu is up to Episode 8.
  11. Thor


    Back in the spring a guy I work with pointed me to a local roaster I had no idea existed. I've been using their Italian espresso beans for a while now, and while I tried going back to others, nothing really compares. They're based out of a little cafe in Swansea called The Kardomah, which apparently was a big franchise all over the UK from the early 1900s to around the 1960s, but this is now the only one left.
  12. Wow, that sounds like Assassin's Creed Unity all over again. Different internal Dev team perhaps?
  13. What's wrong with the controls? They felt fine to me.
  14. Thought I'd check out the cast in this and see what else they've been, as the voice acting is genuinely great. Turns out the actor voicing Alice died last year. Brain cancer. She was only 41.
  15. Just listening to it now. Sounds like it belongs in The Witcher. Honestly, I have no recollection of this song. It's been some time since I played MGS1, mind you.
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