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  1. Because she actually liked him and wasn't just after a fuck. I thought that was pretty clear. Also, she was not at all thirsty for any dick going, else she'd have fucked this absolute bellend:
  2. That was spectacular. Is it next Friday yet?
  3. Great episode! Lots of fun, Tendi ftw!
  4. Thor


    The OP asked about innovation, not super innovation. As for the actual innovation, mild spoilers for Return to Monkey Island...
  5. Thor


    Immortality, and Return to Monkey Island.
  6. Oooh, if she said that in the shop I may have missed that.
  7. I took him to be her PA/butler, not husband.
  8. While I rate the film, this does suffer from most of Nolan's films in that he can't work out how to end them properly. There's definitely some hand waving required for the ending to make sense. But overall I do still really like the film,
  9. I thought the first was really fun, so am looking forward to the sequel.
  10. I'm replaying on PC (again!) and this 1.6 patch is definitely an improvement on 1.5 in terms of visuals. I felt the 1.5 patch actually downgraded the visuals a bit. Sadly, the game is still unstable on my overclocked 2080ti, I have to dial back the overclock to make it more stable. This is an issue which only happened after 1.5 came in.
  11. The actress playing ... Was a good episode.
  12. See, for me Deadpool 1 is still very re-watchable, whereas D2 I do find tiresome - it tries too hard.
  13. For anyone wondering why the blonde Imperial commander is oddly familiar, she's the voice of Yennefer in Witcher 3.
  14. Deadpool 1 is easily better than 2 ... IMO.
  15. Actually, that's a bit of an optical illusion. Because the surrounding screen appears to get bigger as you get closer, it makes the text and logos appear to shrink, when in actual fact the text and logos remain exactly the same size.
  16. Er, guys can we avoid spoilers for other games please? I'm yet to play Thimbleweed Park.
  17. I can second that recommendation as someone who generally dislikes anime, it's just a bloody good TV series that acts as a nice companion to the game, fleshing out the world a little more.
  18. Do yourself a favour, and don't do the Firwalker DLC.
  19. Lol, I'm pretty sure there's a full set of clothes available at that part.
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